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1998 No. 12 - DECEMBER
Sessions: Ultrasonic Testing and Materials Characterization - 21 ArticleF - AECNDT '98 Papers
Nondestructively Inspect Material Integrity With An Airborne Ultrasonic BeamFNDT Systems; NDT Systems, Huntington Beach, CA, USA
1998 No. 11 - NOVEMBER
Sessions: Ultrasonic Testing and Materials Characterization - 23 ArticleF - AECNDT '98 Papers
Basic Wave Physics For Sizing MethodsF J. MARK DAVIS; DAVIS NDE, INC.
1998 No. 10 - OCTOBER
Sessions: Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, NDT of Welds, Nuclear Industry - 28 ArticlesF - AECNDT '98 Papers
1998 No. 9 - SEPTEMBER
Session: Aerospace - 18 ArticlesF - AECNDT '98 Papers
1998 No. 8 - AUGUST
Remote Handling and Robotic Inspections of Palo Verde Reactor Vessel InternalsFWilliam Ryder; Arizona Public Service Company, Tonopah, AZ, USA
Remote Visual Testing (Rvt) For Internal Pressure Vessel InspectionFBruce A. Pellegrino; Visual Inspection Technologies, Inc., NJ, USA
VT Examination of BWR Re-Circulation Pump InternalsF - AJ. Larsen, L. Vesth, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark.
Report and Opinions: Needle or Square?FAn article from the new Echo 37 produced Krautkramer
1998 No. 7 - JULY
NDT of railroad wheels at the German Bahn AGFRolf Diederichs; NDT.net
Railroad Wheel Testing of Shattered RimFTodd Snyder.; Union Pacific Railroad R&D Lab
RailwayFECNDT '98 Papers ;
Wenn im Rad die Spannung steigtFn.n.; Der Fraunhofer 2/1996, ISSN 0937-2970
Computergesteuerte Ultraschall-Radsatzprüfanlage - Ein Beispiel Für Ein Neues Innovatives PrüfsystemFG. Vogt, C. Köhler;
Strategies of Validation in General Testing compared to Experience in NDEF - AChristina Nockemann, Carsten Bellon and Sylke Nickisch, BAM Berlin, Germany; Vogt Werkstoffprüfsysteme, Burgwedel
Applications Of Laser Profilometry For Boiler Tube InspectionF - ARichard D. Roberts; QUEST Integrated, Washington, USA
Remote Inspection Tool Developed To Provide Inspection For Complex Serpentine Furnace Tube Configurations F - ARichard D. Roberts; QUEST Integrated, Washington, USA
Reliability and Validation FECNDT '98 Papers;
Ultrasonic ExaminationFECNDT '98 Papers;
Computer SimulationFECNDT '98 Papers;
1998 No. 6 - JUNE
Ultrasonic Testing of Rails With Vertical Cracks - Numerical Modeling and Experimental ResultsF - AFrank Schubert, Bernd Koehler; Olga Sacharova; Fraunhofer-Institute Non Destructive Testing (IzfP) Branch Lab EADQ, (Germany); Railway University St.Petersburg (Russia)
Ultrasonic Evaluation of Stresses in the Rims of Railroad Wheels F - AE. Schneider, R. Herzer; Fraunhofer Institut Zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren (IZFP) Saarbrücken, Germany
Tiefenbestimmung von Laufflächenfehlern an Eisenbahnrädern unter Nutzung linear polarisierter Transversalwellen Verfahrens-Optimierung und -Erprobung F - AH.-J. Salzburger, H. Hintze; Fraunhofer Institut Zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren, Saarbrücken; Deutsche Bahn AG, Kirchmöser
Zerstörungsfreie Rißprüfung an Radscheiben für die Deutsche Bundesbahn mit dem Wirbelstromprüfverfahren Untersuchungsbericht F - AJ. Rohmann; Frankenthal D
Monitoring of thermal stresses in continuously welded rails with ultrasonic techniqueF - AJ. Szelazek; Institute of Fundamental Technical Research, Warszawa (PL)
Zerstörungsfreie Überwachung an Radsätzen der Deutschen Bahn AG FH. Hintze; Deutsche Bahn AG, Kirchmöser
Emerging Technology - Guided Wave UltrasonicsFnn; Krautkramer NDTimes Vol.2 No.2 Spring & Summer 98
The Advantages of the Internet in the Field of NDTF - ADiederichs R.; NDTnet
The ABC's of Nondestructive Weld Examination F - ACHARLES HAYES ;
Automotive Industry Turns to Ultrasonics for Spot Weld Examination F - Ann; Panametrics, Inc., NDT Division, Waltham, Mass.
1998 No. 5 - MAY
The Hardware Concept of a new Digital Ultrasonic NDE SystemF - AL.Svilainis, V.Puodziunas; Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
New Electronic Components and Software for Single and Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Inspections of Piping and ComponentsF - AJ. Kretow and K. Pavros, B. Rockstroh and W. Kappes; QNET St. Petersburg, Fraunhofer-IZFP
Inexpensive Ultrasonic Equipment for Fingerprint Recognition Applied to Material Testing F - A Wieslaw Bicz ; Optel, Wroclaw Poland
Specifications of Digital Ultrasonic Instruments in In-Service Inspection of Nuclear Power Plants F - AG. Csapo, T. Just ; TÜV Nord
Analog characteristics of Ultrasonic Flaw DetectorsF - AR. Diederichs ; NDTnet
Characterization and Verification of Ultrasonic Examination - Instruments (EN 12688-1)F - AR. Diederichs; NDTnet
Ultrasonic non-destructive testing system of journal bearings F - AR.Kazys, L.Mazeika, A.Voleisis, R.Sliteris, K.Kundrotas, V.Augutis ; Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
Fingerprint structure imaging based on an ultrasound cameraF - AWieslaw Bicz et al ; Optel, Poland.
1998 No. 4 - APRIL
Back To Basics: Weld Inspection of Ultrasonic Inspection 2F - AEdward Ginzel
TOFD Enhancement to Pipeline Girth Weld InspectionF - AEdward Ginzel, Henk van Dijk, Merv Hoff (CA)
Critical Remarks regarding the European TOFD Draft standardF - AP. Kreier, Innotest, Eschlikon (CH); G. Brekow, BAM, Berlin 1998 No.04
Kritische Bewertung des Normungsvorschlages zur Beugungslaufzeittechnik (TOFD)F- AP. Kreier, Innotest, Eschlikon (CH); G. Brekow, BAM, Berlin UTWeld
Ultrasonic inspection of pores in electron beam welds - evaluation of detectabilityF - AW. D. Feist, Daimler-Benz Aerospace MTU, München (D); G. -R. Tillack, BAM, Berlin (D).
Why develop acceptance criteria for pipeline girth weld defects?F - A F.H. Dijkstra, J.A. de Raad, Röntgen Technische Dienst, Rotterdam (NL)
How to develop acceptance criteria for pipeline girth weld defects?F - AO. Forli, Det Norske Veritas, Oslo (N)
Augur 4.2 ultrasonic system: features, reliability, applications to on-site expert examination of primary circuit pipingF - AS.E. Bougaenko, A.A. Arefiev, B.P. Strelkov, RDIPE; All. Arzhaev, ECS MAE RDIPE;A. K. Vopilkin, V.G. Badalyan, D.V. Grebenikov, D.S. Tikhonov, "Echo+"; V.V.Aladinsky, V.O. Makhanev, SRCNPO TSNIITMASH, Moscow (RUS)
State of the art in ultrasonic testing of spot weldsF - AKrautkramer Echo 36
Demonstration the capability of radiography for detection of large planar defects in thick-section weldsF - AA. B. Wooldridge, Magnox Electric, Berkeley (G B); R. K. Chapman, G. S. Woodcock, Nuclear Electric, Gloucester (GB); I.J. Munns, G.A. Georgiou, TWI, Abington Hall, Cambridge (GB)
The new EN 1714: Ultrasonic Examination of Welded JointsF - Rolf Diederichs
Ultrasound puts materials to the testF - AFink, Mathias; Laboratoire Ondes et Acoustique (F)
Impulse Diffraction in SolidsApplications to Contact Phased ArrayF - APhilippe Gendreu, Rémi BerrietImasonic, 15 Rue A. Savary, 25000 Besançon, France
1998 No. 3 - MARCH
Generation of Horizontally Polarized Shear Waves with EMAT TransducersF - AHübschen G.; FhG IzfP Saarbruecken (DE)
Elektromagnetische Ultraschall (EMUS-) Wandler zur Erzeugung horizontal polarisierter TransversalwellenF - Hübschen G.; FhG IzfP Saarbruecken (DE)
An Evaluation of EMAT Technology for High-Temperature NDEF - ALight Glenn M., Demo Joseph; SWRI (US)
New EMAT Probes useful for various ApplicationsF - ALingenberg D., Meier R.; Siemens KWU, Erlangen (DE)
Neue vielfältig einsetzbare EMUS-WandlerF - Lingenberg D., Meier R.; Siemens KWU, Erlangen (DE)
Ultrasonic Inspection of Copper Canisters using Phase ArraysF - AStepinski T., Wu P., Martinez E.; Uppsala University (SE)
Real time, large area ultrasound imaging system using two-dimensional array techniqueF - ALasser M., Harrison G.; -
Turbine Blade Attachment In Service Inspection through the Central Bore using Ultrasonic Array Technology F - ATanarro A., Godinez F., Serrano P.; TECNATOM, S.A.- MADRID (ES)
Ultrasonic Inspection of Complex Nozzles - Application of new TechnologiesF - ATanarro A., Garcia; TECNATOM, S.A.-MADRID (ES)
Customised Design of Transducers for Non-destructive TestingFARémi Berriet*, Steve Mahaut**; *IMASONIC, **CEA/CEREM UTArray
1998 No. 2 - FEBRUARY
Assessment of the Deterioration of Concrete in NPP - Causes, Effects and Investigative MethodsF - AShaw Peter, Xu Aimin A.; -
The Impact-Echo MethodF - ASansalone Mary J., William B. Streett ; -
Simulation of Ultrasonic Flaw-detection in Concrete with a varying Percentage of Air InclusionsF - ABurr E., Gold N., Grosse C.U., Reinhardt H.-W. ; FMPA, Stuttgart (DE)
Application of a modified SAFT-algorithm on synthetic B-scans of coarse grained materialsF - ABurr E., Große C., Reinhardt H.-W.; FMPA, Stuttgart (DE)
Diagnostics of fatigue cracks in aero-engine compressor rotor bladesF - AZajac B. ; Air Force Institute of Technology, Warszawa (PL)
Inspection Techniques for Detecting Corrosion Under InsulationF - ATworney Michael ; CONAM Inspection Inc (US)
Nondestructive testing of stress states by X-ray methods in PolandF - ASenczyk D., Lis K. ; Poznan University of Technology, Poznan (PL)
Wire cable testing using high resolution magnetic inductionF - AHaller August ; EMPA, Dübendorf (CH)
Erste Erfahrungen mit der hochauflösenden magnetinduktiven DrahtseilprüfungF - Haller August ; EMPA, Dübendorf (CH)
1998 No. 1 - JANUARY
Limiting Factors for Crack Detection by Ultrasonic InvestigationF - AWüstenberg H., Erhard A., Boehm R.; BAM, Berlin (DE)
Mechanised Ultrasonic Inspection of Offshore Platform StructuresF - AGinzel E. A., Legault G., Kim Y.M.; MRI, Waterloo (CA)
Validating Eddy Current Array Probes for Inspecting Steam Generator TubesF - ASullivan S.P., Cecco V.S., Obrutsky L.S., Lakhan J.R., Park A.H. ; AECL Chalk River (CA)
Anforderungen bei der wiederkehrenden Ultraschallprüfung von Reaktorkomponenten mittels blendenfreier PrüfsystemeF - ACsapo G., Just T.; TÜV Nord, (DE)
Fachbeiträge der ZfP Zeitung (ehemalig DACH) Dec '96 until Today
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