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December 2000

Defectoscopy 2000 A Good Start For The New Millenium
This Exhibition held 13-16 June in St. Petersburg became a remarkable event in the world of NDT in Russia.

Press Release- World Infrared Markets
These markets are poised for a new spurt of growth - according to a new in-depth report on the industry by Maxtech International.

UK's and Germany's Railway Safety is still in the spotlight.
The Hatfield disaster has raised a question mark over the safety of Britain's railway network. UK rail track conditions brings NDT into the picture. Hartmut Mehdorn, chief of the Deutschen Bahn AG, has empowered the German Rail Transportation Safety Board to discipline any employ who criticizes the safety of Deutschen Bahn AG. NDT.net remembers a similar situation with Deutsche Bahn in 1998 after we reported on the broken railway wheel.

Inspection of Risø Reactor DR3
In the period from May to September 2000, the FORCE Institute was required to prepare and perform an inspection of Risø’s nuclear research reactor. The assignment included development of two manipulators with various tools for the included inspection techniques. The inspection of the reactor as well as the analysis of the collected data was performed by the FORCE Institute. The fitness for purpose criteria, however, was the responsibility of Risø.
Force Institute Report - PDF file, 13.2 Mb on Non Destructive examination of Reactor DR-3. Reactor wall, Horisontal experimental tubes, Up- and Down comers.

P-scan 4 Lite
Compact, Battery Powered, Ultrasonic Inspection System by FORCE Institute

Panametrics' New Products for 2000
5077PR High Frequency Square Wave Pulser-Receiver, New 25DL PLUS Thickness Gage, EPOCH 4 - New Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and 25HPV Velocity/Thickness Gage.

DGZfP Homepage:
15th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing
ICNDT-Mitgliederversammlung am 15. und 19. Oktober in Rom
Vorstand und Mitgliederversammlung des EFNDT tagten in Rom
Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung im Eisenbahnwesen

November 2000

Standardized Electronic File Format Will Allow Global Viewing of Nondestructive Test Image Data
The development of a standardized electronic file format for worldwide viewing of digitally-transmitted nondestructive test results is the goal of a new subcommittee added to ASTM Committee E07 on Nondestructive Testing (NDT) in June.

ISONIC 2001: A Dream of the Future
This workstation available from Sonotron NDT works with a remote PC via a mobile phone and receiving text messages and instrument setting changes by return.

Karl Deutsch Digital US Flaw Detector ECHOGRAPH 1086
The ECHOGRAPH 1086 is recommended, when the test has to be carried out in full daylight or in a pitch-dark surrounding. more news

Infrared Imaging News
INFRARED IMAGING NEWS is a newsletter dedicated to providing the most up-to-date "insider's view" on the business and technology of Infrared Imaging, Infrared Thermography, Flirs and Infrared Microscopes in Industry, Medicine, Defense and Space.

DGZfP Homepage updated
Z.B.: Fachbeiträge der ZfP-Zeitung Nr. 70 (October)
Jochen W. Mußmann:
Zerstörungsfreie Schweißnahtprüfung im Rohrleitungsbau nach prEN 13480
Thomas Zweschper:
Zerstörungsfreie und berührungslose Charaktrisierung von Fügeverbindungen mittels Lockin Thermografie
B. Rockstroh, W. Kapps, F. Walte, H. Hintze, R. Ettlich, R. Seitz:
US-Radsatzprüfung an Fahrzeugen des Reiseverkehrs der DB
K. Kolb (F-GZP):
Was bringt uns und wozu zwingt uns die neue Norm DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025?

October 2000

Sonotron NDT Launches ISONIC 2001
For the first time ISONIC 2001 will be widely presented in Roma during 15th World Conference on Non Destructive Testing

Announcement of AEA Sonomatic BV
AEA Technology plc and AEA Sonomatic BV are pleased to announce that agreement has been reached on a Management Buy Out of AEA Sonomatic BV by its Managing Director, Jan Verkooijen.

Krautkramer News: DynaPOCKET
This handy and affordable hardness tester contains innovative technology to make your job easier. Conforms to ASTM Standard A-956-00.

What's New in NDT at YXLON
See our Automatic Tire X-ray Inspection System, new mobile X-ray system and our new CT products!

Acoustic Emission for Periodic Inspection of Composite Pressure Vessels
Contract Awarded to Physical Acoustics Corporation (PAC)

September 2000

CORDIS brought us News and Updates
- Fast film replacement system for high resolution x-ray
weld inspect ion with ultrasonic data fusion
- Development of an on-line ultrasonic rheological sensor
for non-invasive and non-destructive evaluation of dough

Introducing the Ls-25 Series of Industrial Ultrasonic Immersion Scanners
The LS-25 family features compact footprint-one meter square (10 sq ft) with ScanMaster market leading technology at an affordable price.

Computer-based training for NDT
Karta Technologies, Inc. has developed SANDE-TS (State of the Art Nondestructive Evaluation Training System) computer-based training for NDT for the US Dept. of Defense and it is now available for commercial businesses.

Innovative Acoustic Source Location and Identification Methods for Railroad Tank Car Testing
The Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has awarded to Physical Acoustics Corporation (PAC) an SBIR Phase II contract entitled "Innovative Acoustic Source Location and Identification Methods for Railroad Tank Car Testing."

CSSINFO has changed its name to Techstreet
We are proud to announce that on August 11, CSSINFO officially changed its name to Techstreet. Please visit us online at www.techstreet.com and read more about the name change.

M-News - the Plant Maintenance newsletter - Edition 10
Welcome to the tenth edition of M-News, a free newsletter on topics of interest to Maintenance professionals, brought to you by the Plant Maintenance Resource Center

Einweihung des neuen DGZfP Gebäudes
Am 4. Oktober 2000 wird das neue Kommunikations-, Informations- und Ausbildungszentrum der DGZfP im Wissenschafts- und Wirtschaftsstandort Berlin-Adlershof (WISTA) offiziell eingeweiht.

August 2000

CORDIS brought us News and Updates
Non-destructive positron-lifetime measurements during fatigue of stainless steel AISI 316L using a mobile positron beam

Calc_UT 1.03 - Shareware
The program was designed to assist with angle beam inspection calculations primarily in a lab type setting. It was written on a Windows 2000 workstation in Visual Basic 6.0 Professional, it also has been tested with Windows NT4.0 and Windows98.

LIZARD® EMA Wins Bond Pearce Award
Electromagnetic array technology (EMA) was initially developed to detect cracks on the structure of oilrigs, but its application has also been transferred to the rail and marine industries. http://www.lizard.co.uk/news/news.htm"> News Page

New 25 and 25HP Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gages
These handheld gages are important inspection tools that can improve product quality, reduce labor and material costs by making instant, accurate digital thickness measurements from one side of the test part (Panametrics Inc).

Concrete News [PDF file:1.4 MB]
Newsletter on concrete inspection and analysis from FORCE Institute No. 1 April 2000. In this issue: Smart Structures, In Situ Monitoring etc.

DGZfP-Ehrungen und Auszeichnungen 2000

July 2000

CORDIS brought us News and Updates
CORDIS is the European Community R&D Information Service.

CNDE News - Summer 2000
CNDE News is the newsletter for the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation at Iowa State University and is published twice yearly to provide information on the Center's research and activities.

June 2000

NDTnet Launches New NDT Exhibition - Introduction
New features with even more advanced database functions.

Agfa Agrees to Acquire Krautkramer
The Agfa-Gevaert Group (AGF), Mortsel/Belgium, and Emerson Electric Co., St. Louis, Missouri/USA, announced on April 24, 2000 that they have signed an agreement whereby Agfa will acquire the entire, worldwide Krautkramer Business from Emerson Electric Co., including Nukem Neutronics.

CORDIS brought us 104 !!! News and Updates
CORDIS is the European Community R&D Information Service.

Advanced Ultrasonic Technique and Equipment for Residual Stress Measurement
An Ultrasonic Computerized Complex (UCC) for residual stress measurement was developed recently in a joint project between Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc. from Toronto, Canada and the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

News for Standards Users from CSSinfo
CSSINFO is proud to announce a new partnership with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), instantly download nearly 12,000 ASTM standards. Also new are, e.g. Structural Welding Code for Steel (AWS) and API 579 Fitness-for-Service. Know the latest fitness-for-service assessment techniques for pressurized equipment in the refining and chemical process industries.

ASME News Online
ASME News Online is the electronic version of the ASME International's monthly newspaper. We hope you enjoy this online publication

Advanced Gauging Technology
Krautkramer recently introduced the patented TopCOAT technique that simultaneously measures coating thickness for equipment protection and base metal thickness for mechanical integrity. Significant time and money are saved by not having to remove and reapply the coating to take measurements.

Panametrics Product and Company News
Please find the latest news and updates at "What's New".

Physical Acoustics Corporation (PAC) announce the release of their new AE2A/AE5A Amplifier Systems
This second-generation series of AE Amplifiers is ideal for the budget-minded, experimentalist who wants to analyze and understand his/her AE application in order to be able to specify properly a higher level AE instrument.

Now...the digital breakthrough for weld inspection!
Mini MagSteer (tm) is the world's first automated digital radioscopic imaging system with the high resolution required for weld inspection in steel, aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel.

Derailed Train Explodes, Burns in Louisiana
A Cargo Train carrying hazardous chemicals exploded and caught fire on Saturday after more than two dozen train cars derailed. Officials have not yet discovered what caused the 30 cars to leave the tracks. NDTnet Archive: Railway News - Railway Articles

May 2000

CORDIS brought us the following updates:

YXLON International schließt Kooperationsvertrag mit HAPEG
YXLON International und HAPEG - Hattinger Prüf- und Entwicklungs- GmbH vereinbaren eine weitreichende Kooperation auf dem Zukunftssektor Computertomographie.

Defense Working Group on NDT
The Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing provides the only forum for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, and DLA/DCMC representatives to freely exchange information pertaining to nondestructive testing methods, equipment and applications.

1.4 MB PDF - Computer-Aided Tap Tester (CATT)
A Notebook PC with Microsoft Excel and CATT software creates image based -- “C-scans” reveal size and shape of flaw and damage, as well as normal substructures. Newsgroup Post by Sam Wormley.

The X-ray simulator (XRSIM) program
The program was designed and developed at Iowa State University's CNDE. The program simulates radiographic inspections using a computer aided design (CAD) model of a part to produce physically accurate simulated x-ray radiographic images.

A New Code of Practice for Remote Field Testing (RFT)
A new ASTM standard practice for RFT—for which R.T.Co. were primary authors—is due out soon.

Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung Stellenausschreibung
Für die Leitung der Fachgruppen "Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung und Charakterisierung; Strahlenverfahren" und "Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung; akustische und elektrische Verfahren" in Berlin-Steglitz suchen wir ...

April 2000

NDTnet Launches New Virtual Library
World Biggest NDT Resource!

Inspecting Welds for Creep Damage
AEA Technology Engineering Services, Inc. has recently completed inspection and project management at a series of electricity generating stations for a major US utility.

UT of Thin Welds and Friction Stir Welds
Ultrasonic phased array technology was chosen over standard ultrasonic inspection technology as it has proven to be very efficient in the inspection of FSW. (R/D Tech)

Canspec announce the acquisition of Russell Technologies
Canspec Group Inc. provides materials testing, nondestructive testing and related services to the leading industrial concerns of Canada, and throughout the world.

Brochure of Automated Ultrasonic Imaging Systems
Conam's versatile ultrasonic imaging systems integrate microprocessor technology with nondestructive testing techniques.

Software for Computational Methods in Ultrasonics
CyberLogic's software package, named Wave2000, is now available and should be of use to engineers and researchers involved in several ultrasound fields, such as materials evaluation, flaw detection and imaging.

Uncovering hidden corrosion
New Ultrasonic tool offers safer inspection at pipe supports (Shell global Solutions)

SONIC IR - Breaking News!
Sonic excitation (~20kHz) of a part causes the interfaces of cracks in the part to rub against each other, thereby establishing a localized source of heat at the position(s) of the crack(s), delamination(s), "kissing" disbond(s), void(s), etc.. QuickTime movies illustrate the application of the technique. ( Thermal Wave Imaging Group, IMR)

March 2000

Alaska Airlines Boeing MD-83 Accident (Forum Discussion)
NDT of Gimbal nut and jackscrew: "Perform a general visual inspection of the lubricating grease on the jackscrew assembly and the area directly below the jackscrew and surrounding areas for the presence of metal shavings and flakes." Written in a FAA Emergency Airworthiness Directive released at February 11, 2000.

Brittle-Like Cracking in Plastic Pipe for Gas Service
The National Transportation Safety Board notes that a number of pipeline accidents it has investigated have involved plastic piping that cracked in a brittle-like manner.

British Airways NDT Chooses ISONIC
Bond Testing and Mapping System for Concorde's Flying Surfaces (Sonotron NDT).

Ultrasonic Inspection and Mapping of Internal Glass Coating in Reservoirs and Reactors
A new technique was created to implement ultrasonic inspection of glass coating while scanning from outside with true to scale mapping of testing integrity and defects (Sonotron NDT).

ONYX - Ultra small ultrasonic equipment
This box transforms immediately your PC (standard, note book, etc..) in a high performances ultrasonic equipment (Lecoeur Electronique).

Siemens/KWU founds independent company for NDT [D]
The Siemens Power Generation Group (KWU) has founded an independent company for the non-destructive testing of components in nuclear power plants and other branches of industry. Effective March 1, 2000, Siemens Non-Destructive Testing GmbH & Co. KG (Siemens NDT).

ASNT and RWTUV Agreement
The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), Columbus, Ohio, USA, and Rheinisch-Westfalischer Technischer Uberwachungsverein (RWTUV), Essen, Germany, have entered into an agreement to offer NDT personnel certifications

Cordis Database RAPIDUS brought us the following updates:
- DCN (Direction des constructions navales)
- Université de Liège
- DRB Materials Technology
- Ultrasonic and Resistive Hydrogen sensors for ...
- Fatigue Resistant Silicon Nitride Ceramics ...

An intelligent crawler that travels on the outside of pipelines...
The MagSteer intelligent crawler system is ideally suited for inspecting insulated or un-insulated pipelines for internal or external corrosion. The MagSteer is designed to carry an X-ray or Gamma source. (Envision)

Advanced Inspection Software Solutions
QED supplies inspection and training software to Owners, NDT Companies and Technicians.

Current Jobs/ Search Results
- Materials Testing and Quality Engineering

Rail & Trucking
High Speed Rail Track Condition Monitoring Sensors and ...
Laser-Based Ultrasonic Sensors for Detection of Rail Defects.

New DGZfP Fachbeiträge as PDF files
- Zur Prüfsicherheit der ZfP -Einfluß der Fehlerneigung bei Ultraschall-Tandemprüfung
Ultraschall-Array-Technik für industrielle Anwendungen

February 2000

ICE Train Accident in Eschede - Recent News Summary
A cracking inside the ring of the wheel was responsible. According to the experts such wheels are subject to annual testing for inner and middle zone cracks.
- Staatsanwaltschaft zum Unfall des ICE 884 in Eschede
- Deutsche Bahn - Erklärung zum Eschede Gutachten
- A Workshop focuses on Risks and includes the Eschede Railway Accident!

6. Feb: In coincidence - Another tragic accident happened in Germany.
CNN: Train derails in Germany, killing at least 9 - Also in Yahoo News.
No NDT involved, even though the accident raises more questions about railway safety in Germany. NEWS ARCHIVE: Related News

Magnetgeräteträger Geccoscan - Schnelle und Kostengünstige Inspektion von Großbehältern -
Die MPV Meß- und Prüftechnik Vogt GmbH, Großburgwedel setzt seit einiger Zeit ihren Magnetgeräteträger GECCOscan bei der Inspektion von Großbehältern ein.

Cordis Database RAPIDUS brought us the following updates:
- The bonding of steel with polymer
- Ultrasonic system to improve steel slab quality
- Weiterentwicklung einer laser-Ultraschall-Mess-und-prufeinrichtung ...
- Contactless ultrasonic inspection techniques by laser
- Eddy-current rotating field sensors

Train Rail Inspection System
ScanMaster Systems recently completed the installation of a rail inspection system for Israel Railways Ltd. The same technology has been used for a high-speed PC-based system that was installed by ScanMaster in Germany for the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

News Releases from Physical Acoustics Corporation (PAC)
- Richard E. Kazares Appointed New GM of PAC's Ultrasonic Systems Division
- Scanning Systems International (SSI) Merges with PAC
- Continuous Health Monitoring of Composite Structures Contract Awarded to PAC

SMS appointed a new Board of Directors
Structural Monitoring Systems Ltd. delivers Advanced On-line Structural Monitoring and Warning Systems.

January 2000

NDTnet and the WCNDT 2000 signed a joint venture agreement
The WCNDT 2000 Proceedings will be provided as a CD-ROM and on the Internet. You may read also the Personal comment by Rolf Diederichs

Scope of Products and Applications
of RTE Akustik + Prüftechnik GmbH

Cordis Database RAPIDUS brought us the following updates:
- Assessment of Quality of Power Beam Weld Joints ASPOW
- Measurement of reduced gaps in stacked structures by tangential radiography

Maxtech International Moves to New Address

Noise Suppressor II - Suppresses Noise and Enhances Weak Signals
An add-on unit to ultrasonic pulser/receivers and flaw detectors. The unit can be set to either suppress noise (spikes or background) or to increase the signal/noise ratio of weak desirable signals, or both (SLX, Inc.).