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03:49 Jun-06-2003
Paul Robertson
corrosion mapping

I'm searching for data on automated corrosion mapping units for EXTERNAL metal loss to pipework. What's out there on the market?
Any leads to supplier's would be appreciated.

07:10 Jun-07-2003

Richard D. Roberts

Engineering, Executive Managment
Quest Integrity Group,
Joined Nov 1998
Re: corrosion mapping Paul,

A company called RTD has an External Pipe laser mapping system. You might consider contacting them for additional information.

Regards, Rich

05:11 Jun-09-2003

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: corrosion mapping We have an automated UT mapping system which is capable of running two gates and a bubble probe system. It is used for profiling internal and external corrosion on piping in one inspection. Please feel free to contact me directly for more details.

00:57 Jun-10-2003

John Pursley

R & D
Envision Product Design,
Joined Oct 1999
Re: corrosion mapping Paul:

We designed and built a corrosion pit mapping system using quad lasers for the Edison Welding Institute. The patent rights to laser pit mapping and our original system was then purchased by RTD Quality Services of Edmonton, Canada.

Please contact RTD at http://rtdquality.com

Best regards,
John Pursley
Envision Product Design

01:12 Jun-10-2003
Richard Kazares
Re: corrosion mapping For automated scanning, particularly magnetic (can be used on non-magnetic with "straps") materials, NDT Automation produced a "Large Structure Inspection (LSI)" System - which results in a 100% surface scan for thickness (at user selectable resolutions). The results are BOTH a color-coded graphical C-Scan image - and full numerical results for all data points.

The system is configurable and fast. Send a direct e-mail for more information.


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