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    omar mohamed al rifai

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    Address:Dubai , UAE
    Country:United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    Email Address:
    Institution:Integrity Scientifica & Laboratory Equipment Trading

    Education Degrees:Bachelor of Mechanical Engineerign
    Work in or as:Sales,
    Main Method or Other:NDT Wide, AE, ET, IRT, MT, PT, RT, UT, PCN Phased Array, TOFD, BRS Certification Holder
    Certifications:Phased Array Level 2 PCN, UT Level 2 PCN BRS PCN
    NDT Suppliers:Durr NDT Germany: Computerised Radiograph Systems. (CR) http://duerr-ndt.com/ Danatronics:Thickness, Precession gages and Remote Vision Inspection Systems (RVI). http://www.danatronics.com/ Jireh : Conventional and Phased Array Ultrasound scanners for inspection. http://www.jireh-industries.com/ •Sonatest: Flaw detectors, Thickness gages, Precession gages and Phased Array ultra sound systems. http://sonatest.com/ •Rigaku:Positive Material Identification systems (PMI). http://www.rigaku.com/en •Rohmann: Portable Eddy Current Flaw detector. http://www.rohmann.com/ •Balteau: X-ray machines. http://www.balteau.com/ FujiFilm: X-Ray Films
    NDT Equipments:VEO+ , D50 & D70 from Sonatest ECHO 9 series from Danatronics AUT Scanners from Jireh Industries X-Ray & Digitizers from Balteau CR & DR from Durr NDT EC from Rohmann Accoustic Emmission from Vallen

    My current role now is to Provide solutions, Demonstrations, Presentations including power point and sell equipment for Non-Destructive Testing, mainly for Petrochemical ,Oil and Gas, Aviation industries in the following methods:
    Advanced Ultrasonic (TOFD and PA) ,conventional Ultrasonic, Eddy Current Test., Magnetic particle
    Test., Dye Penetrate Test. ,Visual Test., Hardness Test , PM I ,Portable X-Ray Generator .
    Take the lead in coordinating all aspects of communication between the key accounts and my company.
    Reporting sales actions, achievements, status and forecasts of projects to the main office in Dubai.
    Ensure satisfactory response time to customer requests.
    I’m also involved in generating leads, handling RFQs and conducting competitive analysis.
    following up of quotes with customers for orders and for payment collection .
    maintain good relation with customers and provide feedback to management on competition, prices,
    project information etc

    Training :
    Nov 2013 17/11/2013 – 18/11/2013
    2 Days Olympus Training on XRD & XRF system ( Terra , X5000 ) .

    April 2013 21/04/2013 -23/04/2013
    3 Days Olympus Eddy Current Tube Inspection Training usning MS5800 and Multiview Software.

    March 2013 3/03/2013 – 5/03/2013
    3 Days OLYMPUS Eddy current weld Inspection and Eddy Current Array ( Flexible probes )
    Training Using Omniscan EC and Nortec 500 .

    May 2012 4 Days Training on Computerized Radiography ( CR & DR) System in Durr NDT
    Facility , Stuttgart Germany .
    Nov 2011 LAVENDER-NDT Int, BRS ( Basic Radiation Safety ) .
    Sep 2011 LAVENDER-NDT Int, Phased Array Level Il Training .
    Sep 2011 LAVENDER-NDT Int, TOFD ( Time of Flight Diffraction) Level Il Training .
    May 2011 40 hours of instruction in Phased Array – TOFD Examination with
    Data Collection / Analysis using OmniScan-Mx & Tomoview Software
    with HSMT-FLEX-(PV- 200 system) Presented at MEITI (Middle East Industrial Training Inst)
    UAE –Abu Dhabi from 10th May to 15th May 2011
    May 2011 Pipeline Integrity Management Forum 2011 held on 2nd – 4th May 2011 at the Grand Hyatt
    Doha Hotel , Doha , Qatar.
    Omar alrifai
    February 2010 4 days Training - INNOVX-SYSTEMS XRF ( X-Ray Flourcsent ) & XRD
    ( X-Ray Diffraction ) Hamburg - Germany
    4 days Training - ICM- ( Portable X-Ray Generator, Panoramic & Directional ) Leige-Belgium
    January 2010 Lavender-NDT Int . Conventional UT level ll Training , held on 14th – 27th Jan by Lavender
    International NDT .
    February 2009 OLYMPUS Training (Conventional UT Flaw Detecotr & Phased Array Technology )
    October 2009 One day Aerospace Seminar
    The applications of Phased Array & Eddy current in Aerospace
    May,2009 LAVENDER-NDT Int, Magnetic Particle Inspection MPI Level II.
    May,2009 LAVENDER-NDT Int Penetrant Testing PT Level II
    May,2009 LAVENDER-NDT Int, Radiographic Interpretation RI Level II
    July 2008 English courses at the ALC (American Language Center ) from level 3A
    August 2008 CAD (Computer Aided Design) Program Solidworks 2007
    August 2008 CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Program : Beam2d / MDesign / Mitcalc
    August 2006 Control Technology: PLC "programmable logic controller" LG.

    Objectives :
    build on the achievements and take on an active role in an Engineering Company where I will try and give my best to contribute to the overall growth of such a company .

    My Communications
  • Phone | +971526992471
  • Email | oalrifai@gmail.com

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