NDTnet - June 2000, Vol.5 No.6
Press Release

NDTnet Launches New NDT Exhibition


Over the years, the number of exhibitors has increased significantly, bringing about the need for a structure that incorporates and easy way for users to search for NDT products and services. NDTnet now features even more advanced database functions such as:

  • Automatic sign-up creates an exhibition stand on the fly.
  • Password protection lets exhibitors make changes and do routine maintenance.
  • The new stand offers more features for the same price.
  • Cross-referencing of showcases, articles, press releases and homepage topics.
  • Search of exhibitors' homepage.
  • Search form with multiple fields and different output options.
  • Search by list of keywords.
  • A Virtual World Map with locations of all exhibitors.
  • NDTnet Forum and Library highlights an icon with a link to the stand.
  • Targeted banner advertising

We hope that you are pleased with the new features of this exhibition. If you would like to see any other topic or changes please contact Rolf Diederichs rd@ndt.net. You may try the exhibition right now.

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