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Respectfully request advice for NDT field entry
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03:05 Feb-09-2010
Respectfully request advice for NDT field entry

Dear members,

I am a 30 yr old husband & father of two who was laid off last January. Unable to find work I and desperate due to the economic conditions I entered the nuclear outage circuit as a quality control techician. I worked closely with QC/NDT inspectors at the recent TMI SGR and found myself intrigued with the field. I gained some practical hours assisting with PT,MT,VT,& UT. I find myself today once again at a crossroads with no future prospects for employment. Sorry for the novel but necessary for the big picture. I am within 48hrs of taking a plunge to invest close to 4k in overall costs for UT I & II courses with a renowned organization. My initial questions are whether this may be the right field to pursue at this time with no experience, current economy, and future of the field? Secondly if this may be the one of the most intelligent primary steps to enter. I feel this is a risky endeavor but this field seems to satisfy the majority of personal criteria sought to provide for my family. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and thank you with all sincerity for any and all advice you may offer!

20:19 Feb-09-2010
Davie Armit
Re: Respectfully request advice for NDT field entry In Reply to Chris at 03:05 Feb-09-2010 (Opening).

Hi Chris,

I would advise you to contact as many NDT Inspection companys as you can and let them know what you are prepared to do as regards finance of your own approvals etc before you spend any money.This might actually get you a position with a company where you can gain further experience working in a trainee role.

Good Luck.

21:10 Feb-09-2010

Michel Couture

NDT Inspector,
Joined Sep 2006
Re: Respectfully request advice for NDT field entry In Reply to Chris at 03:05 Feb-09-2010 (Opening).


You're not telling us where you are from. This may help in guiding you in this new endhavour. In some countries, programs may be available and you wouldn't have to fork out this money.

23:39 Feb-09-2010
Re: Respectfully request advice for NDT field entry In Reply to Michel Couture at 21:10 Feb-09-2010 .

Dear members,

My apologies for my omittance. I currently reside in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

23:56 Feb-09-2010
Re: Respectfully request advice for NDT field entry In Reply to Davie Armit at 20:19 Feb-09-2010 .

Dear sir,

I sincerely appreciate your response and please be rest assured I have contacted many inspection companies over the last few months and continue to do so. I also spent many hours speaking with the leadership and inspectors during the TMI outage regarding this subject. I made many favorable contacts most of which advised I attend schooling. I am suprised at this point that all the attempts made to reach out to inspection companies stressing the willingness to go anywhere and start at the bottom in any trainee function have gone unanswered or fallen on deaf ears with the suggested concern current inspectors I worked with that there will be a mass shortage of young talent in the coming years. Unfortunately I cannot wait for a willing party at this point as I have no income to support my family. I have been the sole provider since my childrens birth close to a decade ago. I seek out introductory roles daily on 'Nukeworker', 'Roadtechs', 'NDT.ORG', etc along with trying to remain in contact with my former contract employer and co-workers. My discovery of this forum and initial post is my final attempt to ensure I have exhausted all measures prior to depleting my families security blanket and taking a chance on the aforementioned schooling. Thank you again with all sincerity for taking time out of your busy schedules to answer my post. I greatly appreciate it!

19:12 Feb-10-2010
Charles E. Truskolasky
Re: Respectfully request advice for NDT field entry In Reply to Chris at 03:05 Feb-09-2010 (Opening).

Since you had been laid off you may be eligible for benefits of education from your state or local government. Check with your un-employment office, your state representative to see what benfits are available. Local community colleges have programs in NDT; often they are part of welding prgrams.
Our company is located in eastern PA.. near Philadelphia, at the present time, we have two openings for ultrasonic inspectors. We are not looking for ACCP Level II inspectors but we are looking for inspectors who had received structured instructions (class room hours) meeting the guide lines of SNT-TC-1A . This is a union shop with union employees. We have good benefits, good pay and a 401 retirement plan. Third party Certified Individuals are interested in larger salaries to re-coup their education expenses and often seek temporary contracts which are more lucrative than what is offered by companies as ours. I don't mean to sound like we would not hire them because of their central certification but we could hire them at the union scale.

Charles E. Truskolasky

19:37 Feb-11-2010
Re: Respectfully request advice for NDT field entry In Reply to Charles E. Truskolasky at 19:12 Feb-10-2010 .

Dear Mr. Truskolasky,

Thank you very much for your response on this subject. I have researched federal funding through the FAFSA web site and local entities. I unfortunately do not qualify for assistance through any of the channels including the applicable community colleges.
I have no reservations about any organization and compensation of its associates be they contract or permanent. My concern remains that I may not meet the minimum requirements to be brought into an inspection organization to continue working towards certification/s while supporting a family solely with UT I&II classroom hours as experience. The dilemma I have which is difficult to portray the urgency is to make the most effective decision & primary step with severely limited time and finances to enter the field. Thank you again for your response. I take from it that your organization does prefer to have some form of official classroom training for it's inspectors.

06:41 Feb-14-2010

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
Re: Respectfully request advice for NDT field entry In Reply to Chris at 19:37 Feb-11-2010 .


Its not only specialist inspection companies who hire labor - many large plant have NDT functions - aerospace, shipbuilding, power generation, forges. And usually as its less "glamorous" it can be easier to get a start there. Penetrant processing line technician is often an easy start and a good place to pick up paid NDT knowledge.

UT is perhaps the most difficult to enter as a newbie as there are confidence and trust issues to be dealt with. Plus a lot of switching from manual shearwave A-scan to semi-automated Phased Array and TOFD.

Good luck though


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