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02:27 Aug-28-2009
NAS 410 General Exam

I am trying to get a feel for what people are doing as far as the Level 3 General exam for NAS 410. I interpret it to mean that the level 3 general exam is one exam with all of the methods used by the employer. My employer believes that it is one exam per method. What are you all doing?

13:47 Aug-28-2009


NDT Inspector, - -
Joined Jan 2009
Re: NAS 410 General Exam In Reply to ndtme at 02:27 Aug-28-2009 (Opening).

The NAS 410 general exam is not each method. It covers qualification and certification questions based on NAS 410, as well as general questions in all of the methods. Is is meant to test the range of a Level III's basic knowledge of other methods to be able to determine the most suitable method to use on a component. Most method questions are more in the Level II range to assess general theory. It also is supposed to address manufacturing processes and defects. Mine covers all the main methods in use (overall) and a few questions on some of the advanced methods in use here. Good Luck

01:26 Aug-29-2009
Re: NAS 410 General Exam In Reply to Amy at 13:47 Aug-28-2009 .

Amy, that is my interpretation of the General as well. However, I feel that I am loosing the battle with my employer because of past practices. The problem is the requirements for the General are very vauge in NAS 410.

09:42 Aug-29-2009

Dee Dulay

Consultant, - - - ASNT Level III
NDT Consultants Limited,
United Kingdom,
Joined Dec 2004
Re: NAS 410 General Exam In Reply to ndtme at 01:26 Aug-29-2009 .

Amy - Clearly the NAS 410 is open to some interpretations but the responsible Level III as a lot of input. In the UK and EU we carry out considerable amount of NAS 410 Level III examinations. In our view the General exam should be divided into three elements:
1) Method Exam -level III method questions and we usually give 50 in number;
2) other methods used by the employer 15 question per method at a level II equivalent + Product Technology exam minimum of 20 questions;
3) Question on NAS 410 -minimum of 15 questions.
You may say we are doing too much but that’s how we have interpreted the requirements to comply with NAS 410. indecently we are accredited by the NANDTB for this task.

14:15 Aug-31-2009
Re: NAS 410 General Exam In Reply to Dee Dulay at 09:42 Aug-29-2009 .

I agree with your system, and I don't feel it's excessive at all. I'm in the US where NAS 410 testing is not centralized or accredited by NANDBT. I wish it was, it would make my life so much easier. For Level III certification, we do a General or Basic Exam as we discussed with different methods, codes, certification, and product technology. We also do a Method Exam for each consisting of a general, specific, hands on practical and procedure writing. The general or Basic only needs to be taken once, and the method exams every 5 years if not recertifying through the Annex.

and Ndtme, I fully understand the battle with the employer. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, but we've always done it that way before........Mine is pretty good now, but I've been in that situation many times before. All I can say is prepare your case before presenting it.

14:05 Sep-02-2009


Joined Jan 2009
Re: NAS 410 General Exam In Reply to Amy at 14:15 Aug-31-2009 .

To make it simple with your employer. Take ASNT basic and method exams. It will fullfill the requirements of NAS 410 general exam. I have been through similar situation so I took ASNT examinations that solved my problem.

Well on ther other hand, The certification is supposed to be governd by the written practice of your employer, as NAS 410 descibes the minimum requirements for the certification. It does not stop employers to add their requirements unless it contradicts with NAS 410 requirements. If they have intentionally put the requirement for all methods then you might have to do it and if its understanding problem of the standard then you can consider taking ASNT examinations (Basic and Method for NAS 410 genral exam). However, NAS 410 genral exam should be somewhat similar to the exam as explained by Mr Dee Dulay.

20:39 Sep-02-2009


NDT Inspector, - -
Joined Jan 2009
Re: NAS 410 General Exam In Reply to Atif at 14:05 Sep-02-2009 .

I'm ASNT certified as well, which works for the Basic and General Method Exam. The company and NAS 410 has additional requirements for Certification, and I can't certify myself, so I have to go elsewhere. The ACCP Certification comes close with the procedure preperation exam as well as the hands on exam. I also accept hardware. Really, you are right, it comes down to company policy and the written practice. Rumor is they are working on a NANDTB central certification here through PRI (NADCAP), but I'm sure that may be a while. As far as our in house method tests, they are very similar to the ASNT Exams as far as the knowledge outline and length, but close in on the processses performed in house.


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