NDTnet - April 2000, Vol.5 No.4
Press Release

NDTnet Launches New Virtual Library -
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Gathering specific information is the principal goal of most Internet users. NDT people can use traditional search engines for full-text Internet searches of the Internet, or use the  simple "link directories"  sometimes provided by NDT Institutes or Societies. Traditional searching can be useful in some cases, but its limitations are well known. Manually updated  "link directories" lack even the often rudimentary filtering capabilities of the popular search engines, and are frequently out of date and riddled with "404" (file not found) messages.

NDTnet has  developed a comprehensive database which overcomes these obstacles. Our Virtual Library  is now a true database with intelligent features like searching in Methods,  Site Type, Filters etc., and different sorting options.  As of April 1, 2000, the database contained over 12,000 pages from 600 sites. Best of all,  300  commercial sites are included at no charge to the companies, thanks to  NDTnet Exhibitors and Sponsors! Our goal is to serve the needs of our readers, even if  non-exhibitor organizations get free publicity in the process. We invite them to register with the   NDTnet Exhibition, and take advantage of our crawler, which indexes ALL pages of a site.

Here's how it works: Anyone can Submit A Site with its details immediately to the database, that means its done 'on the fly'. Notification of the new entry is then sent to the NDTnet Editor Board, who will verify that the site is a legitimate  NDT site and categorize it appropriately. Within days,  the NDT Crawler will  fetch  and index the site, thus providing full-text search capability. The crawler automatically re-indexes the entire site and verifies links as part of the weekly update process. That means no more "file not found."
Site owners can also submit changes to existing site listing. The Editor Board will check changes for errors before passing it along to the Database.

We hope that you are pleased with the new features on NDTnet. If you would like to see any other topic or changes on NDTnet please contact Rolf Diederichs rd@ndt.net.

You may try the new New Virtual Library

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