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Technical Discussions
01:13 Jan-14-2003
thickness measurement of buried pipeline

I am interested to purchase system which an carry thickness measurement of buried installed pipeline especially near railway crossings. Could anybody suggest the best testing equipment details etc.

Peter Philipp
Peter Philipp
03:37 Jan-15-2003
Re: thickness measurement of buried pipeline
Dear Paresh,

I assume you want to inspect pipe under rail crossings is this correct?

We are Guided Ultrasonics Ltd and we manufacture the Wavemaker pipe screening equipment that has been designed specifically for this type of application and it is being used a lot in the US for this.

It does not directly measure wall thickess but it does identify change in cross section and can detect changes of about 5%. From this you can infer approximate wall thickness.

Our equipment is second generation equipment you can get more info from our website www.guided-ultrasonics.com

We will be happy to quote for equipment and training but would like more details about the application such as
What sort of length do you want to test
Diameter of pipes
Are the pipes coated with anything
General visual condition of pipe
How are they buried i.e. in sleeves, concrete, earth etc.
All the above have an affect on the performance so it would be useful to know.

Please contact me if you want any further information.

: I am interested to purchase system which an carry thickness measurement of buried installed pipeline especially near railway crossings. Could anybody suggest the best testing equipment details etc.


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