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BRENTWOOD, N.H., January 5, 2004 . Array Corporation USA (Brentwood, N.H.), marketers of the Array 2905 HD heavy-duty Laser Film Digitizer, today announced a strategic Authorized Distribution Agreement with FujiFilm Medical Systems (Stamford, Conn.), a world leader in CR Systems. The agreement provides Fuji the ability to offer a portal for existing radiographs into the digital world by marketing the Array 2905 HD to its industrial clients now incorporating digital technologies into their NDT/NDE programs. These clients range from leaders in testing and aerospace engineering to the Armed Forces and emerging technologies companies. Those with a need to increase analytical power and utility by bridging historical image reference files with sophisticated CR applications can accomplish this efficiency by digitizing all relevant priors using a quick, high-quality, professional-grade film digitizer, now available from Fuji.

States Doug Hackradt, national sales manager for FujiFilm Medical Systems, "Fuji provides the absolute best CR images in the world and insists on doing the same with its digitized images. We conducted in-depth research for a digitizer partner and determined that Array is the best possible vender for providing high-quality digitized images for complimenting Fuji CR applications."

Fuji is the market leader in CR with more than 18,000 systems installed worldwide, producing more than 1.5 million images per day, featuring clinically proven technology and images known as the industry's gold standard for digital X-ray. "As with CR, Fuji's aim is not to be the cheapest, but the best, a strategy evident in our choice of the Array 2905 HD," Hackradt asserts.

States Thomas J. Nardozzi, president of Array Corporation USA, "We are pleased to have an ongoing relationship with Fuji, a well-known, respected organization and world leader in CR - and now an authorized distributor of Array's imaging products, bundled into Fuji system solutions. Fuji's use of our 2905 HD scanner is a natural adjunct to its product offerings for the NDT marketplace, and we are happy to have this successful marketing relationship."

The best possible density range classifications achievable for a laser film digitizer were attained by the Array 2905 HD in a recent test by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing of Berlin, Germany. The report - which hails the Array 2905 as "an impressive step forward compared with other scanners" - can be viewed at www.arrayusa.com/BAMNDTEvaluation.htm.

The Array 2905 HD's quick scan time (2K resolution in 7 seconds) is also key to productivity, as is its ability to accommodate different film lengths (scanning 14x17 film at 50 micrometer pixel spacing) and automatically feed up to 100 films loaded at once.

Productivity is further enhanced with a variable sampling pitch (the Array 2905 changes spot size from 50 microns to 500 microns in one micron steps) that covers all possible uses for film digitization. Highly efficient image distribution and retrieval are attained with user selectable scan options and easy integration with popular viewing and archival software. Array's 2905 Laser Film Digitizer is built with an all-steel chassis and sturdy metal housing, not low-cost, lightweight plastic. In addition, the 2905 is fifth generation technology from a company (parent Array Corporation of Tokyo) that wields four decades of proven excellence in medical and scientific/industrial image processing solutions.

Since its establishment in the U.S. in 1998, Array Corporation USA has cultivated a broad, nationwide network of validated vendors, authorized sales and service distributorships and direct end user clients. The company provides technically superior solutions for capturing and communicating image data for non-destructive test engineering and medical applications. In addition to the Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer, Array Corporation USA also markets the DICOM Pro series of legacy modality gateways and print servers, and other DICOM-conformant PACS and peripheral imaging products.

For more information about Array products, services and imaging solutions, see www.arrayusa.com, call toll-free at (866) 680-7500, or write to Array Corporation USA, 46 Fellows Road, Brentwood, N.H. 03833.

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