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radiography in concrete
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02:17 Aug-14-2009
radiography in concrete

Dear Sirs.
I need some help in radiography.
I'm need proceedure to detect rebar depth in concrete.
Can anyone help me somehow in this matter.

Thanks in advance

11:18 Aug-14-2009


Other, Retired ex Laboratory Technical Manager
OMECO Research Centre,
Joined Sep 2008
Re: radiography in concrete In Reply to bassouli at 02:17 Aug-14-2009 (Opening).

Radiography is not convenient method to this scope. Better and cheaper are electromagnetic methods. Please contact www.boviar.com

14:21 Aug-14-2009

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: radiography in concrete In Reply to bassouli at 02:17 Aug-14-2009 (Opening).

You will need to shoot at right angles to get depth and resolution will depend upon thickness of section examined, and size of rebar relevent to any aggregate in the mix. For very thick sections you are going to need real penetrating power using Colbalt 60 or a LINAC. There are other methods you might want to investigate such as electromagnetics mentioned in another repsonse or a portable ground penetrating radar device.

04:58 Aug-15-2009
Badr Assouli
Re: radiography in concrete In Reply to John O'Brien at 14:21 Aug-14-2009 .

thank you
You talk about parallax radiograph procedure (double exposure) ? we already use this procedure. Yes we use Radar technique to detect rebar and it depth but is not sensitive enough to detect the corrosion of reinforcement.


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