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IXTREM Record Control Number : 54841 Quality Validation Date : 2000-12-12 Update Date : 2000-12-13 Name : IXTREM Address : 9, rue E.D Baldus City : Chalon-sur-saône PostCode : 71100 Country : FRANCE Type : Research Number of Employees : 10 - 49 Subject Details : Ixtrem is a research company highly specialized in non destructivetesting and measurement. They have developed non contacting innovative technique based on electromagnetic and ultrasonic technology like ultrasound laser generation and reception by EMAT (electromagnetic acoustic transducer) and/or other eddy current technologies mixing different kind of electromagnetic technologies and sensors. Collaboration Title : Innovative electromagnetic NDT technique, sensors and instrumentation Type Details : Project : NDT method, instrumentation and sensors for detection of surface and deep defects including corrosions on steel structure without contact e.g. hydrocarbon storage tanks, insulated pipes, buried pipeline, welded structure,reinforced steel bars in concrete structure. Objectives : The proposed research will address the following technical objective : · Development of innovative NDT technologies able to be performed on steel structure without surface preparation (e.g. painted structure) , or without taking out the insulation. · Development of air coupled ultrasonic technologies for testing moving pieces, hot components... · Development of new self-acting NDT equipment to replace manual NDT inspection by magnetic particle inspection and/or penetrant testing (NDT on production line) . · Development of software packages for data acquisition and imaging. Programme : GROWTH Partners Aquired : SME : 1 French SMERDT Performers : Ixtrem will act as RDT performer Validity Date : 2001-11-09 Target Partner Expertise : a) Steel manufacturer, foundries, forging industries, NDT service SME's companies having the need to use fast and accurate technologies to detect corrosion and more generally defect on component and/or constructionand civil infrastructure b) RTD partners able to offer complementary products and/or technologies to finalize the Craft project. Country : EUROPEAN UNION Contact Person Name : MIRANDA, carole Network : SME National Contact Point Organisation : ANRT Address : 41 boulevard des capucines City : paris Region : ÎLE DE FRANCE Paris Country : FRANCE PostCode : 75002 Telephone : +33-1553-52570 Fax : +33-1553-52555 Contact Org. URL : http://www.anrt.asso.fr/Europe Electronic Mail : inno-pme@anrt.asso.fr

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