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Improving grading methods for structural timber by non-destructive techniques

Record Control Number : 29296
Quality Validation Date : 1999-10-21
Update Date : 1999-10-22
Title : Improving grading methods for structural timber by non-destructive techniques
Subject Index Code : Aerospace Technology, Industrial Manufacture, Materials Technology
Achievements : Conclusions on sampling:
                The sampling, in the forest and/or in the industry, has covered a 
                wide range of species and sizes. A minimum of 900 pieces is 
                required for the derivation of settings for a new machine with the 
                full range of sizes and grades.  The sampling of TIMGRAD (1600 
                pieces for FRANCE; 900 pieces for UK; 450 pieces for SW)  is within 
                this limit.  In fact, a sampling method in order to decrease the 
                amount of testing needed has been investigated (SW) .  The number 
                of specimens was decreased by 80-90% without affecting the 
                relations between the mechanical properties of the material and the 
                tested non-destructive properties.
                Conclusions on NDT:
                A lot of techniques applicable to timber strength grading have been 
                studied: Some already existed (ScanWood, Metriguard, Cook Bolinder, 
                Computermatic)  and other ones have been set up during the project 
                as follows
                The SNTRI camera is based on a smart sensor technique together with 
                line-lasers.  With this system it was possible to detect knots on 
                Norway spruce timber with a sawn surface, which is generally very 
                difficult with normal camera systems.
                By analysing the frequency response of the timber the modulus of 
                elasticity can be determined.  This technique available in Sweden 
                enables cross transportation of the timber, which is the normal way 
                of transporting timber at sawmills.  The technique works as good as 
                the bending type machines, although it does not measures the local 
                timber characteristics, but rather the global behaviour of each 
                piece of timber.
                CTBA introduce X rays device in the project to measure local 
                density.  The previous work (Rouger 1994)  has shown good 
                correlations between the non destructive parameters and the 
                mechanical properties.  The results obtained in TIMGRAD show that 
                the X rays device is quite the best machine.
                BRE would recommend further development of the Metriguard ELDECO 
                device, for the devices tested in the UK.  There are several 
                reasons for this;
                a) . It appears to provide the most reliability in operation
                b) . The operating algorithms are less complicated.
                c) . The calibration procedures for the device are the simplest and 
                the most straight forward.
                d)  despite a considerable amount during its development (software) 
                , it stills shows problems in use.
                e)  the calibration of the device will be difficult to prove.
                BRE strongly recommends further investigation and development of 
                the electronic noise filtration technology on strength machine.  
                Indications explain  that this technology offers the quickest and 
                most cost effective way to produce significant cost benefits for 
                the Sawmillers, although there is still a need for  more 
                experimental work to define the magnitude of the benefits.  Two 
                particular methods offer the greatest potential;
                i) improving the prediction of strength by improving the 
                correlation coeffiecient.
                ii) By filtering out frequencies there is a component of the 
                grading machine speed, thereby allowing the grading machines to be 
                run faster.
                The smart camera system is not a method with enough accuracy by 
                itself for timber strength grading, but coupled with other 
                techniques, such as the bending machines, grading accuracy can be 
                increased.  The camera system studied has the advantage that it can 
                detect knots on sawn surfaces of species such as Norway spruce, 
                which is normally very difficult with camera techniques.  
                Furthermore, using the camera system an appearance grading can be 
                performed, which is of great importance for certain products such 
                as gluelam lamellas.  The Maritime Pine is "Red Wood" species.  
                During the measurements of nodosity, it has created difficulties 
                (difference of contrast with Spruce species) .
Start Date : 1994-12-01
End Date : 1996-11-30
Duration : 24 months
Project Status : Completed
Programme Type : 3rd FWP (Third Framework Programme)
Programme Acronym : CRAFT
Project Reference : CR184091/BRE21567

Prime Contractor
  Organisation : Centre Technique du Bois et de l'Ameublement (CTBA)
  Organisation Type : Research
  Department : Timber Engineering
  Address : 10 avenue de Saint-Mandé
  Postcode : 75012
  City : Paris
  Country : FRANCE

Other Contractors
  Organisation Name : Établissements Robert Weisrock
  Organisation Type : Industry 
  Address : 7 rue Jean Jaurès
  City : Saulay-sur-Meurthe
  Org. Country : FRANCE
  Post Code : 88580

NDE and life assessment of reformer tubes

Record Control Number : 46799
Quality Validation Date : 1999-10-21
Update Date : 1999-10-22
Project Acronym : NART
Title : Nde and life assessment of reformer tubes
Subject Index Code : Aerospace Technology, Industrial Manufacture, Materials Technology
General Information : Reformer units are critical to many processes in refining and 
                chemical plants, being used in the production of syngas, ammonia, 
                methanol, acetic acid and vari ous other chemicals. Due to the 
                complexity factors influencing the life of refo rmer tubes. Due to 
                the series of factors affecting the reformer tubes, present life 
                prediction models are very limited and provide very conservative 
                estimatio n. Equally, current inspection systems are not able to 
                detect and quantify reli ably the present damage in the tubes. 
                Reformer Tube End-users have a strong nee d of tools for reliable 
                inspection and realistic life prediction. Therefore th e objectives 
                of the project are: - To develop a new ultrasonic inspection syst 
                em for assessment and monitoring of pre-crack microstructural 
                damage, - To dev elop and implement a Knowledge-Based System (KBS)  
                a quantitative model relating the remanent life of reformer tubes 
                to their material and mechanical state. - To generate and implement 
                in a KBS guidelines for assessment of reformer tubes inspection and 
                remanent life time. The inspection techniques to be developed be 
                based on multi-interogation approach using sensors with different 
                characteri stics and measurements of the relevant parameter 
                responses. The quantitative m odel to be developed will be based on 
                a creep life consumption algorithm, valid ated by critical 
                experimentation. The consortium comprises a manufacturer of re 
                former tubes (Manoir) , a reformer tubes end-user (Air Liquide) , 
                two specialised research organisations on materials and life 
                assessment (ERA Technology and IS Q) , and a user of inspection 
                equipment and inspection services provider (MT Int egridade) , and 
                an inspection system developer and inspection service supplier ( 
                Tecnatom) .
Start Date : 1999-02-01
End Date : 2002-01-31
Duration : 36 months
Project Status : Execution
Programme Type : 4th FWP (Fourth Framework Programme)
Programme Acronym : BRITE/EURAM 3
Subprogramme Area : PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES - Safety and reliability of production systems
Project Reference : BRPR980808

Prime Contractor
  Organisation : Tecnatom SA
  Organisation Type : Industry
  Department : Research and Development Division
  Address : 1 Avenida Montes de Oca 1
  Postcode : 28709
  City : Madrid
  Country : SPAIN
  Contact Person : Name:         MARTINEZ-ONA, Rafael
                Tel:          +34-1-6516700
                Fax:          +34-1-6541531

Other Contractors
  Organisation Name : Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade
  Organisation Type : Research 
  Contact Person : VIANNA, Carlos
  Address : KM 3 Estrada Nacional 249 KM 3
PO Box 119
  City : Oeiras
Península de Setúbal
  Org. Country : PORTUGAL
  Post Code : 2781
  Telephone : +351-1-4228100-2325
  Fax : +351-1-4228121
  Organisation Name : ERA Technology Ltd.
  Organisation Type : Research 
  Contact Person : BREAR, John M
  Department : Plant Integrity Department       
  Address : Cleeve Road
  City : Leatherhead - Surrey
  Region : SOUTH EAST (UK)
  Org. Country : UNITED KINGDOM
  Post Code : KT22 7SA
  Telephone : +44-1372-367000
  Fax : +44-1372-367099
  Organisation Name : Manoir Industries SA
  Organisation Type : Industry 
  Contact Person : VERDIER, Gilles
  Department : Usine de Pitres  
  Address : Rue des Ardennes 12
  City : Pitres
  Org. Country : FRANCE
  Post Code : 27590
  Telephone : +33-2-32487200
  Fax : +33-2-32481224
  Organisation Name : Sociedade Portuguesa Do Ar Liquido "ARLIQUIDO" LDA
  Organisation Type : Industry 
  Contact Person : BARATA, Joao
  Address : Apartado 91
  City : Estarreja
  Org. Country : PORTUGAL
  Post Code : 3860
  Telephone : +351-1-4418664
  Fax : +351-1-4418663



Nondestructive diagnosis of isolations of electrical cables and resources

Record Control Number : 51464
Quality Validation Date : 1999-11-17
Update Date : 1999-11-17
Remarks : 99-PS-hst
Name : Thüringer Agentur für Technologietransfer und Innovationsförderung GmbH
Address : Weimarische Str. 45
City : Erfurt
PostCode : 99099
Erfurt, Kreisfreie Stadt
Country : GERMANY
Type : Research, Education
Subject Details : This organization is an Innovation Relay Centre (IRC)  which is 
                presenting this R&D partner search request on behalf of one of its 
                client. This request provides a description of the collaboration 
                needs and the target partner expertise the client is looking for. 
                For more information on the proposed project or on the actual 
                organization looking for partners, please contact the IRC. Full 
                contact details of the contact person are provided at the bottom of 
                this record.

  Title : Nondestructive diagnosis of isolations of electrical cables and resources
  Type Details : A consortium led by a German university institute intends to 
                develop and demonstrate new treatments for the diagnosis of time 
                and frequency behaviour of plastic-insulated cables in the middle 
                and high voltage range.The target of the project should be the 
                evaluation of the natural-ageing of such cables and the reduction 
                of wear-out failures causing damage and destruction in the whole 
                energy supply and transmission range.
  Programme : EESD
  Research Interest : Energy research

Target Partner
  Expertise : -Measurement & testing of energy supply systems
                -Time & frequency range measurements in the high and middle voltage 
                -Measurements of cable isolations.

Contact Person
  Name : SCHMIDT, Hans-Jochen
  Network : Innovation Relay Centre
  Organisation : Thüringer Agentur für Technologietransfer und Innovationsförderung GmbH
  Address : Weimarische Str. 45
  City : Erfurt
  Region : THÜRINGEN
Erfurt, Kreisfreie Stadt
  Country : GERMANY
  PostCode : 99099
  Telephone : +49-365-7349212
  Fax : +49-365-7349219
  Contact Org. URL : http://www.thati.de
  Electronic Mail : thati@gera-web.de

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