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------------------------------------------------------------------- Technology and system for ultrasonic inspection and monitoring of building structures Record Control Number : 31440 Quality Validation Date : 2004-01-09 Update Date : 2004-01-29 Abstract : An Israeli SME has developed a new ultrasonic system for inspection of building structures. The system detects non-invasively weak points in the construction, estimates foundation degradation velocity, predicts the structure behaviour under severe conditions and reduces expenditures for building maintenance and renovations. They are searching for financial resources and joint venture for further development, manufacturing and marketing the system. Current technologies on the market are incapable of predicting the severity status of degradation in a building structure: some of them are applicable only in laboratory conditions, in principle; others provide only integral characteristics (average values of parameters) or are very expensive. The new technology is based on analysis of the propagation of elastic waves in heterogeneous materials. The system includes proprietary probes or sensors, automatic data acquisition software, a signal processing expert system and a database for storage of inspection information. The technology supplies vertical and horizontal section images of the stress concentration within the building structure. The weak points (high stress concentration) of construction and the building structure flaws (cracks etc.) are revealed by 3D mapping of various factors related to the stress and flaws in the structure of heterogeneous materials. The weak points might be dangerous to the integrity of the structure concerning future load conditions. Information about corrosion in reinforced concrete structures or stress characteristics of water-submerged foundations is also available. The system supplies data for predicting a construction's reliability under severe conditions; it is capable to detect characteristics of water-submerged construction including foundation swelling and degrees of softening of the waterlogged concrete, caused by interaction with underground waters. The system evaluates the ability of concrete and other building structures to remain stable under present and future loads. It evaluates quantitatively the degradation velocity of building foundation. All this information enables early reinforcement of constructions with minimal expenditures. The end-users may be buildings maintenance companies, municipalities, building contractors, civil engineering consultants, producers of prefabricated concrete structures and parts, etc. Main Advantages: 1. Detection of the location of weak points in a building construction by non-invasive technology. 2. Evaluation of the foundations degradation velocity caused by its interaction with underground water. 3. Prediction of the structure behaviour under severe conditions. 4. Cost-effectiveness: substantial decrease in expenditures for building structure maintenance and renovation. Innovative Aspects : Novel system and novel technology allowing: a) Mapping the values of stress concentration factors in building construction b) Creation of 3D images of flaws c) Monitoring and diagnostics of various characteristics of water submerged foundations d) Evaluation of the concrete swelling and softening Subject Descriptors : Corrosion, Protection technologies, Remote sensing, Civil engineering Subject Index Codes : Materials Technology, Environmental Protection, Telecommunications, Construction Technology Subject Class : Energy, Environment, IT, telecommunications, Materials, industrial manufacturing technologies Market Applications : Manufacturing technologies, Construction industry, Manufacturing control systems Stage of Development : Experimental development stage (laboratory prototype) Remarks : IRC Data: MAIzvipse Property Rights : Secret know-how Collaboration Sought : Joint venture agreement, Financial support Collaboration Detail : - Type of partner sought: Industry; construction services providers. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Specialists in civil/building engineering; building maintenance companies; producers of pre-fabricated ferro-concrete structures and parts. - Task to be performed: Co-operation in joint venture to further development, producing and marketing the proposed system. Contact Details Contact Name : GRINBERG-FEDOTOVA, Marianna Contact Organisation : MAI, Manufacturers Association of Israel Address : Industry House 29 Hamered St. P.O. Box 50022 City : Tel Aviv Region : ISRAEL Postcode : 61500 Country : ISRAEL Telephone Number : +972-03-5198747 Fax Number : +972-03-5198770 Electronic Mailbox : marianna@industry.org.il -------------------------------------------------------------------

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