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ISO 13847:2000 Porosity and UT
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03:39 Jan-19-2004

Ed Ginzel

R & D, -
Materials Research Institute,
Joined Nov 1998
ISO 13847:2000 Porosity and UT

I have just purchased my copy of the ISO standards 13847 Petroleum and natural gas industries - Pipeline transportation systems-Welding of pipelines.
The NDT requirements for testing are reasonably typical and I have no issues with them. However, the ultrasonic acceptance criteria for workmanship has a statement that for nonplanar indications which cover a projected area of not more than 2% on the radiograph shall be considered acceptable. (But this is in the Ultrasonic Acceptance Criteria Section 9.5 and there is no radiograph!)
It also allows that porosity indications may be treated as planar.

This does not seem very helpful to an ultrasonic technician.
It implies that ultrasonic assessment is to be made look like radiography. Although porosity and slag may be evaluated as planar the connection to a 2% projected area has little to do with ultrasonic assessment. (I have also noted that 2% projected area is rarely quantifiable even by experienced radiographers).

How did the ISO committeerationalise this kind of wording for ultrasonic testing? There is a contact in Geneva for problems with the file format but there is no instructions on who to contact when there is a techncal issue like making ultrasonic result equate to radiography.

Does anyone have a suggestion or contact route?

01:28 Jan-20-2004
Re: ISO 13847:2000 Porosity and UT I wonder if this could be helpful, but please see


My personal guess to your posting is that the stipulation of radiograph is made in case of dispute regarding interpretation of UT echo signal with regard to sizing the flaw.
That means, final interpretation should be made by radiograph since UT is inadequate method of "permanent record".

I maybe wrong but wish helpful.

07:00 Nov-20-2011
Re: ISO 13847:2000 Porosity and UT In Reply to Ed Ginzel at 03:39 Jan-19-2004 (Opening).

My opinion is like ASME, ISO13847 should create an acceptance criteria specifically for Ultrasonic Examination instead of refering to the Radiographic acceptance paragraph, which makes more confusion in establishing Ultrasonic acceptance standard.

13:16 Nov-22-2011
Re: ISO 13847:2000 Porosity and UT In Reply to Ed Ginzel at 03:39 Jan-19-2004 (Opening).

This International Standard specifies the requirements for producing and inspecting girth, branch and fillet welds in the pipeline part of pipeline transportation systems for the petroleum and natural gas industries meeting the requirements of ISO 13623.


16:20 Nov-23-2011

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: ISO 13847:2000 Porosity and UT In Reply to Ed Ginzel at 03:39 Jan-19-2004 (Opening).


you are correct its nonsense and was not fixed on the 2001 correction. I question why anyone is using a standard more than a decade old which means the wording is probably 12 or more years old in a fast moving technology environment.

I believe this standard falls under TC 67/SC2 Current Chair is Dennis Tikhomirov. You could send your inquiry through Mrs Kirsi Silander silander@iso.org

Good luck if you get anything positive please post here to help close the loop.


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