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11:26 Jun-24-2009

azhar jamil

NDT Engineer
Joined May 2006
Request for advice

To prepare a work scope for the NDT inspection of a steam pipe. It operates at approximately 300 degree C. and in service since last 30 years. Following is it's specification and work scope:

Pipe Bore: 488.95 mm (19 ¼”)
Material: Molybdenum Vanadium Steel Pipes.

Work Scope:
Camera inspection of pipe bore from inside for internal inspection and locate welds if there is any.
Mark the location of welds on the drawing.
Remove the insulation.
Carry out visual inspection from out side.
MPI bends (02 nos. 45 dgree and 01 no. 90 degree bend on each pipe) and weld (if there is any) after necessary cleaning.
Re-insulate the pipe.

Could you please review it for me.

11:34 Jun-24-2009
Yiannis Psomiadis
Re: Request for advice In Reply to azhar jamil at 11:26 Jun-24-2009 (Opening).

Seems sufficient but i would add to review the supports rigid or other as well as holding springs etc
Check with original construction plan to see if there are modifications or the pipe has moved from its original place due to dilation or other reason.

15:02 Jun-24-2009

Roger Duwe

NDT Inspector, API-510, 570, 653
Joined Jan 2009
Re: Request for advice In Reply to Yiannis Psomiadis at 11:34 Jun-24-2009 .

Since pressure-stress cracking starts on the ID, some UT shearwave looking for ID connected cracking would be a very good idea. Possibly using a 'ducer that will generate an ID creeping-wave. You would need a UT examiner trained & experienced in using this 'ducer. I would select high-stress areas, like the welds nearest to rigid supports & anchors, and [if present] 100% of all long seams.

Magnetic particle inspection of all pipe anchors, and most [if not all] pipe guides is also warranted. These are your highest stress areas on the OD of the pipe.

08:18 Jun-25-2009


Engineering, - Material Testing Inspection & Quality Control
Retired from Nuclear Fuel Complex ,
Joined Feb 2001
Re: Request for advice In Reply to azhar jamil at 11:26 Jun-24-2009 (Opening).

Dear Azhar,

In addition to what other experts have already mentioned, one point which you may need to keep in mind is this: Detection of weld may need chemical etching esp. if the weld was ground flush originally and the ID was polished. We faced such situations (we knew that there are welds because we had the drawings and also the weld bead was visible outside but the ID had to be inspected).

Another work which may come up is removal of partial blockages if any from the ID.

Good luck with the job.

16:33 Jun-25-2009

azhar Jamil

NDT Engineer
Joined May 2006
Re: Request for advice In Reply to S.V.Swamy at 08:18 Jun-25-2009 .

Dear all,

Many thanks for your reply and guidance, it is very useful.



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