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10:39 Nov-18-2009
new business

Hello again. I posted a little while ago regarding a new business in NDT. On the advice of many here, I have done a little more research in my local area. I have made some contacts in my area as well that have said that if I were to attain certification, I would be considered for a contract. What I need to know is, in Canada, are you required to have a certain number of hours in order to run your own business, or can you just take the required course, write the exam, and you are then legally able to do NDT?

Also, I have been looking around at supplier of NDT equipment, and I cannot find any companies that post their prices online. You alway have to call or email them for a quote. In order to get a detailed business plan, I need two know the prices of the equipment. Can anyone recommend any suppliers that post their prices online?


15:24 Nov-18-2009

Michel Couture

NDT Inspector,
Joined Sep 2006
Re: new business In Reply to ansutherland at 10:39 Nov-18-2009 (Opening).

For one thing, it is very hard to get prices online, because most of the NDT equipment comes from the USA and therefore subject to dollar flunctuation. Companies will be happy to give you a quote that would normally be good for a period of 30 to 90 days.

When it comes to opening your own company, it would be wise to have a general written procedure for what you intend to do. This procedure should also be approved by a Level 3 in the method.

17:48 Nov-18-2009


NDT Inspector
Joined Aug 2009
Re: new business In Reply to Michel Couture at 15:24 Nov-18-2009 .

(maybe little differences in canada but ndt is generally the same everywhere)

if you pass the course you can do the inspection but as a company you will need procedures approved by a level III.

the level III does not need to work for you.

maybe the training school can help with some of these things as they should have experience, or you can contact a company offering these services. they will sell approved procedures etc.

find out which specs you will be working to and obtain copies of them as procedures should be based on them, give a copy to who ever is approving your procedures as they may need to make some changes.

think about your report format as well.

here is a UK equipment brochure (I'm not affiliated with them and I hope its ok to post it here)


good idea to have a quality manual also.

20:58 Nov-18-2009


NDT Inspector, Radiation Safety
United Kingdom,
Joined Mar 2009
Re: new business In Reply to anjafo at 17:48 Nov-18-2009 .

You have been given some good advice by not only Michel, and anjafo, about procedures and quality manuals, as you can use they to form a quality system, which will show your Clients, what standards you will work to.

Which can also help you get more work. Good luck in your venture.

04:47 Nov-19-2009

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
Re: new business In Reply to Phil at 20:58 Nov-18-2009 .


I imagine that certification is contractual rather than a legal requirement unless a National Board or suchlike is controlling the method application. There is no required certification for many test methods such as portable hardness testing, metallography.

In line with your previous post regarding obtaining thermograohic work, I came across published non-industrial applications of thermography - tree testing and determining animal (specifically Caribou) population size. Even you could offfer your services to commercail and residential clientele looking for heat loss from homes and offices. With such a plethora of different uses maybe conventional industrial certification is not required, though I would not skip the training (with a certificate stating satisfactory course completion) nor the quality documentation. These are evidencce of due care and professionalism to your clientele.

Good luck.

08:08 Nov-19-2009
Re: new business In Reply to Nigel Armstrong at 04:47 Nov-19-2009 .

Thanks guys for all of the help and advice. I have posted on other forums and can hardly get a response, yet here I always get some input from someone. Cheers

12:44 Nov-19-2009

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
Re: new business In Reply to Ansutherland at 08:08 Nov-19-2009 .


i just hope I am not stating the blindingly obvious!

BTW, the British Institute of NDT publishes 2-volumes Thermography Handbook Vol 1 Principles and Practice, Vol 2 Applications. £65ions each or £11o the pair. Maybe ANT also has publications.


Best regards


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