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Flaw Acceptence creteria 2235-9
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09:20 Feb-04-2010
aqeel ahmed
Flaw Acceptence creteria 2235-9

Hi Guys,

I hope u can feel my pain
May b my question looks very basic but it is very important.
I m designing an application that will automatically draw acceptance criteria with indication but i am unable to calculate the values of a/t because i don't know 'A' and 'T' and if i want to calculate a/t on aspect ratio of(0.025) while my thickness lies in range 25<=t<=64. what should i do.

thanks for helping me in advance

best regards,


09:22 Feb-08-2010


NDT Inspector,
South Korea,
Joined Oct 2009
Re: Flaw Acceptence creteria 2235-9 In Reply to aqeel ahmed at 09:20 Feb-04-2010 (Opening).

t = the thickness of the weld excluding any allowable reinforcement.
For a buttweld joining two members having different thickness
at the weld, t is the thinner of these two thicknesses. If a
full penetration weld includes a fillet weld, the thickness of the
throat of the fillet weld shall be included in t.

a = The depth of the flaw shall be drawn normal
to the inside pressure retaining surface and shall be
denoted as “a” for a surface flaw or “2a” for a subsurface

aspect ratio = a / l is'n it ???

10:55 Feb-08-2010

Mathew Alexander

NDT Inspector, ASNT NDT Level III
Saudi Arabia,
Joined Aug 2009
Re: Flaw Acceptence creteria 2235-9 In Reply to junho at 09:22 Feb-08-2010 .

Dear friends,

The same questions I asked few months back through this forum. But nobody responded. We all claim that we are NDT experts but the there are several areas we are lacking the knowledge.

Let us see any body answer your question



13:54 Feb-08-2010

Ed Ginzel

R & D, -
Materials Research Institute,
Joined Nov 1998
Re: Flaw Acceptence creteria 2235-9 In Reply to Mathew Alexander at 10:55 Feb-08-2010 .

In June 2009 this same line of discussion was seen on the forum. Bill Blanshan posted a link to his website where he has provided a free download to a graphical programme that solves the equations, including the interpolated region of the midrange. (use the NDT.net search box to find Blanshan and 2235)
In that series of postings we explained some of the details. The terms "a" and "t" are normal engineering terms used for the flaw height and thickness and "l" is the flaw length. Flaw height "a" would apply for surface flaws and for subsurface flaws "a" becomes half the flaw height. So for surface flaws the aspect ratio a/l is the flaw height over the flaw length and for the subsurface flaws the aspect ratio is half the flaw height over the flaw length. (I assembled a simple Excel version of this but Bill's software is a bit more polished...I am sure others have made similare plotting programmes).


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