NDTnet - Oct 2003, Vol.8 No.10

R/D Tech Launches the New 2003-2004 Edition of its Probe Catalog for Tube Inspection and Steam Generator Applications for the Non-Destructive Testing Market

QUÉBEC, CANADA, September 15, 2003. - R/D Tech inc. introduces its new 2003-2004 Probe Catalog for Tube inspection and Steam Generator applications for the Non-Destructive Testing Market.

It provides information on two different probe product lines:

  1. Probes for tube inspection using the following techniques: eddy current, remote field, magnetic flux leakage, and IRIS (internal rotating inspection system).
  2. Probes for steam generator inspection using eddy current, eddy current arrays and ultrasound technologies.

This catalog was designed for easy consultation by everyone, thanks to:

  • Retrieval tools, such as a table of contents, probe families, and small identification markers in the corner of each page, which identify the probe family code
  • A section that describes the R/D Tech probe warranty and how to place an order
  • A description of the numbering system used to order probes
  • Information tables that help you select the most appropriate test technology and probe family according to the material type to inspect and the application
  • Probe pages including a picture, a short description of the probe, and a probe numbering table that lists the available product configurations

Take advantage of this useful document to identify your probe needs and facilitate your selection. Order it now!

To order it, go to the R/D Tech web site at http://www.rd-tech.com/a/probecatalog.html, fill in the electronic form and send it to us.

R/D Tech designs and manufactures eddy current and ultrasound test systems for manual and automated nondestructive testing. These systems are used in many fields of application, in particular for the analysis of defects caused by welding, extrusion, and casting, as well as wear and corrosion. Its broad field of activity includes hydroelectric and thermonuclear power plants, oil refineries, pipelines, aerospace and automobile industries, and all industries producing homogeneous and composite metal structures.

R/D Tech is a privately owned company. Its headquarters are located in Québec, Canada. It has offices in the United-States, France, and Japan, and has sales representatives in more than twenty countries.

For more information, contact:

Guy Fournier
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