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From our three distinct business centres in the UK, USA and CANADA, Sonatest design and produce a leading range of high performance ultrasonic NDT equipment and accessories.

Technical Discussions
mike macke
NDT Inspector
GE Inspection Services, USA, Joined Aug 2001, 8

mike macke

NDT Inspector
GE Inspection Services,
Joined Aug 2001
02:06 May-05-2003
Measuring Stainless overlay 309L, 347L, 317L,316 etc.

Hello from South Carolina!!! well, once a year I go out to you all for you opinons on the above subject. Is there a system out there that can measure the thickness of Austentic overlay(ferrite)0.8 to 7.8 and it will vary. The welding application can vary also, but it is mostly automated. The backing is SA 285C or 516-70 mild steel (pressure vessels)or SA210 boiler tubes.For UT, the Z's factor is only 2. For magnetic induction or eddy current, the ferrite is the problem. We still measure befor overlay and after. The thickness will range from 1mm to 12mm.

M.C. Macke.

Doug Breeze
Director, Consultant; R&D
Inspection Software Limited, United Kingdom, Joined May 2000, 20

Doug Breeze

Director, Consultant; R&D
Inspection Software Limited,
United Kingdom,
Joined May 2000
08:44 Jun-05-2003
Re: Measuring Stainless overlay 309L, 347L, 317L,316 etc.
In response to Mike Macke's question a few weeks ago Dinsley Devices and Inspection Software have recently installed an automated system to measure Inconel cladding in the bore of 125mm - 300mm carbon steel pipe. Cladding thickness 0mm - 10mm, +/- 0.1mm. Should be suitable for other similar materials.


Product Spotlight

High-performance Linear Phased Array Probes

Available to order from stock in a range of 5MHz – 7.5MHz and from 16 to 64 elements. Designed w
ith piezo-composite elements, Phoenix phased array probes provide high-resolution imaging to maximise sensitivity; accurate ultrasonic detection and sizing of defects in welds; and effective corrosion mapping. Housed in a rugged stainless steel case for on-site industrial NDT applications.

Exertus Dual 120

The Exertus Dual 120 Projector has the ability to accept Iridium 192 sources or Selenium 75 source
s. This projector incorporates design and safety features that make it flexible, compact and lightweight. The Projector is lighter than most of its competitors. It incorporates an improved source channel, based on a new helicoidal design, which makes maintenance easier. The helicoidal design also allows smoother movement of the source assembly inside the device, making it easier for the operator and improving safety. The Projector also has a unique safety feature not found in competitive products. The source assembly locking mechanism is triggered by the source holder capsule at the front of the source assembly, thereby always assuring the operator that the source has returned to the safe position. The Exertus Dual 120 is ISO3999:2004 compliant.

Research and Applications Development For NDT

The Research and Applications Development (RAD) group is a newly formed team within Acuren dedicat
ed to tackling challenging inspection problems. Our focus is the development of novel, field deployable, advanced inspection techniques for use in cases where standard NDT methods are ineffective. We don't wait for new innovations, we engineer them. From concept to commissioning.


TSC Amigo2 - ACFM technology has developed a solid reputation for accurately detecting and sizing
surface-breaking cracks through paint and coatings. As the industry demands increased performance in speed, signal quality, and portability, it’s time for an evolution. It’s time for Amigo2.

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