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YXLON Copenhagen
YXLON Copenhagen is a highly specialized, award winning Danish company with 60 years of experience in portable X-ray solutions for industrial NDT.

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ali mansour
ali mansour
20:13 Aug-10-2009
RT price per film ( 10cm x 40cm) for storage tank construction

Dear All,

I appreciate very much if you could supply me with the average price per film ( 10cm x 40cm) for RT of above ground storage tank weld particularly in north Africa ( Libya, Algeria, morocco) and the middle east.

thank you for your help

Ali Mansour
Operation Manager

NDT Inspector
Norway, Joined Aug 2009, 204


NDT Inspector
Joined Aug 2009
23:25 Aug-12-2009
Re: RT price per film ( 10cm x 40cm) for storage tank construction
In Reply to ali mansour at 20:13 Aug-10-2009 (Opening).

depends if you are buying from a supplier or you are buying from a NDT company using them on your job.

From supplier maybe around 30 gbp (you can usually only buy 100 minimum)

From NDT company double that haha

Guess this is top end prices?

John O'Brien
Consultant, -
Chevron ETC , USA, Joined Jan 2000, 278

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
14:34 Aug-14-2009
Re: RT price per film ( 10cm x 40cm) for storage tank construction
In Reply to ali mansour at 20:13 Aug-10-2009 (Opening).


I am assumming this is an exposed film i.e. a complete examination. If so so there are many variables that affect the price such as size of tank, how far they mobilise, speed of construction. Mobilizing a crew to a remote site and having them available for say 50 days to conduct 40 shots is going to be more expensive that a one shift visit to do say 8 shots. In one cas eth price might be $90 a shot and in another it can work out at $700 a shot depending upon how the project is structured. To reduce cost you need to agglomearte work and not have people sitting around idle.


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