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December 1999

CTM 20 Coating Thickness Measurement with innovative ultrasonic technology
The ultrasonic method can be utilized for accurate coating thickness measurement in a new way. Patented probe technology with an extremely large bandwidth in combination with a specially developed evaluation method for the echo signal have led to the breakthrough in this application (Krautkramer).

Automated Manufacturing Inspection (AMI)
Tektrend's systems are industrial NDE systems that are custom designed to adapt to a manufacturing facility. They are designed to answer an on-going industry requirement for fast, automated inspection by a single operator.

Cordis Database RAPIDUS brought us the following updates:
Improving grading methods for structural timber by non-destructive techniques.
NDE and life assessment of reformer tubes.
Nondestructive diagnosis of isolations of electrical cables and resources (Partners).

A new company devoted to NON-CONTACT ULTRASOUND (NCU)
SecondWave provides analytical systems, transducers, accessories, technical services, and know-how for non-destructive, non-invasive, and sensing applications -- whether industrial, bio-medical, or horticulture.

Ultrasound Inspection of Power Generator Components Using 3D
WARay3D is a computer modeling system that is designed to support ultrasound inspections of nozzle inner blends, turbine blade attachments and safe ends.

NASA NDE Working Group Newsletter NNWG
Newsletter October, 1999 VOL. 6, No. 3

New DGZfP Fachbeiträge as PDF files
Numerische Modellierung von Wirbelstromaufgaben und Lösung des ..
Notwendiges Wissen vom Recht (2)
Einfluß der Einschallwinkelungenauigkeit auf die ZfP-Aussage bei UT
Moderne Fehlerprüfverfahren für Bauteile und Produkte aus Alu..

November 1999

Cordis Database RAPIDUS brought us the following updates
Procedure to measure chilling injury in tomatoes.
The ultrasonic test was performed with a low frequency system (USD10NF, Krautkramer) .
Accelerated test to develop and measure mealiness in apples and peaches
Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for the evaluation of fruit and vegetables internal quality
Bureau for International Research and Technology Cooperation

You no longer need to transport your ir100 in a type B drum
In this application, the applicant has demonstrated that the IR-100 radiography camera, without the OP-100 overpack, meets the requirements of 10 CFR Part 71 (Industrial Nuclear Company).

Unplanned Radiation Exposures to Radiographers, Resulting from Failures to Follow Proper Radiation Safety Procedures
United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Office Of Nuclear Material Safety And Safeguards Washington, D.C.

Fasteners as Diagnostic Sensors in Wood Structures
This project involves the development of a comprehensive ultrasonic inspection technique that employs bolts and nails as diagnotstic sensors in wood structures. Ultrasonic pulse-echo detection of fastener deformation within connections will be utilized to measure connection displacement due to applied load, as well as energy dissipation within the connection. A Research topic at WMEL - Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory.

Recent news releases from Metriguard
E.g., Metriguard Introduces 2800 DME Ultrasonic Veneer Tester

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dierk Schnitger
Am Abend des 22. Oktober 1999 ist der DGZfP Vorsitzende, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dierk Schnitger, plötzlich und vollkommen unerwartet gestorben.

October 1999

Cordis Database RAPIDUS brought us the following updates
Fast Non Destructive Evaluation Of Large Structures With Loss Angle Lockin Thermography
Optimisation of Gamma Assay Techniques for the Standard Quality checking of Radioactive Waste Packages
Fast Film Replacement System for High Resolution X-Ray Weld Inspection with Ultrasonic Data Fusion

New Transducers and Transducers for Turbine Blade Inspections
The Nondestructive Testing Division of Panametrics just published its latest newsletter! Download the "Soundwaves Fall 1999" as an Acrobat PDF file.

NRC Seeks Public Input to Revise Safety Inspection Program for Fuel Cycle Facilities
This meeting is the first of several which will be held over the next two years to factor public comments into the revised fuel facility safety inspection program. Those who seek background information on this initiative may read "Evaluation and Proposed Revision of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facility Safety Inspection Program"

Steam Generator Tube Integrity Program
The areas addressed by the program include (a) evaluation of procedures and equipment used for inservice inspection (ISI) of steam generator tubes, and recommendations of criteria and requirements for improving the reliability and accuracy of ISI, and (b) validation and improvement of correlations and models for evaluating integrity and leakage of degraded steam generator tubes.

NDE Procedures and Qualifications: Questions and Answers
In the Summer 1999 National Board Bulletin article a list of questions were presented by NDE workshop instructor William Plumstead (The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors).

EPRI's Nuclear Power Plant Products & Services
However, you must subscribe to access the EPRI NDE Center Home Page.

Beiträge für die DGZfP Jahrestagung bis 31. Oktober 1999
Dieses Jahr wieder eine gemeinschaftliche Jahrestagung der DGZfP, ÖGZFP, SSNT in 2000 MAY 29-31 Insbruck Austria.

September 1999

Microseminar - 'Automated UT and ToFD - Techniques.
- Acceptance Criteria, Reliability. IIW Commission V Minutes of The Meeting by the Chairman Gerd Dobmann. The International Institute of Welding (IIW) is the global body in the science and application of joining technology providing networking and knowledge exchange.

Tektrend Intl Inc. Licenced The Edge of Light Technique
The Edge of Light, that is a new nondestructive inspection technique recently developed by researchers at the National Research Council of Canada

Ultrasonic Examination of Dry Fuel Storage Cask Closure Welds
Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI), of San Jose, California, announced the first successful demonstration of a custom ultrasonic (UT) examination system for dry fuel storage cask closure welds. The approach developed by SI employs the Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD) technique.

New Transducer Catalog
Order Krautkramer's complete reference guide to ultrasonic probes. An online version is also available.

CTM 20 Coating Thickness Gauge
This gauge is suitable for measuring the thickness of paint coatings, plastic and other insulation layers covering wood, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc., as well as applications with metallic materials. Even multilayers are nondestructively measured in one single measurement sequence - Krautkramer.

Nondestructive Evaluation Technology for Material & Component Characterization
This electronic brochure was published by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

Ultrasonic Inspection Simulation
The use of computer simulation is becoming an increasingly popular approach for designing an ultrasonic inspection. Try the UT beam model for yourself! (interactive)

Press releases of the The National Physical Laboratory
One deals with Research on non-destructive measurement of coating adhesion.

August 1999

ET - Exhibition Ring
You may go a loop of all Exhibitors offering Electromagnetic Testing Products and Services.

R/D Tech: Eddy Current Array Probe
This equipment, developed to replace currently used rotating heads and encircling probes has a revolutionary design.

LISMAR: A Company Profile
LISMAR manufactures and markets non-destructive testing devices based on Eddy current and ultrasonic technology.

Stellenausschreibung der MAN Technologie AG
Dies führende Unternehmen in der Raumfahrt sucht ab sofort eine/n Mitarbeiter/in für die Fachgruppe Zerstörungsfreie Werkstoffprüfung.

Since 1979, Meraster has supplied instruments to estimate the in-situ deterioration of wire ropes around the world.

ICBM Conference Proceedings now available
1st International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing Conference Proceedings. Published by Stresstech Oy, 1999. Price USD40 (CD or book)

Westinghouse Nuclear Services Canada Inc
provides unique eddy current probes to operating plants, inspection companies and research organizations in nuclear and other industries for the detection and characterization of defects in metal structures.

Integrated Diagnostics
The MultiUniversity Center for Integrated Diagnostics is committed to extending the knowledge of non-destructive examination techniques, characterizing crack growth and fatigue failure, and developing machinery health monitoring approaches. You may download the Progress Report for June 1999 prepared by the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.

Flux focusing sensor and rotating probe method for rivet/fastener inspection
Radially focused eddy current instrument for tube inspection. Both devices, developed at NASA Langley Research Center,

July 1999

Yxlon International X-Ray GmbH at this Year’s GIFA
showing X-ray products for the casting industry, ranging from small portable X-ray units to complete X-ray inspection systems, including new sophisticated Automatic Defect Recognition Systems based on neural network.

New edge to TOMOHAWK
- Fully Windows-compatible system

TOMOHAWK is the National Nondestructive Testing Centre's industrial computed tomography system. It is intended for use in industry to examine complex internal structures of objects which are not readily visible in normal shadow-radiographs.

Seeking for Partners
Brought to us by RAPIDUS, a service from CORDIS the European Community R&D Information Service.

New German DGZfP Articles:
  Notwendiges Wissen vom Recht für Prüfingenieure
  Strategie ... Informationszentren zur Werkstofftech.
  Bestimmung der Werkstoffkennwerte ... Al-Bauteilen
  ... IERUNGEN - Begriffe der Qualitätssicherungen (4)

High Energy X-ray Radiography for Examining Reinforced Concrete
FORCE Institute has a wide range of radiographic equipment, isotopes and a 7.5MeV Betatron plus experienced engineers for inspection and evaluation.

ASNT Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel (IRRSP) Examination Specification
The IRRSP Radiation Safety Examination consists of 100 questions relating to the topical areas outlined below.

X-Ray Printed Circuit Board Test and Inspection
The Systems provide measurements that are helpful in determining if the manufacturing process is in control. More "X-ray" Search Results at Hewlett-Packard.

NDT Scan ManagerTM
A workstation - NDT film digitizer - for the review, analysis, storage and transmission of NDT film images. The Titan Corporation.

Small size CT-scanners based on the principle of X-Ray tomography.
SKYSCAN's main areas of development are X-Ray Microscopy and Microtomography.

Microscopy and Analysis: What's New: Product Information

A Review of the Status of CEN Standards Currently under Preparation
The British Institute of NDT here publishes a review of the status of those CEN standards that are currently under preparation and the British standards that they will eventually replace.

June 1999

Two complete UT channels on ONE Board
With this SOFRATEST UT card and associated libraries (C and DLL), you can develop run your own industrial application using any high level language.

Tektrend introduces its new automated robotic transducer
Newswave May 1999 Vol 2, Issue 2 a Newsletter published by Tektrend Intl Inc.

The Edge of Light NDT Technique: Towards Quantitative Enhanced Visual NDT
Edge of LightTM is a new enhanced visual NDT technique developed by the Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council Canada. This technique enhances minute details of surface topography, which has many applications in NDT and other fields.

Calibration of volume residual stress measurements by the neutron diffraction technique and applications
Brought to us by RAPIDUS, a service from CORDIS the European Community R&D Information Service.

Airbus Industrie A318 is Launched
Toulouse - Airbus Industrie has formally launched the A318, adding a new aircraft version to its single-aisle A320 Family.

NDT Update is a Newsletter published by Business Communications Co. (BCC).

1999 Survey Results on Salary & Benefits in the NDT Industry
Published by the Personnel for NDT Web Site. Do not miss its Job Listing

May 1999

Continuing  Railway Accidents Show the Importance of NDT
Criticism of Deutsche Bahn safety policies continues in the wake of many accidents since January. Material defects, like broken cargo wheels or other technical defects are suspected in some of the 1999 accidents.

New Apparatus Measures Thermal-Barrier Coatings Better
NIST researchers in the Materials Reliability Division, Boulder, Colo., have developed an apparatus to measure the thermal conductivity of thermal-barrier coatings (known as TBCs) as thin as 20 micrometers.

Fast Automated Ultrasonic MeasurementsNuson - NERASON 1090
As the NERASON 1090 reaches its final stage of testing, and soon will be available, the system performance and technical specifications are described in the article: "Fast Automated Ultrasonic Measurements" (Nuson's News).

Highlights at the Phoenix's News Web Page:

  • NP invests in phased array technology.
  • New manipulator is hot stuff!
  • Lightweight scanner an automatic success.

    The Panametrics Newspage has been recently updated

    New Homepage of ScanMaster Systems (IRT) Ltd.
    ScanMaster (formerly IRT) is a member of the Marmon Group, which is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States, based in Chicago.

    New Homepage of Structural Monitoring Systems Limited Developers of Advanced On-line Structural Monitoring and Warning Systems. The SMS System offers inexpensive, on-line monitoring of the formation and development of fatigue-related and other cracking of the critical parts of a structure the integrity of bonded joints.

    New Cordis Database Topics brougth us by RAPIDUS
    1. The bonding of steel with polymer
    2. Systems of Waterproofing for Existing Masonry-Lined Tunnels

    News for Standards Users from CSSinfo
    New Standards Available in the CSSinfo digital library.

    UV Powerlight für NDT Systeme
    Laut Angaben der Firma Wotke GmbH ist dies die einzige im Handel befindliche UV Handlampe, welche die EN-60598-2-8 Norm erfüllt.

    Weichenstellende Technik fuer Schiene und Rad
    Sieben Fraunhofer-Institute praesentierten ihre aktuellen Forschungsergebnisse fuer die Schienenverkehrstechnik auf der Hannover Messe.

    Erklärung des Vorstands der Deutschen Bahn AG zu den aktuellen Unfällen im Bahnbetrieb
    This German Press Release states that safety has the highest priority. The DB started immediately after the Eschede accident to investigate its in-service inspection concept, which also involves aerospace experts of the Lufthansa. The DB AG intends to present railway safety report in 1999.

    Zwei mal fünfzig Jahre Ultraschall in Deutschland
    KRAUTKRÄMER und KARL DEUTSCH feiern gemeinsam ihr 50jähriges Firmenjubiläum während der DGZfP-Jahrestagung in Celle.

    April 1999

    Controlling Cracks And Corrosion
    The Germany company MPV Meß- und Prueftechnik Vogt GmbH from Burgwedel near Hanover offers a sophisticated range of stationary and mobile testing units and systems and its experienced staff.

    Neue Und Innovative Ultraschall-Prüfsysteme Zur Produktionsbegleitenden Qualitätssicherung
    Die Firmen ScanMaster Systems (IRT) Ltd. und VOGT Werkstoffprüfsysteme GmbH, Burgwedel (Deutschland) stellen Applikationen vor.

    Ultrasonically biased Weld Inspection methods
    Summary of activities of the IIW-Subcommission Vc during the last the last two years.

    Ultrasonic system to improve steel slab quality
    The Cordis Database RAPIDUS* brought us this topic.

    esp@cenet - Free Patent Information on the Internet
    "Worldwide" patent information!

    Israel joins the Fifth Framework Programme
    The agreement associates Israel with the Fifth Framework Programme. Under the terms of the agreement, Israel becomes an Associated State, and project participants can therefore receive funding from the European Union. ISERD - The Israeli Directorate For The Fifth Framework Programme Of The European Union

    Prof. Zdzislaw Pawlowski

    March 1999

    A Project on inspection of composite materials
    Partners are invited to join the DTI's (IAG) Composites Performance and Design Programme 1997-2000. Inspection news from AEA Technology Energy.

    The WCNDT 96 Abstracts on NDTnet are sponsored by Q NET
    Thanks to the sponsorship of Q NET, in particularly Q NET, Quality Network Pvt. Ltd. Chennai (Madras), India , one of the WCNDT'96 sponsors, NDTnet will provide all Abstracts of the WCNDT '96 New Delhi.

    Lixi's Profiler was demonstrated at the Kennedy Space Flight Center.
    The need was to create a base line for the exisiting piping to the two launch sites. This will allow them to monitor the wall thickness of their piping systems.

    New German DGZfP Articles:
      TOFD zur zerstörungsfreien Prüfung von .....
      Zerstörungsfreie Röntgenuntersuchung von Laser- und ...
      ... IERUNGEN - Begriffe der Qualitätssicherungen (Teil 3)
    These and more DGZfP Articles can be searched via a Search Form powered by NDTnet Crawler.

    The Siemens NDT Homepage was recently updated
    In-service inspection: Scope of products and services.

    Febr 1999

    MAPS of the future
    Quantifying stresses in materials is increasingly important to assess a plant's integrity, extend plant life, ensure safety and to improve component tolerance during manufacture. Inspection news from AEA Technology Energy.

    £8m deal brings benefits to BP
    BP has placed a contract worth £8m with AEA Technology Energy for inspection support activities for pressure plant and equipment in its oil refineries, oil terminals and chemical plants throughout the world.Inspection news from AEA Technology Energy.

    U.S. NDT Market Growth Continues
    New Survey of Users Indicates Optimism. Maxtech International®, Inc.. In addition, find a Detailed Description of the 1999 edition of Volumes 1-5 our Series on Nondestructive Testing Markets.

    YXLON International acquires LumenX With the acquisition of LumenX, YXLON International strengthens its position as the world's largest industrial X-ray company with combined revenues close to DM 100 Million and more than 250 employees.

    Technology Design Launch The Revolutionary Pocket-Scan
    Technology Design launches the TD-Pocket-Scan to complement its existing range of highly successful ultrasonic inspection systems for automated Time-Of-Flight-Diffraction (TOFD), Pulse Echo and Corrosion/Erosion mapping. The Pocket-Scan now offers exceptional performance at very affordable prices.

    Ultrasonic flaw detectors with new Liquid Crystal Displays
    Panametrics introduces the EPOCH III and IIIB LCD Ultrasonic flaw detectors that are available with new Liquid Crystal Displays to provide cutting-edge brightness with optimum viewing of the waveform trace.

    Ultrasonic Characterization of Suspensions
    Within the department "Inspection Technology" of TNO-TPD a ultrasonic reflection technique was developed to characterize suspensions. TNO Institute of Applied Physics (TNO-TPD) Inspection Technology Department - Delft, The Netherlands

    Conam buys DNV's (Det Norske Veritas) NDE group
    This message was posted to the NDT Newsgroup.

    Jan 1999

    Presentations of the Twelfth CNDE Annual Spring Meeting of the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation at The Johns Hopkins University
      > NDE for the Next Millennium
      > New Directions in Industrial Radiation Imaging
      > Near Surface Materials Characterization and ....
      > Measurement and Detection of Laser-Induced Materials Deformations
      > Image Processing ... Interferometry/Laser-based Ultrasonics ...
      > Thermographic NDE Using Subsurface Heating Methods
      > Near-Field Characterization of Materials and Devices
      > Advanced Ceramic and Polymer Composites Derived from Wood

    Edge of Light - Ground-Breaking NDT Technology launched by Canada's NRC
    This NDT Aerospace Technique have been published in the NASA Materials & Processes Update (NMPU) Newsletter.

    A workshop held at JPL covering corrosion detection technology
    Three sensor technologies were selected for inclusion: Edge of Light (see this news ), ultrasonics and eddy current.

    NDE Institute of Canada Appoints Managing Director

    Radiography Symposium will be published on the Internet
    A conference volume will not be printed. This is organized by DGZfP and BAM.

    Ultrasonic Measurement Techniques for Heat Exchanger Tubing
    This article have been recently updated on the Nuson Homepage.

    Two new German articles are published at the DGZfP Homepage:
    Thermografie mit Wärme- oder "Kälte"pulsen - Wärme ins Schwanken gebracht
    Akkreditierung, Notifizierung, Validierung, Kalibrierung ....Begriffe der Qualitätssicherungen (Teil 2)
    Weitere Neuheiten auf der DGZfP Homepage