NDT.net January 2004, Vol. 9 No.01

New Eddy Current Array Module for the OmniScan

OmniScan Québec, December 24, 2003 - - R/D Tech introduces a new eddy current array module in the OmniScan™ series of NDT test instruments. The OmniScan ECA is designed to meet the most demanding inspection requirements in various business sectors, such as aerospace, petrochemicals, power generation, industrial production, component testing, and laboratories. The OmniScan ECA allows quick corrosion and surface crack detections. The ECA technology uses probes made with an array of coils. This innovative technology allows wide-surface coverage in a one-pass scan. This increases the inspection speed in a tremendous way. The probe can be configured to match the shape of the parts to inspect, offering a dependable inspection of complexly shaped parts.

The OmniScan is a rugged, portable, battery-operated, modular test unit with powerful software functions. It offers wide scanning coverage, fast acquisition rates, and multichannel capability. The OmniScan drastically cuts down your inspection time.

Simply swap from one module to another and you're ready to inspect in a familiar environment. The OmniScan series support several technologies: UT Phased Array, Conventional UT, and Eddy Current Array. And more are to come.

The OmniScan main features are:

  • Battery operation, with a minimum of 6 hours of autonomy
  • Splashproof and rugged design, with polycarbonate-based casing and rubber bumpers
  • Compact format and portability, at 4 kg (8.8 lb.)
  • Real-time color imaging and highly legible 8.4-inch display
  • User-friendly software for each test module
  • Connectivity with standard PC ports
  • Internal data storage capability and extended storage via a CompactFlash® card or USB storage unit

R/D Tech designs and manufactures eddy current and ultrasound test systems for manual and automated nondestructive testing. These systems are used in many fields of application, in particular for the analysis of defects caused by welding, extrusion, and casting, as well as wear and corrosion. Its broad field of activity includes hydroelectric and thermonuclear power plants, oil refineries, pipelines, aerospace and automobile industries, and all industries producing homogeneous and composite metal structures.

R/D Tech is a privately owned company. Its headquarters are located in Québec, Canada. It has offices in the United States, France, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy, as well as sales representatives in more than forty countries.

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