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bond tester - signal evaluation
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10:02 Jul-24-2009
Jiri Brus
bond tester - signal evaluation

We are working with ZETEC Bond Tester S21R in sondicator mode for honeycomb structure test. We are able to record 1inch D disbond, but indication from that decrease to 1/2 of origin using 12 dB. It is OK ? According to general formula 20log H1/H2 should be 6 dB. Do you have anybody explanation ? Thank you.

11:55 Jul-24-2009

Joe Buckley

Consultant, ASNT L-III, Honorary Secretary of BINDT
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 1999
Re: bond tester - signal evaluation In Reply to Jiri Brus at 10:02 Jul-24-2009 (Opening).

The Gain steps on The Zetec MIZ-21 series are 1/2 dB, Not 1 dB so a gain change of 12 is 6dB

This is explained in the manual, (Section 4.5.8 Probe Gain, page 4-13 in the MIZ-21 Manual, I don't have the S21R version immediately to hand) but who reads them that closely...

I have to say it confused me at first, and on a bad day it still does...



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