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UT of underground pipelines
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07:33 Dec-19-2001

Jay Langham

Du Pont Nylon,
Joined Dec 2001
UT of underground pipelines


I am looking for information concerning the feasibilty of ultrasonic testing of underground pipelines. Any expertise/knowledge of a company that is capable of NDE for concrete pipe and/or ductile iron pipe would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays,

01:51 Dec-21-2001
Charles W.Randolph II
Re: UT of underground pipelines Jay:

We use Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique(LFET}and Remote Field Electromagnetic Technique(RFET)to test underground pipes. We build propes to suite the job.

01:02 Jan-10-2002

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: UT of underground pipelines UT of concrete especially if you want to scan and collect large amounts of data may not be easy. It will depend what you are trying to find, resolution etc. There is an East German Company which has developed a crawler usually for cameras but which now has a UT head which I believe is being used in concrete sewer and cooling water piping. I believe they have recently done some work in Mexico.

Ductile Iron should be easier and there are Tethered UT pigs (PSL AGR) type which can provide large amounts of UT data on high resolution. Tethers restrict distance to about 5 miles but the advantage is you can alter UT parameters while the tool is in the pipe.

If you need specific information please contact me direct.


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