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December 2001

New NDT Products
US Ultratek, Inc. has just released a series of new products and a completely redesigned web site

Automated Thermal NDT System
Computerized Thermal Imaging Inc. Ships Alstom of Lincoln, UK, First-of-its-Kind Turbine Blade Inspection System.

Why Airbus components separated in flight?
The NTSB released an updated information on its investigation of the November 12 crash of American Airlines flight 587 in Belle Harbor, New York. Composite experts visually examined the tail structure - made of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy. (Photos). An Emergency Airworthiness Directive defines a detailed visual inspection as: "An intensive visual examination of a specific structural area, system, installation, or assembly to detect damage, failure, or irregularity.

The DGZfP Homepage has been updated
Z.B.: Gründung des DGZfP-Fachausschusses ZfP im Eisenbahnwesen

November 2001

Emergency Airworthiness Directive
The FAA considers that, before structural failure, it may be possible to detect indications of possible failure modes that could result in separation of the vertical stabilizer from the airplane.

October 2001

Sonotron NDT launches new encoder-free ultrasonic testing and recording unit
Enhanced Signal Analysis, Encoder-Free Recording of the Timed.

Dr. Hiss Fluid Leak Detector Joins the Dr. X Family of Sensors
Netexpress USA announced the release of the Dr. Hiss Fluid Leak Detector as part of the Dr. X family of bolt-on sensors.

Advanced Industrial Tomograph for baggage control
This information has been delivered from the Cordis Partner Database.

High Temperature Inspection Validated
Sonovation has successfully completed a repeat inspection at a weld surface temperature of 435 C°. The TOFD inspection involved a weld in a chemical reactor, connecting a shell of 240 mm to a dome of 180 mm wall thickness.

Streaming NDT Video
QED significantly upgraded its web site. New features include a LIBRARY of support videos and documents, and a forum for USER DISCUSSION and BUG REPORTS, etc.

What has been posted to the Newsgroup?
e.g. An Anomalous Acoustoelectric Effect

September 2001

Schweißnahtprüfung: Ein Schuss genügt
Ein neues portables Röntgengerät vereinfacht die Prüfung von dickwandigen Schweißnähten im Rohrleitungs- und Pipeline-Bau. Mit nur einer Aufnahme kann ein 360 Grad-Bild der Prüfregion erzeugt werden (YXLON Hamburg).

Schweißnahtprüfung: Live-Bilder von der Naht
Schweißnähte können künftig per Röntgen in Echtzeit (Radioskopie) geprüft werden. Wegen der hohen Anforderungen an die Bildgüte blieb dieser Bereich bislang der klassischen Röntgentechnik (Radiographie) vorbehalten (YXLON Hamburg).

NDT Training On-Line with Videos
QED is now offering a bundled training course

Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing
The Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing provides the only forum for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, DLA, and DCMA representatives to freely exchange information pertaining to nondestructive testing methods, equipment and applications.

NDT Reference Standards
We received this information as email to "NDT Colleague".

MicroPatent is pleased to announce new Patent Search Features
Visit MicroPatent's PatentWeb to learn the latest developments.

Interactive Vibration Buyers Guide on CD-ROM
Reliabilityweb.com is offering an new Interactive Vibration Buyers Guide on CD-ROM.

August 2001

Walk on the Congrès Cofrend 2001 Exhibition

About 55 companies presented their products.

Cordis Database News:

Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer Selected as Equipment of Choice For NDT Applications
Following extensive integration lab examinations and field testing for image quality and reliability, the Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer has been selected by MedTel Systems, Inc., a primary distributor of integrated products for the NDT market, as its equipment of choice for users demanding the highest image quality for non-destructive testing applications.

July 2001

Cordis Database News:

R/D Tech acquires Westinghouse probe manufacturing group
R/D Tech, Inc has announced that it has acquired the assets of Westinghouse's probe group, also formerly known as Echoram.

The latest issue of Tektrend's newsletter is now available
These issues are intended to be informative and they are a means of keeping you abreast of current applications, products and company news.

Panametrics Product and Company News
Magnetostrictive Transducers, Digital Caliper Input for Sound Velocity Gage, Rubber Protective Case/Stand for the 36DL PLUS, 25DLPLUS, & Magna-Mike.

Physical Acoustics Corporation (PAC) and Pipeline Technologies, Inc. (PTI) Team Up to Provide Acoustic Emission Technology for Testing Water Pipelines
The alliance will provide PTI with additional technology, products/services for PTI and make use of MISTRAS Holdings Group's international presence to introduce PTI's patented acoustic technology for PCCP water pipelines.

MISTRAS Holdings Group and AllTranstek Announce Strategic Alliance
The combined efforts will represent one of the most complete consulting and NDT inspection programs available to the industry.

CNDE News - Summer 2001
CNDE News is the newsletter for the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation at Iowa State University and is published twice yearly to provide information on the Center's research and activities.

The Google Newsgroup Search have been improved
Google's Usenetis in the process of adding Deja.com's Usenet archive.

Ultrasonic PHASED ARRAY Technology
This topic was posted to the Newsgroup by Xavier Gros

June 2001

Cordis Database News:

Highlights at Krautkramer Homepage
New USM Series Portable Flaw Detectors, New DMS2 Thickness Gauge with TopCOAT and New DynaPOCKET Portable Hardness.

Panametrics Product and Company News
NEW 200+ MHz High Frequency Transducers, NEW: Dual Element Probes for Corrosion Thickness Gages and Flaw Detectors and more .....

May 2001

In-service non-destructive monitoring of industrial structures by new Acoustic Emission technology
By CORDIS, the European Community R&D Information Service.

Competence in Testing and Examination Technology Is Now Spelled - intelligeNDT
As Siemens NDT we offered you intelligent system solutions and services. We've now changed our name, but our expertise, incorporating over 25 years of experience in the field of non-destructive testing, remains the same.

Local High-Tech Firm Ensuring Safety In Space
Tektrend is pleased to confirm that the recently installed Canadarm2 was inspected using Tektrend equipment prior to the arm’s historic launch.

Dr. Juergen Klicker Joins YXLON
As part of the restructuring of YXLON International Inc., Dr. Juergen Klicker has joined us as President and CEO succeeding Mr. Charles Gilmore.

Brennflecknorm EN 12543-1
Von der Brennfleck-Norm EN 12543 könnten Kunden im Bereich des industriellen Röntgens profitieren. Weil damit mehr Markttransparenz und eine Vergleichbarkeit der Produkte erreicht wird. Doch bislang hat lediglich ein Unternehmen diese Norm umgesetzt.

Die Literaturschau ZfP geht ONLINE
Die Online-Literaturschau enthält mehr als 45.000 Literaturhinweise mit aussagekräftigen Inhaltsangaben über weltweite Veröffentlichungen der letzten 10 Jahre in der zerstörungsfreien Materialprüfung. Die Datenbank wird monatlich aktualisiert. Die Recherche ist für alle Nutzer kostenfrei. Für weitere DGZfP News siehe die DGZfP Homepage


Market Study on NDT
A new study on the European market for Non-Destructive Testing planned in 2001.

New CORDIS NDT Projects
-Signal Processing for Improved Qualification for Non-destructive testing of Ageing Reactors
-Evaluation of non destructive testing techniques for monitoring of material degradation

More Trains Derailing, Records Show
The number of railroad industry inspectors has been reduced. Poorly maintained track and inadequate inspections have been found. The vast majority of track defects detected during the audit could have been detected and repaired with better track inspection and track maintenance practices.

Tektrend's March 01 Newsletter
This quarterly Newsletter provides information of current applications, products and company news.

Nondestructive Evaluation Training System (SANDE-TS)
An easy-to-use Multimedia software application that combines text, graphics, audio, video, and animation to provide critical instrumentation on NDE methods and related topics.

March 2001

WheelScan LT takes to the F1 track!
WheelScan LT from Hocking is an extremely cost effective inspection system designed to test for faults and corrosion in objects such as aircraft and motor sport wheels.

Optical Sensors (Optical Fibres for Light Transmission)
Results Database News by The European Community R&D Information Service (CORDIS).

CSNDT and the NDE Institute have amalgamated to form the Canadian Institute for NDE

CSM Materialteknik of Sweden Awards Contract to Bright Technical Services Inc.

NDT.net produces the CD-ROM & Internet Proceedings of the DGZfP May 2001 Conference.

Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Ewert wurde zum neuen Leiter der Fachgruppe VIII.3 der BAM, Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung und Charakterisierung; radiologische Verfahren, ernannt. Dr. Anton Erhard ist designierter Nachfolger von Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Wüstenberg

ZfP-Zeitung Feb 2001 launched the DGZfP Homepage
Full-text is partially avilable in German

February 2001

New Low Attenuation Dry Couplant Elastomer - Rights for Sale
Materials Research Institute is offering for sale, the rights to the dry couplant elastomer described in Ultrasonic Properties of a "New Low Attenuation Dry Couplant Elastomer"

A Complete Ultrasonic Basin
Tektrend’s Lab-sized CUB (Complete Ultrasonic Basin) is designed specifically for use in a laboratory environment.

Rotation Ultrasonic Bar Testing without Rotation
Ultrasonic Bar Testing without Rotation For the production of injection nozzles for passenger cars, very high quality requirements of the used bar material are mandatory.

Nondestructive In-Line Inspection Procedures
As a leader in the field of nondestructive testing, Tektrend has developed integrated, automated inspection systems for use in industrial environments.

ASNT's International Committee has been discharged.
Its diverse activities will be incorporated within the existing structure of the Councils of ASNT.

January 2001

New Leak Detection Portal Launched
LeakZone.com announced the opening of its' Internet portal that is focused on industrial leak detection technology products, services, events and news.

Cordis Partner Database
Collaboration in the field of Innovative electromagnetic NDT technique, sensors and instrumentation

Krautkramer News: DMS2 Thickness Gauge with TopCOAT
The DMS 2 is a new generation Digital Thickness Gauge / Data Recorder. Its innovative rugged design makes it the most durable and dependable instrument of its kind.

Vallen-Systeme News: Converter for DTA-files available!!
Customer says he saved more than 30 hours of analysis by using Vallen software to find an active source! Click the upper link to read more about the new DTA-file converter.

Welcome to the ISO Resource Center
Techstreet's ISO Resource Center offers a concise explanation of the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards, from their development to the recent release of the Year 2000 revisions of ISO 9000. Plus links to all the specs and related products.

NTIAC Newsletters
NTIAC routinely publishes its newsletters on its web site as part of its service to the NDT community. This page shows the highlights of our most current edition, available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Archives of our newsletters from previous years are also available in their entirety online.

Röntgen Technische Dienst bv (RTD) - took over Lastechnisch Adviesbureau Harry Kamphuis BV.
The acquisition also broadens Stork's and RTD's position in the growing market for specialist services in destructive and non-destructive testing.

The British Institute of NDT Certification Services Division
A number of key PCN documents have recently been revised and re-issued in order to comply with the latest revision of EN 473 and ISO 9712, and are now published for distribution. These documents can be obtained HERE.

DGZfP: ZfP-Zeitung Nr. 72 (Dezember)
Christiane Maierhofer:
Radaranwendungen im Bauwesen
Neuerscheinungen und Neuauflagen bei der DGZfP