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NDT Inspector
United Kingdom, Joined Aug 2009, 1


NDT Inspector
United Kingdom,
Joined Aug 2009
14:40 Aug-05-2009
best place for getting work in ndt after exams

hi i'm in a bit of limbo as i've been working for a guy doing ndt, ive paid for my MT, PT coarse level 2 and passed. unfortunately there is no more work where i live and know one seems to have work. was wondering if anyone knows of particular companys or agencys that will help me get into ndt work.

i really want to travel anywhere and put myself through the UT level 2, i just need to secure work, but as im not that experienced its very hard.

any info would be brilliant

Nigel Armstrong
Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom, Joined Oct 2000, 1096

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
14:56 Aug-05-2009
Re: best place for getting work in ndt after exams
In Reply to greg at 14:40 Aug-05-2009 (Opening).

Hi Greg

You dont mention the standard to which you are qualified, so I assume that it is not aerospace to EN 4179. Aerospace is a good option for mag and pen technicians, who can then look at following up with eddy current and UT. This would give good possibiliteis for further work.

Have you thought about combining with rope access - check out NDT Cabin to see which companies are requiring such techs.

Also advanced inspection companies (Shaw Pipeline, Oceaneering) often need assistants for AUT, Phased Array, TOFD where your current certifications would be a bonus to the hiring company, but it can be a long hard slog to get to the desired full tach position.

You need to research the market and keep plugging away - with your current certs you have something to offer a company to develop your potential.

Good luck Greg


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