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Roberto Santalucia-Student Architect VENICE
Roberto Santalucia-Student Architect VENICE
05:34 Apr-27-1999
NDT WOOD Material

I am a student of Institute of Architect of Venis. And for my Laurea exame I am looking fo ndt test on wood.
Some one can help me to serach and understand ndt test on Wood.

Roberto Santalucia

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Heinz
Dipl.-Ing. Martin Heinz
06:11 Apr-27-1999
Re: NDT WOOD Material
Dear Mr. Santalucia,

please tell me more deteils about your NDT-problem:
What want you to test exactly?
What kind of materials doe you want to test exactly?

If I had a more detailed description of your
measurement problem, I could give you some informations.

Best regards,

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Heinz

Roberto Santalucia
Roberto Santalucia
06:45 Apr-29-1999
Re: NDT WOOD Material
My problem is tha I am at the begining of my reserch.
My teacher tell me to look for NDT test on wood.
So I am lokking for all the material about Ultrasonic or other test NDt on wood, or material that explain how to make NDT test.

: Best regards,

: Roberto Santalucia -Tudent Architec of Venice


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