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Wolfgang Juergen Bisle

-Author of articles in NDT.net here
-Posted 35 Forum Messages here

-Author of articles in NDT.net here
-Posted 35 Forum Messages here

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Address:Dep. ESWNG(Testing Technology) Huenefeldstr. 1-5 D-28183 Bremen Tel.: +49.(0)421.538-4795; Fax.: +49.(0)421.538-4180
Email Address:
Institution:Airbus Deutschland GmbH

Work in or as:R & D, Project leader & Group Leader InService Inspect.
Main Method or Other:NDT Wide

group leader responsible for the German part of InService NDT development for AIRBUS.

About 22 years ago I started with development of new EC-inspection methods on aeronautical structures (sliding probe), also the development of new ultrasonic inspection and scanning methods like introducing a welding robot as an inspection manipulator. Since about 20 years I follow the progress in optical & thermo-optical testing from Holography, ESPI, Shearography and even Laser-Ultrasound. We here at AIRBUS Deutschland influenced and triggered some new developements in this field.
We recently started more intensive work on several fields like Thermal Wave Imaging, LaserUS, Online-QC of Laser Beam Welded Al-Structures as well as we intensified our effords to develope inspection methods for GLARE, a new "Metall Laminate", for Friction Stir Welding, and so on...
A great portion of work is also put into the field of array sensors for UT and ET to promote their introduction into aircraft maintenance as a splendit tool to reduce inspection time & costs

Currently I am leader of the research project in the 5th Framework called INCA dealing with newest ideas of Non Contact & Full Field NDT
Just to make the latest ideas of information technology available to NDT we also work on:
4M - Multi Media Maintenance Manual ("INDET", EC-Project within the 5th Framework)
Another challenging workfield of my group is the introduction of
smart sensors for structural health monitoring

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