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Michael Oldemölle
Michael Oldemölle
16:35 Mar-17-2010
Phase array test block A & B


I look for a phase array test block A & B.
The test block A looks like a normal K1/V1 test block.
The test block B looks like ashlar.
Both test blocks has some bore.

Who knows where I can get them?
Many thanks!


Benjamin Kleemann
NDT Inspector, Industrial Rope Access Technican, Registered Welding Inspector
self-employed, Germany, Joined Jan 2009, 4

Benjamin Kleemann

NDT Inspector, Industrial Rope Access Technican, Registered Welding Inspector
Joined Jan 2009
21:44 Mar-19-2010
Re: Phase array test block A & B
In Reply to Michael Oldemölle at 16:35 Mar-17-2010 (Opening).

Dear Kolleg,

you can get them by Olympus NDT (www.olympus-ims.com).
Karautkraemer (GE Inspection) also sales them (www.geinspectiontechnologies.com).
There quiete expensive compared to a K1, but dont forgett, if you handle it gentle its a one time investition.

kindly regards,



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