NDT.net June 2004, Vol. 9 No.06
NDT test kits are now available from KPR Adcor Inc.
NDT Non Destructive Test Kit Detect Hairline Fractures Pin-Holes or Cracks in Welds, Pipelines, Casings, Tanks and Structures

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 Start with a clean Metal Surface

1. Apply Penetrant (Red Can)
2. Apply Cleaner (Green Can) and wipe the Metal Surface
3. Apply Developer (Purple Can) and Easily View Surface Flaws

Our non-destructive test kit will clearly show the fracture or hair-line cracks and/or leaks as bright red so you can repair the item before further testing and avoid costly re-work of joints, tanks and other equipment.
Non Destructive Test Kit Advantages

  • Detect surface flaws in advance of further production
  • Surface defects such as weld under-cuts, pin-holes and cracks are easily visible as a bright red areas on a white background
  • Test weld integrity to avoid costly rework and rejects due to hairline surface flaws
  • Repair tanks, boilers, large holding areas before hydrotesting D
  • etect Surface Weakness due to faults immediately
  • Excellent quality control system right at the work station, minimizes labor, quality control procedures and handling of the metal structure
  • Formulated with VCI Corrosion Inhibitors to prevent flash corrosion

Conforms to MIL-I-25135, NAVShips 250-1500, MIL STD 271

NATO STOCK NUMBER 6850-32-077-3780

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