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18:34 Mar-14-2010
Visibilty of IQI

Is there any possibility of seeing more IQI wire than recommended as per code in X ray radiography, If yes, what are the possibilities?

Nigel Armstrong
Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom, Joined Oct 2000, 1096

Nigel Armstrong

Engineering, - Specialist services
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2000
06:41 Mar-15-2010
Re: Visibilty of IQI
In Reply to ezhil at 18:34 Mar-14-2010 (Opening).


Yes, use as low a kV as possible, smallest focal spot size available, maximum source-film distance and slowest film speed available and you will have an excellent but highly uncommercial radiographic image with more wires visible than any Code committee ever dare stipulate.

Jon Wallis
NDT Inspector, -
Netherlands, Joined Feb 2010, 626

Jon Wallis

NDT Inspector, -
Joined Feb 2010
11:24 Mar-16-2010
Re: Visibilty of IQI
In Reply to Nigel Armstrong at 06:41 Mar-15-2010 .

To continue with Nigels thread....

....and place the IQI on the film side of the object, taped in close contact with the film cassette. You could also use an IQI made of denser material than the material being examined but don't forget to take out the IQI identification tag and replace it with....

You understand that I am NOT being serious. I do wonder though why you would want to produce radiographs of a better than required sensitivity.


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