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Why don't trainers post here?
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Materials Research Institute
Consulting to the NDT industry.

17:20 Mar-01-2010

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
Why don't trainers post here?

After some time of membership and benefit ftom ndt.net (thanks Rolf for your inspired idea and subsequent dedicated hard work) its suddenly occurred to me - amongst all the questions posed here, both theoretical and practical, I cannot recall seeing a single professional trainer replying - ceertainly at least not regularly, if at all! Why is that? Too much of a busman's holiday? Too wise? I am certain many veteran posters (experience not necessarily age) such as Messrs Swamy, Couture, Duew and dera lole anjafo79 - are you REALLY that young!) love the interchange of knowledge and ideas and the thought of using their experience to fill gaps in others knowledge - but I dont think any claim to have been regular full-time trainers. Wherer are those guys, c'mon you have made enough money out of us, surely? A little something in the night in return???

18:32 Mar-01-2010


Consultant, NDE Manager NDELevel III/3
NDT Consultant,
Joined Nov 1998
Re: Why don't trainers post here? In Reply to Nigel Armstrong at 17:20 Mar-01-2010 (Opening).

Those that can 'do'! Those that cannot 'teach'?

I hope this is not the case here.

I have been in the industry over 40 years and still 'do'.
I have noticed a lot of teachers, teach from a position of knowledge not experience and some of them with experience do not teach very well.

The teachers with ability to teach and have experience are not plentiful. So I am not surprised that few trainers post here.

23:37 Mar-01-2010

Ed Ginzdl

R & D, -
Materials Research Institute,
Joined Nov 1998
Re: Why don't trainers post here? In Reply to Dent at 18:32 Mar-01-2010 .

Nigel...FYI, I was a trainer at TWI between about 2001-2005 and have done a few standup routines here in Canada, China and Brazil over the past 15 years. I am certain that I am not the best of instructors but I was always keen to answer all questions posed to me by students...sometimes from personal experience and sometimes it takes a bit of digging into the books. I hope I am giving in return on these posts!

02:11 Mar-02-2010

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
Re: Why don't trainers post here? In Reply to Ed Ginzdl at 23:37 Mar-01-2010 .

Ed, I did not know your backgound, but I have always considered you as a valuable educator on this site. Likewise, my apologies to any other member with regular teaching experience.

Interesting that all 3 responses so far (one PM) stem from Canada. Something about life above the 49th latitude engendering social awareness and civic responsibility less developed elsewhere?

But when one considers the mushrooming of NDT training facilities and trainers over the last 30 years, it does seem a trifle odd to me that so few who make a presumably good living out of NDT training ever appear on the forum. After all its not as if formal training requirement for certification is ever going to disappear! Your jobs are safe boys (and girls)!

I have spent considerable sums of money at training establishments (starrting at Barry Whitfords, Leeds in the 70's) and I have great respect fot those trainers I have encountered over the ensuing years. but I never see any of them here!

12:02 Mar-02-2010


Director, Editor, Publisher, Internet, PHP MySQL
Joined Nov 1998
Re: Why don't trainers post here? In Reply to Nigel Armstrong at 17:20 Mar-01-2010 (Opening).

NDT.net Forum Members Occupation & Activity

First I moved this topic from technical discussions to general board but now even to the About NDT.net board. I think this is a very social discussion. It touches some general differences in the society. See how the press talks about many good qualities of the Canadian's after this Olympics, how Germany reacts on Google Street View (e.g. if the camera captures from 2,00 or 2,70 m hight). How the Britain ..... etc.

"Do not trust any statistics", nevertheless I attached a graph that shows the distribution of members occupation vs. posting activity. The graph shows that 3% of forum members are teachers (be aware that not all members filling the field "Work As"). The graph shows also the percentage of postings for each occupation thus here you can see that teachers posting is almost equal to their membership rate. Nigel may be right that 3 % isn't much but isn't this a normal rate in relation to the NDT occupation in general?

I am more concerned about another group of occupation which is total absence here, what about the NDT Societies? I spoke already with people of ICNDT, BINDT, DGZfP about their lake of participation when we had a lot of hot discussions on certification schemas. A typical answer I received from one certification expert "I don't participate in such online exchanges ....". Thanks to individuals like Ed Ginzel we could publish one month later his article "Certification Options in NDT". Such contributions are much more beneficially for the NDT community than any mission statements of some NDT Societies. So why NDT societies do not make public relations in the new media? To have just a homepage is today not enough.

12:13 Mar-02-2010

Jon Wallis

NDT Inspector, -
Joined Feb 2010
Re: Why don't trainers post here? In Reply to Nigel Armstrong at 02:11 Mar-02-2010 .

Er... I also instruct the 4 basic ndt methods, not full time,I must add, but I do get asked from time to time to run level 1 or level 2 courses. Mainly though, I work in the field on larger projects as manager or coordinator or clients rep. and sometimes I even get my hands dirty pushing probes or 'bombing'.

So, I'm not from North America; I do (some) teaching and I have 30+ years in the field (literally). I'll do my best with questions on the practical stuff.

Bty, I was also trained by Dave Betts at Barry Witworths in the 70's. Ours really is a small world!

Dent, I can 'do' and whether I can 'teach', well, you would have to ask those I have taught, I suppose. The point is relevant though, I know many trainers who have absolutely no understanding of performing ndt in the middle of the night with the rain pouring down and the lighting on site has just failed.

12:48 Mar-02-2010


NDT Inspector, Radiation Safety
United Kingdom,
Joined Mar 2009
Re: Why don't trainers post here? In Reply to Rolf at 12:02 Mar-02-2010 .

Hi Rolf,

Actually there are 2 valid points here 1 being why the trainers don't post, but also the point you have just raised about NDT Societies getting more involved. As some of the topics raised could very easily be answered by them.

It might also prove that they are watching how practitioners of NDT mostly in the field are getting advise from.

Or is it a case of the Ivory Tower being more important now and do not approach.

15:30 Mar-02-2010

Len Andersen 212-839-6599

New York City Department of Transportation,
Joined Nov 2009
Re: Why don't trainers post here? In Reply to Nigel Armstrong at 17:20 Mar-01-2010 (Opening).

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Nice to know there is intelligent life on the planet. I started in 1967 in the US Army as a welding instructor saying destructive test stuff. Blow it up! I was a combat engineer private in the Engineering Corps. My performance was such that they felt I should go global, i.e. they sent me to Vietnam for a year. My career did not get me back to teaching. If it did, I guess I would be posting with a focus of getting basics across to young persons. It is a somewhat different world than engineering. Truth in Len'ing I hope this is helpful!
Len Andersen
212-839-6599, 4042 FAX / 914-237-7689 (H) / 914-536-7101 (Mobil)
POB 1529 / NYC 10116 ( $1040 per year Caller Box GPO NYC )

PS – http://lenandersen.com/personal_info/resume.html

Active in NYC Civil Engineers Society www.ascemetsection.org

& NYC Chemical Engineers Society http://tinyurl.com/nyaiche

& NYC Mechanical Engineers http://sections.asme.org/metropolitan%5Fny/ & www.rfwaite.com Bob Waite PE Leader of American Welding Society New York

http://www.ndt.net/wshop/profile/profile.php?id=4694 (Photo Resume)

17:16 Mar-02-2010

John Brunk

Engineering, NDT Level III
Self employed, part-time,
Joined Oct 1999
Re: Why don't trainers post here? In Reply to Phil at 12:48 Mar-02-2010 .

For a number of years I have spent about 75% of my time doing NDT and 25% doing in-house training plus some Level III consulting work. This has left me little time to read all the very interesting postings by others, and hardly any to make contributions of my own. At the moment I am at home waiting for a man who will hopefully repair my gutters after an ice storm so I have time for my favorite forum. Also, I am reluctant to give advice unless I believe I have specific relevant experience. I have certainly gained a great deal more from this forum and NDT.net in general than I have given back. I just retired from my full-time job so now perhaps I can make amends.


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