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Technical Discussions
John Taylor
John Taylor
06:03 Feb-18-1998
Re: ASNT Policies taken to Extemes
If I may add my two pennies worth.

ASNT needs to critically examine its true role. Is the the benefit of the membership and/or the benefit of NDT in general. I would suggest that they are doing neither currently (or in the recent past).
Those two possible roles are really the same when it comes to the free flow of information which is critical to the onward movement of our profession. As suggested in an earlier post, ASNT should join the 90's and require all abstracts to be submitted electronically so that they can be immediately posted on THEIR web site.
The ASNT Web site should be a regular port of call for myself and most NDE professionals. I very rarely visit it as there is virtually no technical information on the site - but plenty on certification and introduction to NDT.

Here's hoping ASNT take these constructive criticisms, and the other made in earlier posts, to heart. Get away from politics and concentrate on technology and the dissemination of information. Make me feel that my annual dues are worthwhile.

John Taylor
BFGoodrich Aerospace

: : Rolf / Robert, and all;

: To allow me to rephrase:
: What is required is a Society that meets it's commitments to it's members. ASNT's failure to meet their commitments to you by not providing abstracts in machine readable format demonstrates the broader complaint that ASNT doesn't want to provide information to it's members even when that information is, or at least should to be, free.

: It is not in the interest of ASNT to remain in the computer darkages decades after others have already blazed the trail. In 1991, Mr Alexander Trevor, VP of Operation (& A founder of Compuserve, located less than a mile away) made a no cost to ASNT proposal to put an ASNT Forum on Compuserve Access free to ASNT Members. ASNT's reaction was to form a committee to investigate what to do: Result they thought that ASNT should buy a modem for one of ASNT HQ's computer. HQTRS already had 3 PC modems and a system server modem. Somewhere that Ship gotout of the harbour without ASNT Executive Committee on board.

: Volunteerism is the basis of a viable technical society and I feel that ASNT is not treating their volunteers with the respect they deserve. Free labor, this is a precious and for ASNT a dwindling resource and should not be squandered by broken promises. In early 1994, ASNT's President: Dr Panhuise made the statement that ASNT would not participate in any activities with other organizations that I was a member of; after review by the US attorney and by direction of the executive branch of the US government, I filed discrimination charges against those members of the ASNT executive committee involved. A later agreement resulted in my rights as an ASNT member and participation of other societies was restored.

: Technically, ASNT has had Image and OCR capability for over 8 years and makes little effort to bring critical information to the public, in fact there is the possibility that they have used publication delays, ignoring those promises made to outside agencies and persons, and even hard to download or even see web page formats to impede the distribution of society program information to their membership and the general international public.

: UT Online, NDTnet,and the NDT Newsgroup (& many others) are all indications that ASNT has not only missed the boat with it's potiential members on board, but didn't even wake up to go buy a ticket..
: The Result, in America is that American technical and manufacturing management do not want to even hear about ASNT. In the US Aviation industry, possibly the forefront of American NDT development and civilian NDT certification programs, in the 8,000+ pages of forensic (NDT) investigation and testimony of TWA:800 built in the HeyDay of American NDT programs, Not one page mentioned ASNT. Last year, ASNT (HQ) could not even recieve the Vice President of the United States as a guest when He visited the nearby ASNT 2nd Historical Site at OSU in 1996 (www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/9425/asnt_ndt.htm), where many researchers and pioneers of Aviation NDT inspection technologies were honored. And this last Week a major US Nuclear Power Station(s) operator recieved the largest fine in US NRC history for poor inspection and operation practices.

: In 1986, (ME Vol., 44No7, pp836-838) I challenged ASNT to reflect the excellance of those in the NDT profession, I'm sure that this is not listed in the Goals of ASNT, and the expectations of the NDT industry have been more than ignored.

: In 1991, ASNT signed an agreement to participate in the development of the Ohio Aerospace Support Center, but later backed out of their pledge of support, today with out ASNT involvement an FAA Center of Excellence has been established at near by Ohio State University, this center is focusing on the application/development of Aviation Inspection Technologies.

: In a Christmas 1992, letter to the ASNT NCB: I stated that ASNT must take a leading role in the international world of NDT personnel Certification programs.. Today Almost 5 years later; I don't think they (ASNT) have bought that boat ticket either.

: More than 50 years after the Titanic sunk people are still talking about how grand that boat was, but very few boats of that construction were built, and fewer yet with poor KiC value iron plate. We learned how to build better boats and left the Titanic in it grave.

: ASNT Techncal Services: Mgr 1991-1993


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