NDT.net October 2004, Vol. 9 No.10

Metals Testing Company Ultrasonic Testing Services Boeing Approved

September 2004, South Windsor, CT USA -- Metals Testing Company (MTC) is now approved to provide Ultrasonic Testing (UT) for Boeing related parts. The approval specifically applies to the UT inspection of Flat Surface Shapes per MIL-STD-2154. The first application of the Boeing approval was to perform a Field Service inspection of rocket domes.

MTC, located in South Windsor, CT (USA) provides NDT laboratory inspection services to various markets ranging from aerospace to automotive industries. Their in-house capabilities include immersion and contact ultrasonics (UT), chemical etch and etch anodizing, Eddy Current (EC), fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI), and magnetic particle inspection (MPI). With regard to aircraft engine manufacturers, MTC is one of the few approved independent laboratories in the world for providing Blue Etch Anodize (BEA) inspections.

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