NDT.net Mar 2004, Vol. 9 No.03


EAST HANOVER, NJ (USA) -- Sensor Products, Inc. announces the release of F-Nip®, a real-time nip analysis tool. For the first time ever, technicians can now measure nip width as the sensor chain passes through the nip while the rolls are rotating at jog speeds. F-Nip is a valuable process control tool for any web-based production environment as it reveals inaccurate roll alignment, roll skewing and crown deficiencies. Any of these problems can result in uneven processing, wrinkled or mottled products, compacted sheets, excessive sheet breaks and blackening during calendering.

Madelene Glomsten, Nip Products Group Manager, says, "Dynamic nip measurement tools are the next step in the evolution of nip products and are particularly beneficial for rolls with interlock systems (when the nip cannot be closed statically or the rolls takes a set from a static impression). F-Nip enables the user to make adjustments and observe results faster, accelerating the diagnostic speed of a given section of any web-based conveyance."

Nip width can now be measured in real time with the new F-Nip system

With a dynamic nip impression system such as F-Nip, you can acquire the entire nip as both mating rolls are rotating at jog speeds. This represents a situation as close as possible to the actual run condition. Unlike static nip films, this system records a nip width electronically. The ease of use as well as setup of F-Nip allows for quick measurement of nip widths, thereby permitting almost instantaneous adjustment.

For more information about the F-nip system or to arrange a free demonstration, please contact Madelene Glomsten by phone at (1) 973.428.9510 or by email at mglomsten@sensorprod.com. You may also visit our webpage at www.sensorprod.com/dynamicnip.

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