NDTnet - July 2003, Vol.8 No.7

Agfa NDT's UT magazine, Echo 39

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Krautkramer ultrasonic instruments and systems for differ- ent test applications in the automotive industry,railways, chemical industry and power plants

Published by:
Agfa NDT GmbH
Krautkramer Ultrasonic Systems
Robert-Bosch-Str.3 •D-50354 Hürth
P.O.Box 1363 •D-50330 Hürth
Tel.:+49 (0)22 33-6 01 0
Fax:+49 (0)22 33-6 01 4 02

Within the Agfa Business Group NDT ,Krautkramer Ultrasonic Systems is the partner for ultrasonic testing,and from this field presents products and solutions in echo 39 .

Editorial team
Paul Buschke
Ulrich Huhn
Wolf-Dietrich Kleinert
Brigitte Krause
Harald Neuhaus
Monika Reuter

Other authors from Agfa NDT/Krautkramer
M.Berke,J.Büchler,Dr.S.Frank,W.Hansen, P.Renzel,Dr.W.Roye,U.Schlengermann, S.Schulz,J.Wagner

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Testing Today
•Automotive Industry

  Welded together with he automotive industry
  “We are going to change completely to ultrasonics ”
  More topics for ultrasonics
  Showing one ’s teeth
  Safety at sound velocity
  Long life for camshafts
  More than a transient success
  Clear run with the SPG 2
  Safely on track
  Railway companies bet on ultrasonics
•Chemical Industry and Power Plants
  Simplified test data management
  For mining and chemical industry
  High acoustic energy in the low-frequency range
  Quick on-site determination of hardness curves

Product Information
  TIV –Through-Indenter Viewing
  USM 25 –the crackerjack among the “small ones ”
  A good combination –testing of forgings and the USN 60
  Ultrasonic testing with conventional analog technology
  The mobile ultrasonic scanner

Reports and Opinions
  A round performance
  Application-related assessment of ultrasonic probes
  Curing check
  BÖHLER:A further step in the direction of the “Zero Flaw ”theory

Echo Pulses
  Thank you for letting us know your opinion
  Ford award to Agfa NDT/Krautkramer
  From us to you thanks to you
  Vivid initial and continuing training
  Software lives.We care for it.
  High test speed by digital performance
  Further advancements for spot weld testing
  Walrus blubber thickness by ultrasound

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