NDT.net September 2004, Vol. 9 No.09

GE Inspection Technologies Opens China Application Center in Shanghai

Shanghai, China; Huerth, Germany, August 9, 2004:
GE Inspection Technologies announced today that it will open its China Application Center on Aug. 9, 2004. Located in Shanghai, China, the new center will serve all of Asia and bring to eight the number of GE Application Centers operating globally.

Located within the GE China Technology Center in Shanghai, the China Application Center capabilities include world-class expertise in inspection modalities including both digital and film X-ray, ultrasonic and eddy current. The new Application Center also has the capability to design and manufacture ultrasonic transducers on site.

“The China Application Center offers full digital and film X-ray, ultrasonic and eddy current capabilities for demonstrations and to investigate a wide range of components customers send to us,” said Jeff Nagel, president of GE Inspection Technologies. “We also can offer comprehensive application documentation in Chinese from all of our Application Centers. That means a successful application solution developed in Germany, for example, will be available in the native language at the China Application Center.”

Opening ceremonies for the China Application Center will include facility tours and presentations by non-destructive testing (NDT) industry leaders including the president of the China NDT Society, Yongchang Xu. GE Inspection Technologies product specialists also will give technical presentations and demonstrations of the multi-modal inspection capabilities the China Application Center offers.

GE Inspection Technologies Application Centers are worldwide learning organizations that quickly solve customer-specific inspection problems. GE provides the world’s most extensive array of inspection and non-destructive testing solutions. Its Application Centers have some of the world’s most knowledgeable NDT specialists with expertise in inspection modalities including both digital and film x-ray, ultrasonic and eddy current.

The Application Centers are staffed by global inspection specialists who have applied their expertise in many different industries around the globe, from aerospace to power companies, from automotive to petrochemical. They’re able to provide solutions quicker and more cost effectively thanks to a shared, online database of global applications. An application developed and applied for a customer in one location also can be made available for a customer in another part of the world.

Additionally, GE is able to combine solutions for a particular application problem. Complex problems may call for more than one modality. GE global inspection specialists can recommend solutions that overlay each other, ensuring the best solution when necessary.

GE’s Application Centers are located in key industrial business centers in order to be close to their customers. With eight locations in North America, Europe and Asia, GE is able to locally apply non-destructive testing solutions. Application Centers now are located in China, Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

About GE Inspection Technologies GE Inspection Technologies is a global leader in technology-driven inspection solutions that deliver productivity, quality and safety for our customers. The company designs, manufactures and services radiography, ultrasound and eddy current systems to test materials without deforming or damaging them. The company's solutions span a large set of industries, including aerospace, energy, chemical/petrochemical and automotive. GE Inspection Technologies is headquartered in Huerth, Germany, and has over 1,000 employees.


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