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Seeking for Joint venture for Ship thickness Survey Services in Pakistan
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08:31 Dec-02-2001
Atiq Ahmed Moghul
Seeking for Joint venture for Ship thickness Survey Services in Pakistan

Dear Readers,

I am running a NDT services company in Pakistan from last 7 years with two more partners. I got a comprehensive experience of ship thickness survey, and worked for Emirates Industrial Laboratory (Dubai – UAE). Unfortunately we have not started yet the Ship Thickness Survey, since we are based in Pakistan and we don’t have any company pre-qualified by Lloyd or any other classification society, therefore we have vast chances of securing this business in Pakistan, as well as any where in the world, any serious company or individual who wants to be a business partner in this field with us is welcome. Please contact me at atiq_m@hotmail.com or raysndt@yahoo.com for further information.

02:00 Dec-02-2001
Richard Kazares
Re: Seeking for Joint venture for Ship thickness Survey Services in Pakistan Please visit our website at www.ndtautomation.com and check the information about our Large Structure Inspection (LSI) System. This is an automated ultrasonic inspection scanner that can be configured for full, 2-dimentional C-Scan or linear B-Scan imaging-based inspections.

The scanner itself is magnetically attached to any carbon steel surface and can negotiate some pretty rough surfaces.

I can send you some photos of the system as used on the hull of an oil tanker with severe corrosion, where the system produced excellent UT thickness results (given the environment).

Please do not hesitate to contact me at rkazares@ndtautomation.com

06:16 Dec-03-2001

Randy Plis

Sales, Consultant
AMDATA NDE Technology LLC,
Joined Oct 1999
Re: Seeking for Joint venture for Ship thickness Survey Services in Pakistan I don't believe the gentleman was originally asking about equipment, but since it has been brought up there are alternatives to the Large Structure Inspection System.

A couple of options provided through the IntraSpect product line are the Navigator trackless scanner and the Catamaran scanner.

The Navigator is magnetically attached via its wheels to the hull. One version includes a lead screw style Y-arm to provide a 50 cm wide stroke along the entire scan length (up to 100 meters if base system not moved). Another version of the Navigator replaces the Y-axis lead screw with a rack & pinion that provides a 2 meter wide stroke along the same entire scan length.

The Catamaran scanner is more like a flexible gantry. It attaches to a given surface via vacuum cups and provides a 2 meter wide stroke, 1.2 meters long per section of X-axis track. Additional sets of X-axis track can be added for as long of a scan length as you desire.

Both automated scanners are associated with IntraSpect C-Scan imaging systems to provide concurrent A, B, and C-Scan views of acquired ultrasonic data. Eddy Current and Phased Array imaging can also be provided by the same system if desired.

Please e-mail me if you would like additional information.

07:01 Dec-03-2001

Doug Mendes

NDT Inspector, R & D
Imetrix Inc.,
Joined Oct 1999
Re: Seeking for Joint venture for Ship thickness Survey Services in Pakistan The company I currently work for has a robotic crawler that can measure thicknesses from 3.175mm to 50.8 mm looking for delaminations and corrosion wastage without the need for the ship to be removed from the water. We can pinpoint the position of all readings to within 6 inches of accuracy while collecting a high density of data to be formulated into a thorough report.We also carry current certifications through Lloyds Registry,US Navy,American Bureau of Shipping, and the US Coast Gaurd to perform hull survey inspections in-lieu of dry docking.

05:14 Dec-09-2001
Kosmos-Kvant Corp.
Ship thickness Hello,

Welcome www.uzk.ru

Best regards


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