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Our Phased Array equipments, based on SITAU Technology, are among the PAS highest performance in the market.
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... is Male, is born 10 February 1980

... is Male, is born 10 February 1980

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Work in or as:Sales,
Main Method or Other:MT, RT, UT, Other Methods, Product line that we deal in supply 1. Radiography Testing a. Portable X Ray Equipment – DNDT Equip

Product line that we deal in supply

1. Radiography Testing
a. Portable X Ray Equipment – DNDT Equipments Co Ltd, China, Rigaku Corporation Japan
b. Constant Potential X Ray Equipment – ICM, Belgium
c. Real Time Radiography – Integrated System of various components
d. Flat Panel Detector – Perkin Elmer, Germany
e. Digitizer, Array Corp
f. Digitization Services
g. All accessories including Lead Screen, Penetrameter(IQI), Hangers, Cassette, Dark Room Accessories, etc…
h. Densitometers, Survey Meter, Dosimeter, etc…

2. Magnetic Particle Testing
a. Portable Yokes,
b. Prod Type Units
c. Bench Type Units,
d. Demagnetizers
e. Consumables: Powder, Aerosol Can, etc…
f. Pie Field Indicator, Gauss Meter, etc…

3. Ultrasonic Testing
a. All Accessories like cables, probes, connectors, couplants, membranes, etc…

4. Dye Penetrant Testing
a. All consumables like cleaner, penetrant, developer, etc…

5. Eddy Current Testing
a. Flaw Detector
b. Sorter
c. Probes
d. Customized, Automated Systems

6. Heat Treatment Equipment
a. Resistance Type Equipment
b. Low Voltage Type Equipment
c. Induction Equipment (For P91material used in Power Plants)
d. All Consumables like Nichrome wire, ceramic beads and pads, Wool, etc…

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