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December 1998

Ultrasonic Instrument Linearity Tester
WINDSOR, CT -- ABB AMDATA, best known for its ultrasonic imaging systems and scanners, introduces its latest product innovation: the CALin linearity tester for ultrasonic instruments.

News from the CORDIS Database
RAPIDUS brought us the following updates related to our defined search profile.

Acquisition Opportunity: NDT / NDE Company $7 Million
The Company provides NDT/NDE services and is well recognized as a developer and provider of specialized NDT/NDE instruments on a worldwide basis. The shareholders are prepared to accept $7.0 million cash for the shares of the Company. A full Divestiture Document is currently being completed and will be available to qualified parties.

Evaluation of Currently Applied Ultrasonic Sizing Techniques for Ctress Corrosion Cracks in Steam Generator tubes This article the 17th EPRI Steam Generator NDE Workshop, August 17-19, 1998, and other news have been recently updated on the Nuson Homepage.

Nondestructive Evaluation, Vibration and Wave Propagation
Progress is published within the Research Overview 1998 of the Institute of Mechanics, ETH Zürich.

A New Panametrics Newsletter is online
See the 26XTDL Ultrasonic Thickness Gage and much more.

Newsletter - Inspection Solutions No. 62 June 1998
This Newsletter covers inspection news from AEA Technology. For previous issues see the Inspection Solutions Main Page

The NTIAC Newsletter Volume 23, Number 4
Read about NDT to detect "kissing bombs"in adhesive joints, NDE industry news, new NTIAC publications and much more.

New Sites added to the Virtual Library
Through this database you may find further News elsewhere.

In Bill's PAPERS/PUBLICATIONS we remember also his Papers on NDTnet with his Workshop Messages. Bill participated on the Panel of Experts at the first Workshop on Ultrasonic Transducers on NDTnet.

NDTnet Launches New Robot -
Content retrieval now faster, better than ever before!
Advertising on NDTnet is more than just Publishing a Piece of Paper.
An Ad on NDTnet, the leading NDT Internet publisher, can be a much better value than the same Ad published via "OldMedia".
Neue Dimensionen für Werbung und Fachinformation auf NDT.net
Eine Zusammenfassende Notiz für die Dezemberausgabe der DGZfP/DACH Zeitung.

November 1998

Visual Inspection Technologies, Inc. introduces the latest design for a unitized, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) inspection system.

Aircraft Incident Report recommends better periodic detailed inspection!
From the manufacturer's view that daily visual inspections were adequate. In view, however, of the nature of daily inspections and the size and location of this type of crack, it might be considered advisable to supplement them with periodic dye penetrant checks, for example.

Checking railway wheels during production
A modern test bed using ultrasound makes it possible to test the wheels rapidly and simply as well as reliably, Fraunhofer Research News.

USDM '98 Conference Review
The 16th St.-Petersburg International Conference "Ultrasonic nondestructive testing of metal constructions. Informativeness & reliability" was held 3-5 June 1998.

24 News from the CORDIS Database
RAPIDUS brought us the following updates related to our defined search profile. E.g, Project Funding of 402203.00 ECU ~ 400,000 US$ for PIPETRONIX's Pig development

Two new German articles are published at the DGZfP Homepage:
Thermographie - Neue Möglichkeiten in der ZfP
Akkreditierung, Notifizierung, Validierung, Kalibrierung ....Begriffe der Qualitätssicherungen (Teil 1)

Flux-Focusing Sensor and Rotating Probe Method for Rivet/Fastener Inspection
NASA Langley Research Center has developed several instruments based on a novel electromagnetic probe, as part of a program to economically inspect for damage and to analytically predict residual strength.

The University of Dayton established a new NDE Center
The Center is poised to become the world’s leading materials characterization laboratory, and an international resource for NDE and materials characterization education.

IBM's Analytical Services for the Industries
For more than 25 years, our IBM scientists, engineers, and technicians have supported the development and manufacture of some of the most sophisticated products in the world.

Symposium Proceedings Initiative on the Internet
In response to member needs for faster and broader dissemination of proceedings papers the Materials Research Society (MRS) will be publishing proceedings on the Web to everyone at no charge. A print version of the proceedings will also be available in the regular MRS symposium proceedings series. In response to member needs for faster and broader dissemination of proceedings papers.

Search all NASA web sites from one place
This new service allows you to easily search through hundreds of thousands of documents published on NASA Web Sites.

October 1998

KARL DEUTSCH Presents Three New Products
Wall Thickness Gauging - Secure Measurement and Reliable .
Handterminal 2051
Layer Thickness Measuring with or without PC
New Operating Unit for the Structure Testing with VITOMETER 5030

The new ABB AMDATA Bantam
This new 4-channel imaging system is available as an ultrasonic imaging system, an eddy current imaging unit, or a combination ultrasonic/eddy current system.

18 News from the CORDIS Database
RAPIDUS brought us the following updates related to our defined search profile.

American - Russian joint venture Intron Plus .
The lightest and smallest dual-channel steel wire rope flaw detector

Radpruefung waehrend der Produktion
(Railroad Wheel Inspection during Fabrication).
Das Fraunhofer Institut entwickelte eine Pruefanlage, bei der Eisenbahnraeder und Radreifen per Ultraschall auf Materialfehler untersucht werden - und das ohne den laufenden Produktionsprozess zu behindern.

The Cover of the Journal of the Italian NDT Society highlights German's Train accident.
Pages 14 and 15 report details in italian. Editor email aipnd@mail.protos.it

September 1998

Airborne Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Makes The Un-Inspectable...Inspectable.
Huntington Beach, CA-NDT Systems 3.8.98

Phased Array Technique Helps to Inspect a Water Friction Brake for 220 MW Turbines .
The control of the probes and the data evaluation was carried out with the Mini-SAPHIR Phased Array Inspection System. This high performance digital instrument, recently designed at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)/Berlin and now manufactured by Siemens AG/Erlangen as a licensee, offers the possibility of driving four phased array transducers simultaneously.

A Complete UT Instrument on a Single PCI-Board.
Quality Network Inc., the authorized affiliate of the Fraunhofer-Institute Nondestructive Testing in Saarbrücken, Germany, has introduced PCUS 11, a new Pulser/Receiver and Digitizer board for comprehensive PC-controlled ultrasonic testing.

NDT.net Updated Mission Statement
Our main goal is to serve the NDT community with free access NDT publications. NDTnet offers all NDT Publishers of Conferences and Journals a free Internet publishing service for abstracts and full-text articles.

ANDSCAN® . . . Can be used to check aircraft fuselage panels for corrosion;
carbon-fiber composite structures for impact damage and delamination; pipeline welds for subsurface defects; and pipeline tube walls for remaining thickness.

Discover Magazine Breakthrough technologies: "electroactive polymers"
Bar-Cohen, a physicist at Caltech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has made two different types of artificial muscles.

New Approaches to Non-Destructive Testing
"Is this plane safe to fly?" Headlines like those above are becoming more common with the ever-growing age of the nation's commercial and military aircraft fleets. Finding Structural Fatigue Before It's Too Late!

Ultra Optec Homepage: Reference and Press
See also the LUIS 747. The Laser-Ultrasonic Inspection System LUIS 747 is the product of years of development in effort to apply laser-ultrasonics to the inspection of polymer-matrix composite materials.

RAPIDUS is a new CORDIS Database Service
Registered CORDIS users can now save search profiles and receive automatic updates by Email of search results that match search criteria. You can register free for this service. CORDIS is the European Community R&D Information Service.

August 1998

Nuson Software Research
The Nuson software department is currently working on ground-shaking new technology. Future Nerason systems will not only be able to visualize test data in traditional A, B and C-scan displays, but also in a fully interactive, true 3-dimensional interface.

International Societies join forces to create a truly global optics resource
SPIE -- The International Society for Optical Engineering and the Institute of Physics (IOP) today announced an exciting new joint venture to further develop the already successful OPTICS.ORG website. The venture will bring together the two societies' substantial resources to create a truly global resource for the optics and photonics communities.

NASA Success Story: Improvement of the state-of-the-art of piezoelectric technology
Revolutionary Technology Storms Across Hampton Roads and into U.S. Industry
A powerful new family of high-performance actuators and sensors based on patented NASA technology is "shaking up" a lot of thinking in U.S. industry. Invented at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC), these innovative products significantly improve the state-of-the-art of piezoelectric technology.

Business Opportunity in the NDT Food Industry
TESTEX is now well established and is the test program of choice for major food processing and dairy companies throughout the world. Find out if it is of interest as either a main stream business, or add-on to your current business.

Imperium Inc. Develops First Ultrasound Camcorder to Detect Subsurface Corrosion for U.S. Navy
Former Chief Scientist of the Army Heads New Company. ROCKVILLE, Md -- May 18, 1998-- Imperium, Inc., a start-up company in the High Technology Council of Maryland incubator program, announced today that it has won a $750,000 two-year contract from the U.S. Navy to perfect the first generation of portable, noninvasive ultrasound imaging systems for both government and commercial use.

The proceedings and Videos of the 7th ECNDT with the full papers of all presentations are now available.

Detection of Corrosion Under Thermal Insulation
NTIAC recently completed a state-of-the-art report on Nondestructive Evaluation used for detecting component damage through thermal insulation. This report was funded by the Materials Technology Institute of the Chemcial Process Industries (MTI), and should be available through MTI soon.

NDT/NDE - UT Positions available in Canada
The Design Group Inc. is a 24 year old recruitment company located in various cities in Canada. The Design Group Canada is currently recruiting for all levels of NDT/NDE UT professionals Entry level/Junior/Intermediate/Senior to work for our Calgary Client.

July 1998

Summary of NDT response to the train accident
NDT work also needs awareness of ethics; in the Summary we will clarify what happened in the media and why NDT.net got so deeply involved.

ECNDT'98 Exhibition
We provide news and snap shots at: AIPnD, Force, Imasonic, IRT, Karl Deutsch, Krautkramer, Metalscan, Nukem, Panametrics, QMI, RDTech, Yxlon, NDT.net

Survey on Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors characterizations is still open
After we received already 60 responses the final statistics was planed for this issue. Due to recent priorities we need to postpone this to the August issue. That means you can still add your opinion to a larger database and win an NDTnet 97-96 CD-ROM!

NDT Innovation Prizes
The NDT Innovation Prize, financed by Cegelec, is awarded in 1998 in partnership with the 7th Congress for Non-Destructive Testing, held in Copenhagen.

International Innovation Award to FORCE Institute
The European NDT Innovation Committee has selected FORCE Institute's work "3D Inspection System" as the winning contribution in the field of applications research work within the area of Non Destructive Testing.

ICNDT Meeting in Copenhagen

Philips and Andrex announce their merger and the formation of, YXLON International.
YXLON International is the world's leading supplier of industrial x-ray equipment for non-destructive testing, with the most comprehensive range of products, from portable x-ray units to fully automatic systems.

Non-Destructive Testing in Turkiye
The NDT Committee made an activity plan for the establishment of a Turkish NDT Society.

Nondestructive Testing Services Market Growing
Maxtech International's analysis of Nondestructive Testing Services Markets is available in a 190 page report that provides market sizes and segmentation both by industry and type of NDT method. The report also includes a survey of over 3000 users of NDT services and their spending projections.

Christopher M. Fortunko 1948-1998
Chris Fortunko passed away on June 27, 1998 due to a heart attack.

June 1998

Thanks to the miracle of electronic publishing this last month's topic on Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors will continue to be open 24 hrs on the NDTnet server.

Fill out this Survey - win an NDTnet 97-96 CD-ROM!
We've received about 40 responses to our Survey of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors characterizations but we'd like to present results based on a larger sampling.

Train Accident - (Chronologically Updated)
Wednesday's June 3. train accident in Eschede near Hannover, the worst in Germany in over half a century, shows all too clearly the importance of NDT in the railway industry. Germany's fastest train was traveling at 200 km/hr when it derailed and slammed into a bridge, killing 98 people.
Preliminary investigations place blame for the accident on a broken wheel. Schneider's article in this issue describes an UT technique which was developed to prevent accidents coursed by broken railroad wheels of cargo trains. It has been reported that the train received just one day before an 20.000 Km -Inspection. During this process also the wheels have been checked ultrasonically without recognition of any defect. The Deutsche Bahn has recalled all 60 ICE I trains back for inspection. The newer ICE II will continue in operation, at a reduced speed of 160 km/hr until further notice. We will try to keep you updated on this story.
CNN interactive about the high-speed train crash
German officials suspect damaged wheel caused crash
More of this disaster on the Internet
DB Pressemitteilung: Ultraschall-Untersuchung der Radreifen
A previous press release from the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) stated that UT was applied for in-service inspection of the wheel involved in the accident, as recently as one day the derailment occurred. However, June 6. evening the Deutsche Bahn retracted their report and said that Ultrasonic testing was NOT applied at all and is not part of this inspection stage.

Probleme mit dem Rißnachweis bei Radreifen des Hochgeschwindigkeitszuges ICE
Problems With Crack Detection In High-Speed ICE Wheels
The Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) knew about the problems with the crack detection technique used on the railroad wheels of the high-speed ICE. "The DB knew that wheels must be tested" said Prof. Hermann Wüstenberg

Die Deutsche Bahn versucht abzulenken
Bessere Lösungen der Ultraschalltechnik wurden jahrelang versäumt einzusetzen. Neues Konzept auf dem Weg - Viele Experten halten dies jedoch für unzureichend.

dpa-Meldung: Hintergründe im Zusammenhang mit der ICE Radreifenprüfung
....... Rolf Diederichs am Mittoch im Interview mit dpa.
dpa News Message: Background of NDT on the German ICE wheel
....... Rolf Diederichs on Wednesday in an interview with dpa.
A number of TV channels wanted to send a camera team but I suggested that footage of the actual WebSite would be more appropriate. Finally we agreed to speak on TV . In our RealAudio speach together with slides Rolf Diederichs talks about Deutsche Bahn and NDT responsibility. Transcript of the broadcasting.

Pressemitteilung der DGZfP
.....Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V. - Der Vorstand

Gegendarstellung und Kommentar zu BILD am Sonntag 14. Juni 1998 'ICE-Sicherheit'
Der Zeitungsartikel gibt in der Art der Darstellung den Sachverhalt falsch und Unvollständig wieder.

Bis eine Prüfmethode freigeben ist sind alle ICE 1 Züge vorerst gestoppt
Viele Stellen arbeiten mit Hochdruck an der Freigabe einer Prüfmethode. Ist das noch erforderlich? Laut Meldungen der Deutsche Bahn sollen alle Räder mit Radreifen gegen Räder aus Vollmaterial ausgetauscht werden.

Der Vorfall bei der Deutsche Bahn ist in der Industrie kein Einzelfall
Der Artikel beschreibt die Gefahr der Kunststoffgasrohre - Ein ganzer Häuserblock kann einstürzen. Muß die Stahlindustrie schärfer prüfen als es der Verband der Deutschen Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoffrohr e.V. vorschreibt? Wieder nur ein TÜV im eigenen Hause?

Presseinformation des Eisenbahn-Bundesamtes und der Deutsche Bahn AG zu dem Eisenbahnunglück von Eschede
Diese Presseinformation enthält die Statements, die am 17.6.1998 im Rahmen der Sitzung des Verkehrsausschusses des des Deutschen Bundestages gehalten wurden. Wir sind der Meinung, daß Aussagen in diesem Text zweideutig oder sogar falsch sind.

Risshypothesen am Radreifen der ICE 1 der Deutschen Bahn AG
Einstieg in die Fachdiskussion

More information on our Discussion Board

Railway Occurrence Reports
These documents are the final versions of occurrence investigation reports as approved by the Transportation Safety Board. For example: .....inadequate inspection practices/equipment to detect slid-flat wheels
; and the lack of emphasis placed on safety inspections of passenger train brakes.

Patent Database Search Results: rail* and ultrasonic
US Patent 5363702: Device for inspecting the rim of a railway wheel
The carriage carries a grinding device and a hardness measuring device. Means permit applying a force on the hardness measuring device. An ultrasonic inspection device carried by the carriage may also be provided.
US Patent 5654510: Ultrasonic transducer apparatus for testing railroad wheels.
Hegenscheidt-MFD GmbH, Erkelenz, Federal Republic of Germany.

EU Project defines requirements for the safety and efficiency of rail transport
IN EUROPEAN RAIL TRANSPORT The REMAINS project aims to create practical and realistic methods and tools for evaluation as RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) in railway systems.

CRDM Housing Leak sends ABB NUCLEAR POWER TEAMS into emergency mobilization
An emergency mobilization effort occurred as the result of a leaking, part length Control Rod Drive Mechanism (CRDM) Housing at a US nuclear power plant in February 1998.

Krautkramer Systems and Probes On The Worldwide WEB
The Krautkramer Web Site is online and ready to serve you with a vast array of products and services offered by Krautkramer Branson. Be sure to check out the new searchable Probe Databases, listed under Industrial Probes. For the USPC 2100 Instrument a User Forum is available to post questions and comments or you can just browse the answers to questions posted by other users.

Integrating Nondestructive Evaluation as applied in Aerospace into the High School Science Curriculum
NASA has made clear in it's mission the goals of maintaining U.S. aerospace leadership, ensuring safe global air travel, and ensuring a future generation of intelligent, qualified NASA teams. Meeting these goals requires research and development of technologies, to address issues in human factors, weather, aging aircraft, and other areas critical to flight safety.

May 1998

NDTnet at the 7th ECNDT in Copenhagen, 26-29 May 1998
Every four years a European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing is held in Europe. Copenhagen has been chosen for this major event for the European and international NDT communities in 1998.
Naturally, NDTnet, one of the world's leading Internet NDT publishers, is anxious to see the conference succeed and we're happy to help in any way we can. We've received the final program information, and are pleased to offer the Full Professional Program on the Internet.
Please visit our booth no. 7 in the society area. Rolf Diederichs will present our services and for the poster session the paper NDT on the Internet.
New: ECNDT '98 Poceedings coming soon online
New: ECNDT '98 Authors

QMI introduces new solutions for testing of highly attenuating materials
QMI's new product is called AIRMAX. It is designed for air-coupled transducers only, with a frequency range of 40 kHz to 200 kHz.

Don't Miss the Krautkramer Site for the New USN 52R High Resolution Flaw Detector!
Packed with features designed to address your most rigorous inspection and test code requirements!

R/D Tech launched its new Internet Site
A comprehensive and informative Web Site design.

In situ nondestructive testing with smart components
Conductive SiC-fibre reinforced composites should be able to give information about their degree of damage after and during mechanical or thermal stress. Bases for the "intelligent components" are silicon carbide fibre-reinforced composites. The SiC-fibres are used as electrical sensor to detect the damage degree or the temperature of the specimen, because of their electrical conductivity. The insulating matrix consists of borosilicate glass.

FIZ Karlsruhe launches a broker service for delivery of documents - AutoDoc
The system will provide a centralized service including a help desk and a billing service for the customers on one hand and for the document suppliers on the other hand.

April 1998

NUKEM: Inspection of welds
Nutronik markets a comprehensive range of inspection systems for all weld inspection activities, from weld and weld-section measurement of HF-welded pipes via inspection of submerged-arc welds up to and including end-cap inspection of pipes for nuclear service.

Durchbruch für neue Produktlinie - NUKEM-Arbeitsgebiet Nutronik expandiert im In- und Austand
Durchbruch für diese neue Produktlinie mit einem kürzlich bei NUKEM eingegangenen Auftrag der Mannesmannröhren GmbH, Mülhelm. Aber auch die Lieferung einer Vierkantknüppelprfüfanlage an die Baoshan Iron & Steel Corporation in Shanghai markiert einen Meilenstein für den Einstieg in den zukunftsträchtigen chinesischen Markt. Bereits im Januar ging bei NUKEM ein Auftrag der Mannesmann-Tochter MHP, Hamm, für eine Rohrprüfanlage Rota 90Z ein.

IIW Block Ultrasonic Characteristics - - ASTM Needs Your Help
IIW blocks of different steels and manufacturing processes can have different velocity and attenuation characteristics. This in turn may impact the results obtained from ultrasonic nondestructive examinations. The American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) needs your help in developing realistic tolerances for IIW carbon steel calibration blocks. Can you loan ASTM one or more of your companys blocks for a couple of months so that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) can make specific parametric measurements?

Recent Weld Testing related European Communities News:
Materials characterisation and inspection of laser brazing and welding joints
CamuS: computer aided ultrasonic non destructive testing
Rapid Quality Weld Inspection without Surface Preparation
Development of a Portable Remote Controlled Real-time Radioscopy System for Quantitative Industrial Inspection of Large Thickness Steel Pipes and Weldings
Effect of Ultrasonic Scattering on Inspection of Austenitic Welds
Automatic defect characterization of materials by ultrasound

Mar 1998

EMAT - Ultrasonic Phased Array System
EMAT technology, combined with Phased Array techniques, developed by the Fraunhofer-IZFP, using horizontally polarized shear waves (SH-wave) to improve the inspectability of stainless steel welds, dissimilar metal welds, buttered welds, cladding, etc.

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT) for the the inspection of Heat Exchanger Tubes
The Chugoku Electric Company Inc., in cooperation with Hitachi Ltd., has used laser sheet method and electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMAT) to develop an diagnostic device which measures the thickness distribution of the heat exchanger tubes of thermal power station boilers. Thickness is measured by the interval times of the ultrasonic waves. Precision is within ±0.1mm.

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT) for stress measurements
The current research objectives using NDT methods includes the development of advanced sensors and methods based on existing technologies in other nondestructive testing, in particular Magnetic Barkhausen Noise (MBN), eddy current, and ultrasonic with such wave generating devices as electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMAT) and lasers. Found at Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) Homepage.

EMAT system to detect Stress Corrosion Crack Detection (SCC)
Tests demonstrated the capability of an EMAT system to detect SCC and map the cracks. The EMAT inspection device provides a means for putting ultrasonic energy into the wall of the pipeline in a wide range of guided wave modes. The EMAT ultrasonic wave can interact with SCC and provide information regarding the location of the crack as well as the general characteristics of the crack colony. By Gas Research Institute, Chicago, IL published in Pipeline & Gas Journal.

EC Programme NEWS: Improving Nuclear Safety in Europe
As part of its activities to increase the safety of nuclear fission technology in Europe, the Institute for Systems Informatics and Safety of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre operates the FARO test facility at Ispra in Italy.

New Application of Ultrasonic Array Probes and Electromagnetic Devices
This project (Acronym: RAPINSPECT) targets the adaptation and new application of sensors for low cost final quality control in traditional industrial sectors (manufacture of high quality welded components). The RAPINSPECT project aims to reduce manufacturing costs by securing a major reduction in the costs of weld surface preparation for NDT and in the costs of performing NDT.

European Information Network Services
The EINS World Wide Web Interface provides an easy access to comprehensive and up-to-date scientific and technical online databases. EINS is an integrated database network of the following hosts: ESA-IRS, DIMDI, ECHO, FIZ Karlsruhe and Questel.Orbit.

What's New at MicroPatent
Through World PatentSearch on the web, search and view US, European and International patent information. When your research session is complete, seamlessly obtain your copy through our PatentWeb document delivery service. Usage of the World PatentSearch Beta is free to all PatentWebTM registered users.

SUBITO: A German Document Delivery System
With this service you can get almost any document easily and inexpensively. The Internet site is in German, but the service also delivers abroad.

Febr 1998

NDT Methods for Flaw Detection during Welding
The final ultrasonic TOFD trials of the BRITE-EURAM II project 'NDT Methods for Flaw Detection During Welding' took place in Oct 1997. The aim of the trials was to demonstrate NDT using TOFD whilst welding was taking place - i.e. the ultrasonic probes were to be placed a short distance behind the weld torch. The trials successfully demonstrated the techniques and methods developed during the four year study to undertake NDT during welding.

Check also the Forum Discussion

The 1998 Nondestructive Testing Industry Directory
With over 300 pages, the 1998 edition of the Nondestructive Testing Industry Directory is the most complete listing of individuals and companies involved with NDT available anywhere. BCC - Business Communications Company, Inc.

The web site of The British Institute of NDT has recently been updated
includes programmes for the forthcoming seminars on Medical and Industrial Applications of Ultrasonics and NDT Imaging and Signal Processing, as well as a section devoted to the MTQ 98 Exhibition to take place 19-21 May at the NEC.

DACH Zeitung - Fachbeiträge Online
12 Fachbeiträge der DACH- Zeitung sind auf der DGZFP Homepage bzw. auf NDTnet als 'Mirror Page' verfügbar. Neue Ausgaben werden regelmäßig hinzugefügt. Authoren können eine Englische Version bei NDTnet zur Veröffentlichung abgeben, siehe das Beispiel August Haller, EMPA Dübendorf

Job open at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory NDT Division
The Nondestructive and Materials Evaluation Section has an opening for a mechanical engineer to conduct research and development activities in the area of laser-based ultrasonic testing for materials characterization. 1/16/98 - Open

Jan 1998

WinTmaker TestMaker Software
Materials Research Institute announces the new Windows based software version of the NDT TestMaker software. With these tools the WinTmaker edition of the NDT TestMaker will make it a simple task to make questions or generate multiple choice tests for a training/study tool or provide an effective method for generating exams for certification programmes such as CGSB, ASNT, CEN and ISO.

Panametrics Introduces the Model 36DL PLUS Ultrasonic Thickness Gage with Waveform Display

New Homepage of HKG: Handelsgesellschaft Krämer GmbH |Deutsch|
The Handelsgesellschaft Kraemer GmbH is one of the leading providers for x-ray-films, equipment and accessories in the wide field of testing materials.

Profile-Independent Flow Measurement with Ultrasound
The system developed at Fraunhofer-Institut für Biomedizinische Technik (IBMT) is based on a tracking algorithm. In pulse/echo mode, the ultrasound transducer emits short signals and receives the echos reflected from scatterers carried by the flowing medium. A correlation algorithm evaluates the velocity of scattering patterns in different depths.

DGZfP-Jahrestagung: Vortragsanmeldungen bis 28.02.1998
70 Jahre ZfP von Schweißverbindungen. Jahrestagung der DGZfP in Bamberg 7. - 9. September 1998.

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