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1997 No. 12 - DECEMBER
Ultrasonic Testing of Austenitic and Dissimilar Metal Welds (7 Chapters plus Appendix)F - ASchmid Rudi; Siemens Erlangen, DE
Problemorientierte Prüfkonzepte für austenitische Schweiß- und Mischschweißverbindungen (7 Kapitel plus Anhang)F - ASchmid Rudi; Siemens Erlangen, DE
Feasibility study of ultrasonic inpsection using phased array of turbine blade root F - ALamarre A., N. Dube, Ciorau P., Bevins B.; RDTech (CA)
Low and Multi-Frequency Eddy Current Techniques Assure the Integrity of RPV Clad in Nuclear Power Plants F - ABecker R., von Bernus L., Disqué M., Kröning M., Dalichow M. H. ; FHG IzfP Saarbruecken, DE
Case Study of Qualification of Remote Automated UltrasonicF - AR V Booler, Owen R C , Chapman R K; -
Some Articles together with all 180 Abstracts of the COFREND NDT ConferenceF - ADiederichs R.; NDTnet
Some Articles together with Reviews and Abstracts, partially illustrated of the ASNT Fall ConferenceF - ADiederichs R. ; NDTnet
1997 No. 11 - NOVEMBER
Improving The Reliability, Quality And Cost Effectiveness Of The Inspection Of Safety Critical StructuresF - AAircraft Industry Partners (by 12); Sponsored by the EC under the BRITE/EURAM Programme
Evaluation of Scanners for C-Scan Imaging for NDI of AircraftF - AGieske John H.; Sandia National Laboratories sponsored by FAA
Digital Signal Processing of ultrasonic NDE signals in hard real-time environments: the SENDAS approach F - AFritsch C. et al; Instituto de Automática Industrial - CSIC (ES)
A Distributed Architecture for Nondestructive Inspection of Large Aircraft Parts F - AIbáñez A. et al; Instituto de Automática Industrial - CSIC (ES)
SARA 10: A System for High Speed Automatic NDE of Large Composite Parts F - AValdecantos Carlos; -
C-141 Spanwise Splice Advanced NDI Method F - ARoy T. Mullis, Timothy MacInnis; Warner Robins Air Logistics Center* , Ultra Image International A Division of SAIC**
Autonome Crawlers F - ABar-Cohen Yosi; NASA JPL Laboratory
Practical Ultrasonic Techniques for Assessment of Heat-Damage in 7050 ALuminum Alloy F - AFORSYTH D. S. et al ; Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council Canada
Non-Contact Ultrasonic Techniques for Process Control of Composite Fabrication F - ADjordjevic B. Boro, Green Robert E. Jr.; CNDE at the Johns Hopkins University
A Complete Ultrasonic Measurement System for In-Process Cure Monitoring and Control of CompositesF - AShepard David D., Smith Kim R.; Micromet Instruments, Inc.
We visit the NDT facilities at Lufthansa Technik AG F - ADiederichs R. ; NDTnet
We visit the NDT facilities at Daimler Benz Aerospace Airbus (DASA) F - ADiederichs R. ; NDTnet
1997 No. 10 - OCTOBER
Theory and Applications of Precision Ultrasonic Thickness GagingF - AKenneth A. Fowler, Gerry M. Elfbaum, Karen A. Smith, Thomas J. Nelligan; Panametrics NDT USA
On Resolution, Accuracy and Calibration of Digital Ultrasonic Thickness GaugesF - APeter Hammond; Cygnus Instruments Ltd (UK)
Thickness Measurement in Materials of Unknown Acoustic Velocity F - ACarodiskey Thomas J., Meyer Paul A.; Krautkramer Branson (US)
Thickness-Independent Ultrasonic Imaging apllied to Ceramic Materials F - ADon J. Roth, Dorothy V. Carney ; NASA Lewis Research Center
Wall Thickness Determination in Digital RadiographyF - AWawrzinek T., Zscherpel U., Bellon C.; BAM Berlin (DE)
Ultrasonic testing of green ceramic materials F - ATietz, May, Dietz, Bühling ; Hochschule Zwickau (FH)
Ultraschallprüfung keramischer Grünkörper F - ATietz, May, Dietz, Bühling ; Hochschule Zwickau (FH)
Refining automated ultrasonic inspections with simulation models F - AMichael Garton; IOWA
1997 No. 9 - SEPTEMBER
Time of Flight Diffraction Technique (TOFD) - An Ultrasonic Testing Method for all Applications? F - AHecht A.; BASF Ludwigshafen (DE)
The Time-of-Flight-Diffraction-Technique F - ATrimborn N.; Sonomatic (NL)
The Time of Flight Diffraction Technique - Its Limitations - Actual & Perceived F - ABrowne Bill; CATS International (ZA)
The rapid analysis of TOFD data incorporating the provisions of standards F - ASilk M.G.; AEA (UK)
Recent developments for automatic on-line TOFD inspection F - ALawson Shaun; University of Surrey (UK)
Ultrasonic crack depth measurement of surface bracking cracks in pipingF - AT. Just, G. Csapo; TÜV Nord, Hamburg (DE)
Ultraschall-Rißtiefenbestimmung an Korrosionsrissen in austenitischen Rohrleitungen F - AT. Just, G. Csapo; TÜV Nord, Hamburg (DE)
The draft European TOFD Standard ENV 583-6 : 1997F - ADiederichs R.; NDTnet
The British TOFD standard BS 7706F - ADiederichs R. ; NDTnet
TOFD Lecture and Podium discussion at the DGZfP meeting in DortmundF - ADiederichs R.; NDTnet
Can TOFD replace conventional Ultrasonic Testing on welding? F - AWuestenberg H., Ginzel E.A., Schlengermann U.; BAM (DE)*, Krautkramer (DE)**, MRI (CA)***
1997 No. 8 - AUGUST
Improved Sound Field Penetration Using Piezocomposite Transducers F - AMeyer Paul A.; Krautkramer Branson (US)
Ultrasonic beams focusing in piezoelectric crystals and ferroelectric ceramics by application of a nonuniform electric field F - ABelyi V.N., Kazak N.S., Pavlenko V.K., Mashchenko A.G., Severin F.M., Stepanov; Belarus
Split-Spectrum Processing for Nondestructive Testing F - AYau Kwong Ki; Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Practicle experiences with automated ultrasonic testing of manual welded pipelines F - AHeckhäuser H., Thiele H., Rühlmann B.; Herne*, Kassel**
Praktische Erfahrungen bei der automatisierten Ultraschallprüfung manuell verschweißter Pipeline-Verbindungsnähte F - AHeckhäuser H., Thiele H., Rühlmann B. ; Herne*, Kassel**
Lockin-Thermographie in der zerstörungsfreien Werkstoffprüfung F - AWu D., Busse G. ; IKP University of Stuttgart (DE)
NDT of materials using lock-in thermography F - AWu D., Busse G. ; IKP University of Stuttgart (DE)
1997 No. 7 - JULY
Resonance inspection - the answer to new industrial demands with regard to quality assurance F - ASchlengermann U., Hansen W.; Krautkramer (DE)
Resonant Inspection a "new" NDT technique F - AHands G.; Godfrey Hands Ltd. (UK)
Ceramic Automotive Valves - Chances and Limitations of Nondestructive Testing F - ANetzelmann U., Reiter H., Shi Y., Wang J., M. Maisl; FHG IzfP Saarbruecken, DE
Keramische Automobilventile - F - ANetzelmann U., Reiter H., Shi Y., Wang J., M. Maisl; FHG IzfP Saarbruecken, DE
Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der zerstörungsfreien Prüfung F - ACioclov D., Schmitz V., Kröning M.; FHG IzfP Saarbruecken, DE
A novel Technique for advanced Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete by using Signal Conditioning Methods and Scanning Laser VibrometerF - AKoehler B., Hentges G., Mueller W.; FHG IzfP Dresden (DE)
1997 No. 6 - JUNI
Ultrasonic Beam Profile ModellingF - AGinzel E.A., Hotchkiss; MRI (CA)
Nondestructive Characterization of State and Properties of Aluminium Structures F - ASchneider Eckard; FHG IzfP Saarbruecken, DE
Inspection of Tube using Ultrasonic Phased Array Probes F - ADesruelles D., Burat O., Pierre G.; FRAMATOME (FR)
Nondestructive testing of train wheels at the German Bahn AG F - AHintze H.; Deutsche Bahn AG
Minutes on the German-French Automation and Modelling Workshop]F - ADiederichs R.; NDTnet
A Report on the ASTM E07.06 Subcommittee on Ultrasonic Testing F - AGinzel E.A.; MRI (CA)
Technical Lectures on the DGZfP Regional Group Meeting in Hamburg F - ADiederichs R.; NDTnet
1997 No. 5 - MAY
Evaluating Performance of a BoresideArray for Heat Exchanger Inspection F - ACarodiskey Tom; Krautkramer Branson (US)
Inspection of Compressed Hydrogen Cylinders using Ultrasonic Guided Waves F - AChahbaz Ahmad; Tektrend (CA)
Ultrasonic compression wave NDT of adhesively bonded automotive structures F - AFreemantle Richard; Keele University UDSP Laboratory (UK)
Application of Mechanised Ultrasonic Inspection to Manually Welded Pipeline Girth Welds F - AGinzel E.A.; MRI (CA)
Ultrasonic imaging of defects in composites F - AHillger Wolfgang; Hillger Ing. Buero
Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Technique For Concrete Elements Using Synthetic Aperture F - AKrause Martin; BAM Berlin (DE)
Detection and sizing of austenitic anddissimilar welds using an optimized UT-system F - AMohr Friedrich; Siemens KWU, Erlangen (DE)
Automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems for Aluminum Plate Inspection F - ANelligan Tom; Panametrics NDT USA
Determination of crack depth F - ASchlengermann Udo; Krautkramer (DE)
Wave Modes Produced by Air Coupled Ultrasound F - AStrycek Jan O.; QMI, CA (US)
Analysis and Optimization of Ultrasonic Imaging Methods for Inhomogeneous Structures F - ASvilainis Linas; Kaunas University (LT)
Approximative Modeling for the Practical Application at Ultrasonic Inspections F - AWuestenberg H., A. Erhard; BAM Berlin (DE)
1997 No. 4 - APRIL
International Symposium NDT-CE Berlin 1995: A concluding Review F - ASchickert G.; DGZfP Berlin (DE)
Non-Destructive Civil Engineering (NDT-CE) F - ASchickert G.; DGZfP Berlin (DE)
Non-Destructive Civil Engineering (NDT-CE) - Testing Problems F - ASchickert G.; DGZfP Berlin (DE)
Non-Destructive Civil Engineering (NDT-CE) - Testing Methods F - ASchickert G.; DGZfP Berlin (DE)
Non-Destructive testing in Civil Engineering from Contractors Point of ViewF - AHaselwander B.,. Flohrer C; HOCHTIEF AG Frankfurt (DE)
Non-destructive Testing of Ground-Anchors of Bridge Structures F - ALangebrake F., Fuchs D., Nöller H. ; DMT-lnstitut für Förderung .. (DE)
Ultrasonic crosshole testing on large concrete piles F - AGross H., Brameshuber W.; Bilfinger + Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft
Applicability of ultrasonic frequency spectrum analysis to material tesing of gypsum, cement and concrete F - AJonas M.; -
Towards SAFT-Imaging in Ultrasonic Inspection of Concrete F - ASchickert M.; MFPA an der HAB, Weimar (DE)
Detection of Thickness, Voids, Honeycombs and Tendon F - AJansohn R., Kroggel O., M. Ratmann; -
Comparison of DIN/ISO 8047 (Entwurf) to Several Standards on Determination of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity in Concrete F - APopovics S., Komlos K., Popovics J.; -
Combination of a Covermeter with a Radar System - an Improvement of Radar Application in Civil Engineering F - APöpel M., Flohrer C.; HOCHTIEF AG Frankfurt (DE)
Ultrasonic Applications Highlights - Part 3 F - AHuhn U., Kleinert W.-D., Krause R., Neuhaus H. (Echo 35 Editors); Krautkramer (DE)
1997 No. 3 - MARCH
Imaging of Disbond in Adhesive Joints with Lamb Waves F - AMustafa V., Chahbaz A., Hay D. R., Brassard M. ; Tektrend (CA)
Guided Wave Applications of Piezocomposite Transducers F - AMeyer Paul A., Rose Joseph L.; Krautkramer Branson (US)
Detection of Corrosion in Bottom Plates of Gas and Oil Tanks using guided ultrasonic waves and EMATs F - ASalzburger Hans-Jürgen, Hübschen Gerhard; FHG IzfP Saarbruecken, DE
Application of guided acoustic waves to delaminationF - ASun Keun J.; -
Bond strength measurement in a three layer sandwich F - ASinger L.; Technion Haifa (IL)
Ultrasonic Appications Highlights - Part 2 F - AHuhn U., Kleinert W.-D., Krause R., Neuhaus H. (Echo 34 Editors); Krautkramer (DE)
UT of Welds on Chain SpreadersF - AHuhn U., Kleinert W.-D., Krause R., Neuhaus H. (Echo 34 Editors) ; Krautkramer (DE)
Lockin-thermography with mechanical loss angle heating at ultrasonic frequenciesF - ARantala J., Wu D., Salerno A., Busse G.; -
Inspection of aircraft structural components using lock-in thermographyF - AWu D., Salerno A., Malter U., Aoki R., Kochendörfer R., Kächele P. K., Busse G.; IKP University of Stuttgart (DE)
Thermal Ellipsometry in Steady-State or by Lock-In Thermograhy Apllication for Anisotropic Materials Characterization F - AKrapez J.-C., Gardeite G., D. Balageas Onera ; -
QIRT '96 - 3. Europäische Thermographietagung an der Universität Stuttgart F - AG. Busse; IKP University of Stuttgart (DE)
1997 No. 2 - February
Ultrasonic Applications Highlights - Part 1 F - AGrabendörfer W., Stoll H., Corsepius H.W. (Echo 33 Editors); Krautkramer (DE)
Determination of fibre orientation in composites with theultrasonic backscattering method. F - APfeifer T., Rümenapp S., Feldhoff J.; RWTH Aachen (DE)
Bestimmung der Faserrichtungen in Verbundkunststoffen durch Ultraschallrückstreuung F - APfeifer T., Rümenapp S., Feldhoff J.; RWTH Aachen (DE)
Testing of fibre reinforced light metals F - ATietz H.-D., Palm T., Behrends A.; Hochschule Zwickau (FH)
Prüfung faserverstärkter LeichtmetalleF - ATietz H.-D., Palm T., Behrends A.; Hochschule Zwickau (FH)
Control of Dissimilar Explosion Bonded Cladding by Ultrasonic Testing F - AGripp S.; BAM Berlin (DE)
Prüfung von sprengplattierten Mischverbindungen mit Ultraschall F - AGripp S.; BAM Berlin (DE)
Synthesis of ultrasonic transducers directional diagram F - AProkhorenko P., Baev A., Konovalov G., Mayorov A.; -
NDT in India - Report on the 14th WCNDT in New Delhi F - AWolf Helmut; -
1997 No. 1 - January
Evaluation of ultrasonic indications by using PC-based synthetic aperture focussing technique (PCSAFT) F - APitkänen J., Kauppinen P., Jeskanen H., Schmitz V.; -
Alis the Automated Laminate Inspection System F - ACoenen R. ; TU Delft (NL)
Hierarchie analytischer, numerischer und approximativer Modelle F - AB. Mirwald-Schulz ; BAM Berlin (DE)
Industrial X-ray 1895 until today F - AHippe-Wallenwein Dagmar; Philips Hamburg (DE)
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