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Technical Discussions
Andreas Hoffmann
Andreas Hoffmann
09:26 Oct-16-2009

Hello again,

I have learned a great deal about the SLOFEC method and its advantages and disadvantages. I would like to thank you for your plenty feedback.

Now I have learned about the LFET technique. Could you tell me of the advantages of the LFET method over the MFL for the tank floor inspection? Are there any disadvantages or limitations to this method?

Many thanks in advance,


Dan Schwartz
R & D,
USA, Joined Oct 2011, 1

Dan Schwartz

R & D,
Joined Oct 2011
14:50 Oct-20-2011
In Reply to Andreas Hoffmann at 09:26 Oct-16-2009 (Opening).

LFET is lightweight, requires little surface preparation and moves faster than MFL. MFL usually uses permanent magnets so it is heavier, requires sandblasting, cannot scan through coatings there is no way to determine if the flaw is top surface or bottom surface.

Mariano Fusaro
Mariano Fusaro
20:11 Oct-10-2016
In Reply to Dan Schwartz at 14:50 Oct-20-2011 .

LFET is a technology developed by a company called TesTex. There is no advantages from LFET over the MFL. The MFL is a technology used also in intelligent pigs developed by many companies in the world, like ROSEN, SILVERWING to mention a couple. The MFL is possible to be apply over coating up to 6mm thick. I tried the LFET in same conditions and you can see anything. It´s very frustrating to see a lot of lies through the web about this technique. The LFET ys realle unusefull for tank inspection. If you read carefully the API650 it makes a precise differentiation between LFET and MFL, recognizing the MFL like the right technology to inspect Bottom Tanks. Hopefully you will have your own experience that will let you decide. LFET does not work for this job.

16:11 Oct-19-2016
In Reply to Mariano Fusaro at 20:11 Oct-10-2016 .


Have you used the Testex LFET scanner? Are you saying it is not useful? Kindly explain why it is different and doe not work for tank bottom inspection.



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