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AT -Automation Technology is a systems house for industrial image processing. AT offers thermographic ndt systems as well as high-speed 3D sensors.

Technical Discussions
Chris Moon
Chris Moon
15:05 Jan-08-2010
Sylvania Par 38 Brightness Question

I have noticed over the last couple of years that the brightness of the Sylvania Par38 bulbs are not giving me as much output as a few years ago. I have checked and changed the black light filter, and it did not help. If I recall correctly, a few years ago I was getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 5000 uw/cm^2. Now I am getting about 2300-2500 uw/cm^2. Anyone experiencing this same issue? Thanks in advance for any ideas/input.

Jean-Claude Schwartz
Jean-Claude Schwartz
16:37 Jan-08-2010
Re: Sylvania Par 38 Brightness Question
In Reply to Chris Moon at 15:05 Jan-08-2010 (Opening).

Hello Chris,

As far as I'm aware, this is the case with most bulbs. We have used Sylvania (halogen & mercury vapour) in the past. We seem to have a life expectancy anywhere from 6 months to 3 years (depending on frequency of use/ and abuse!).
A good idea would be to have control check sheets. The lamp can be measured during each working day os shift and would show you an eventual trend, eg the last bulb we bought (Labino) was measured at 9'000 uw/cm2 (in 2008), this is now at 7'600.
Hope this helps.

Chris Moon
Chris Moon
18:35 Jan-08-2010
Re: Sylvania Par 38 Brightness Question
In Reply to Jean-Claude Schwartz at 16:37 Jan-08-2010 .


I forgot to specify, that even the new bulbs in the box are lacking the intensity they used to have several years ago out of the box. I didnt know if they have changed the composition or the manufacturing process of the bulbs. Any ideas?

Michel Couture
Michel Couture
21:05 Jan-08-2010
Re: Sylvania Par 38 Brightness Question
In Reply to Chris Moon at 18:35 Jan-08-2010 .


It may not be related, but I had a similaar experience years ago with a mag bench. With time, we had difficulties seeing the required numbers of SDH on the Ketos ring. We ended up opening the machine, cleaning it up and retightening all the wires and cables. This made a difference and got our bench back to specs.

Maybe you should take a look at the contacts and wires of your black light.

Just a suggestion.


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