NDT.net Mar 2004, Vol. 9 No.03


BRENTWOOD, NH - A faster, less expensive and more accurate way to store and/or transport digitized X-ray images is available from Array Corporation USA, which today introduced the high performance, economically priced DICOM 3.0 compliant CD burner option for its popular Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer. Images transferred to the direct-attached CD system are printed and available faster (just minutes) compared to older contact duplication methods, and are scanned at the highest quality at just a fraction of the cost. Patients walk away with a compact, secure, inexpensive and long-lasting record to submit to referring doctors.

Further increasing the functionality and versatility of the Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer, the new FilmXTM CD Cam5i system -- manufactured by Sorna Corporation of Rosemount, Minn. – is bundled with the Array Viewer and extensive image handling tools, allowing easy-to-use image viewing and manipulation on any PC.

Array’s new medical-quality CD burner option is designed for light duty use by radiology imaging centers; hospital radiology departments; outpatient clinics; orthopedic, ob/gyn and sports medicine practices; and wherever the high-end Array 2905 scanning system is used to digitize film.

The stand-alone, fully automated burner has network server software that receives DICOM files from the Array 2905 then transfers these files according to DICOM Exchange standards for automatic burning onto one or more CDs. If a study exceeds the capacity of a single disc, the system automatically creates and labels the additional CDs required without any user intervention.

“Sorna has mastered the ability to capture and distribute radiology examination images without film, in a simple yet powerful way,” states Tom Nardozzi, president of Array Corporation USA. “We’re proud to offer Array customers this advanced CD option, which we see as a natural extension of the film digitization process.”

Nardozzi underscores that the optional unit does not change the way Array users do business, just upgrades the film medium to the more progressive CD methodology.

Cyrus Samari, vice president of sales and marketing for Sorna Corporation, comments, “Medical facilities using the high-end Array 2905 will reduce film costs significantly with this advanced CD option, while patients benefit by quick copies on a small footprint. Referring physicians enjoy minimized patient data storage space, as well as the powerful image manipulation tools embedded in the CDs.”

In addition, facilities can incorporate logos, photographs, medical graphics, promotional copy and more on customized CD labels with the 2400dpi color inkjet printer and disc label design software, included in Array’s new CD burner offering.

For more information about Sorna Corporation, a privately held designer and manufacturer of DICOM-compatible equipment, see www.sorna.com, or call (800) 741-0514.

For more information about Array products, services and imaging solutions –which include the Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer, DICOM Pro series of legacy modality gateways and print servers, and other DICOM-conformant PACS and peripheral imaging products -- please visit www.arrayusa.com, call (866) 680-7500, or email Tom Nardozzi at tnardozzi@arrayusa.com.

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