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Re:Absorbed Dose of Radionuclides
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04:02 Jun-15-1999
Jennifer Lavallee
Re:Absorbed Dose of Radionuclides

I am a summer student at Babcock & Wilcox Canada.
I am doing some research regarding some radionuclides. I have
the activity levels of three series radionuclides; Thorium 232,
Uranium 235, and Uranium 238. I would like to figure out how to
convert these radionuclides into their aborbed doses. The elements
inside the Thorium 232 series and the activity levels are:
Radionuclide Activity (Bq/kg)
Thallium 208 59
Lead 212 174
Bismuth 212 100
Actinium 228 155
The elments inside the Uranium 235 series are:
Radium 223 93
Thorium 227 48
The elements inside the Uranium 238 series are:
Thorium 234 666
Radium 223 1628
Lead 214 888
Bismuth 214 851

If anyone could help me find the absorbed dosage of any
of these radioisotopes I would greatly appreciate the


03:39 Jun-16-1999

Michael Trinidad

LMATS Pty Ltd ,
Joined Jan 2003
Re:Absorbed Dose of Radionuclides

04:58 Jun-16-1999

Michael Trinidad

LMATS Pty Ltd ,
Joined Jan 2003
Re:Absorbed Dose of Radionuclides Further the previous formulae I did some more digging. The absorbed dose is difficult to calculate as you have to individually calculate the different forms of radiation’s (ie Gamma. Beta, Alpha and Neutron) as each has it’s own weighting factors then additional factors are used for different parts of the body. For instance Alpha particles are significantly reduced by paper and skin but if the dose is internally, for example if ingested the factor is larger.

The factors are detailed in the International Commission on Radiological Protection, Recommendations of International Commission of Radiological Protection, ICRP Publication 26 (Annals of ICRP, Vol 1 No 3) Pergammon Press, Oxford 1977

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Mike Malaxos
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