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SOP approved?
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04:27 Mar-12-2010


Engineering, oil & gas
Joined Feb 2010
SOP approved?

I wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of any spec's that say your SOP/Work Instruction for NDT needs to be approved by a level III (this is for Oil & Gas industry)


08:04 Mar-12-2010


NDT Inspector
Joined Aug 2009
Re: SOP approved? In Reply to Malcolm at 04:27 Mar-12-2010 (Opening).

EN 473 NDT personnel states what level I, II and III operators are allowed to do, most EN procedures refer back to this standard.

I gues SNT-TC-1a states similar things although I do not have a copy.

ASME V states that personnel should be qualified accorinding to SNT-TC-1a / ASNT-CP-189

22:49 Mar-12-2010

Roger Duwe

NDT Inspector, API-510, 570, 653
Joined Jan 2009
Re: SOP approved? In Reply to anjafo79 at 08:04 Mar-12-2010 .

SNT-TC1a allows Level II's to inspect to, and Accept/Reject items to specific criteria, in accordance to a written procedure. The written procedure requires approval by a Level III, prior to allowing a Level I or II to implement it. ASME Code makes these same requirements.

It sounds like your SOP/Work Instruction may fall under these requirements. However, if there is a specific NDE Procedure that can be utilized for your SOP/Work Instruction, and that Procedure is approved by a Level III, your individual Work Instructions probably do not require individual approval from a Level III. You would just reference, and work to, the approved NDE Procedure.

06:54 Mar-22-2010
Kevin Bett
Re: SOP approved? In Reply to Malcolm at 04:27 Mar-12-2010 (Opening).


09:09 May-21-2010


Engineering, oil & gas
Joined Feb 2010
Re: SOP approved? In Reply to Roger Duwe at 22:49 Mar-12-2010 .

Roger, I have the latest edition of SNT-TC-1A and on the front cover it clearly says that this is for guidance only and should NOT be used as a strict procedure.

I just got screwed by the local government body who will not give me a permit to work as they cannot read English and also say as per SNT-TC-1A stipul;ates all proceedures need to be approved by a level III. I have about 230 written proceedures and this would just not be possible.

Think it is time I went home..........


09:35 May-22-2010

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
Re: SOP approved? In Reply to Malcolm at 09:09 May-21-2010 .


Where SNT-TC-1A is a set of guidelines for an employer to develop its own personnel certification procedure, CP 189 is a standard, ie once agreed all its clauses are mandatory.

CP 189 defines a procedure as "A detailed written instruction for conducting a nondestructive test or certifying personnel. Method procedures shall be approved by the NDT Level III certified in the applicable method." This is subjective though as procedures are necessarily very detailed as to how the test is done in general, but it cannot be written in advance to cover all essential parameters for an unknown component. If the procedure has been verified and approved by an appropriate Level III then individual component test parameters can be raised by the level II.

For obvious reasons many large end users specify CP 189 rather than SNT-TC-1A as it sets out a minimum standard.

You could have a few procedures according to the number of NDT methods you wish to utilise and then addend the different instructions to the relevant procedure. Provided the instructions are written by an appropriately qualified Level II and conform with the procedure they should not require Level III approval.

Hope this helps prevent your premature return home!

06:18 May-24-2010


Engineering, oil & gas
Joined Feb 2010
Re: SOP approved? In Reply to Nigel Armstrong at 09:35 May-22-2010 .

The light just switched on in my head.

I will get my MT, PT & UT work instruction approved by a level III and referance all my other WI's back to them.

What a saving..........


01:27 May-25-2010

Manuel Haces

Director, - Wire rope inspection
Haces Inspección del Noreste and Wire Rope Inspection,
Joined Jun 2002
Re: SOP approved? In Reply to Malcolm at 06:18 May-24-2010 .

If anybody have references and instruction material it will be greatly apreciated, I'm also preparing for level III. Thank you in advance.


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