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Liviu Singher
R & D,
Technion, Israel, Joined Nov 1998, 11

Liviu Singher

R & D,
Joined Nov 1998
05:46 Jun-30-2002
Adhesive bond strength

Who is manufacturing a product that can
perform adhesive bond strength measurements?

Thanks in advance,
Liviu Singher

Franc Buijsen
Franc Buijsen
06:00 Jun-30-2002
Re: Adhesive bond strength
: Who is manufacturing a product that can
: perform adhesive bond strength measurements?
: Thanks in advance,
: Liviu Singher
.Unit is called Fokker Bondtester and is manufactured by Fokker Elmo (a former division of Fokker Aircraft)in The Netherlands.

Unit is sold world-wide by Servicing Europe NDT. You can contact Mr. P. Troost at p.troost@sendt.com.
Tel: +31 252 340386 or Fax: +31 252 340387

Best regards

Franc Buijsen


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