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Underground Pipe Line Leak Detection
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01:54 Jun-15-2005
Underground Pipe Line Leak Detection

What technology is available to carry out NDT for leaks in miles of underground water line?

03:48 Jun-16-2005

Syed Faran Hussain

FFC Pakistan,
Joined May 2005
Re: Underground Pipe Line Leak Detection Good Day Garfield,
As for our experience at FFC pakistan, we have buried underground line of length 46 km, & containg Natural Gas, the line is wrapped with a coating.the line is cathodially protected. we monitor the health of the pipe line by using pearson survey.
the prinipal is pretty simple that the line is connected to one end of the battery & on the surface a detection system is used monitor if there is any abnormal lekage of current. as any abnormal leakege detected at any point would mean that the coating is damaged & current is leaking. And this damaged coating means sites for corrosion to take palce.

08:25 Jun-16-2005

John O'Brien

Consultant, -
Chevron ETC ,
Joined Jan 2000
Re: Underground Pipe Line Leak Detection Configuration, size, material will all affect what you can apply.

The water industry uses a version of acoustic emission based on cross correlation, if the line is capable an internal pig with acoustic leak detection. A company in the UK makes an Acoustic Leak Detector called Magic Carpet.

If you need more detail contact me

08:11 Jun-17-2005
Ingo Becker
Re: Underground Pipe Line Leak Detection You might also take a look to the web pages of the tuev austria, they have an acoustic emission system called ALARM. The address is http://http://www.tuev.at/go/index.pl?l=uk&seite=wp54

best regards


06:18 Jun-19-2005
Nasrul Salman
Re: Underground Pipe Line Leak Detection Hmm , Interesting,
we've been using guided waves and it yielded good results


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