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In-Service Steel Tank Floor Inspections
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02:15 Feb-05-2002
Richard Ledingham
In-Service Steel Tank Floor Inspections

Looking for Inspection Techniques/Methods for the inspection of Steel Tank Floors without taking the tanks out of service. I am aware of Acoustic Emission, TANKPAC etc... but, are there any new techniques out there? Long Range UT, ACFM?!? Any of these able to do the job?

04:37 Feb-05-2002

rajeev chaudhari

NDT Inspector
offshore testing & inspection services (I) pvt ltd,
Joined Dec 2000
Re: In-Service Steel Tank Floor Inspections You can contact pndt for your need. Pndt has carried out extensive work in tank inspection. If you need any further details you may contact me at otislab@vsnl.net

05:59 Feb-19-2002

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: In-Service Steel Tank Floor Inspections You really need to look at what you want to achieve.

All of the techniques you mention have some role to play in an on-stream storage tank inspection. They all also have limitations.

If you want in inservice snapshot of the condition of a tank floor in service you are probably limited to Acoustic Emission or an In Service Tank Robot.

Differing methods in terms of data and cost so you need to examine cost benefit analysis.

You could start with an RBI study and then apply in service techniques on high risk.

If annular problems are suspected long range ultrasonics will fill a need.

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